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Collaboration model with BANDAI NAMCO entertainment "Shinnihon professional wrestling VR!"
Lion mark and Tetsuya Naito image design release attractive VR goggles

ELECOM CO., LTD. (the head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Junji Hada) released VR goggles which did "Shinnihon professional wrestling VR" and collaboration delivering in play store which BANDAI Co., Ltd. NAMCO entertainment (the head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, president: kyukawakyofu) ran, 2 models.

Shinnihon professional wrestling VR is PC or smartphone, and the seeing and hearing is possible, but can get a feeling of more devotion by using VR goggles. We prepared two collaboration models who treated lion mark of New Japan Pro Wrestling and image of "uncontrollable charisma" Tetsuya Naito.
It is equipped with up to professional standard function to enjoy VR video and battery and Charge are not necessary and just set your smartphone in the body and can enjoy Video full of a sense of reality. We put together for movement of head, and view moves when we look around during VR contents reproduction, and imagination experience that oneself seems to be in contents is possible at all. In addition, we are putting glasses and can use.


(lion mark model)


(Tetsuya Naito model)

※You can purchase This product in "play store" which BANDAI NAMCO entertainment runs.
※Subscribing in play store (free) is necessary to watch Shinnihon professional wrestling VR.

Shinnihon professional wrestling VR



Weight :
Materials: The body
Supported devices:
Correspondence Dimensions
Pass; ddobando
Glasses correspondence

※1 may not use by shape within correspondence inchage, the body Dimensions either.
※2 may not use by shape.

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