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With Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University
We participate in the "remote newborn baby revival method class simulator to be able to learn from anywhere" joint development!
... available for class that has high low cost, remote, effect by utilizing ... IoT stethoscope *

Training effect is high, and ELECOM CO., LTD. (the head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Junji Hada) pushes forward approach for practical use of "simulator for the newborn baby revival method training" which enabled class from distant place with low cost that we applied communication technology and IoT to in cooperation with Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University. We deal with development and production of device of these results of research.

In addition, we developed this item by the cause of support of strategic information and communication research and development promotion business of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

*It is simulated stethoscope for training and is non-medical equipment.


Because newborn baby who breathing, wraparound is unstable, and becomes in a state of apparent death exists just after childbirth around 15% of the whole, it is demanded that healthcare worker who learned skill in newborn baby revival attends place of childbirth. Therefore, as for the healthcare worker, it is proposed for improvement and maintenance of the newborn baby revival technology that we carry out effective repeated training in a short time. However, repeatedly available education resources, facilities were not maintained widely enough easily practically in facilities such as obstetrics medical office either, and education opportunity and lack of education resources have been done with big problem.

Training effect is high and realizes simulator for the newborn baby revival method training that enabled class from distant place with low cost that we applied communication technology and IoT to to increase healthcare workers who learned the newborn baby revival method by this approach and aims at making widely available.

About "IoT stethoscope"

It was IoT stethoscope for education that this simulator traded with stethoscope chest peace part for medical care and used and realized structure which heard heart rates only when we examined by a stethoscope at chest of mannequin. In this way, we just use existing cheap newborn baby mannequin, and effective learning is enabled. In addition, leader operated in the situation of simulation scenario progress easily in total because we let you developed pseudopulse oximeter monitor as application for smartphone and link IoT stethoscope, and it was Specifications that burden was reduced. Furthermore, as for these apparatuses, leader who is in the core hospital and specialized facility by Internet connection can carry out remote class for learner of local medical office and foreign countries using communications infrastructures such as TV phone lines.

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