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Online qualification confirmation exclusive model for terminal
It is going to release miniBOX type "LB-JB18/M" series! Private terminal in conformity with hardware requirement of online qualification confirmation terminal. ※1:
VESA mount kit which we can install in the LCD monitor back is attached as standard equipment.

Logitec INA solutions company which is group companies of ELECOM CO., LTD. (the head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Junji Hada) will release private terminal "LB-JB18/M series" which met requirements of "online qualification confirmation terminal" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare sequentially from the end of November.

"LB-JB18/M series" is attachment by port guard not only to meet the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC deployment, requirements of online qualification certification terminal including the LAN2 system (for in-hospital Network for request for online) deployment, but also block up the deployment, VESA mount kit which is placeable in the back of LCD monitor and I/O port not to use in SSD model in product made in Hagiwara Solutions industrial use SSD of group companies as standard equipment. It is terminal which added functions necessary to have introduction, operation of terminal including long-term supply until the end of December for 2025 more years.

In addition to standard one year guarantee, we plan sendobakku extension maintenance (up to five years) necessary for long-term operation, maintenance menu for exclusive use of qualifications not only standard menu of delivery maintenance (up to five years) but also online confirmation terminal.

※Requirement specification (as of October 1, 2020) to affect 1 online qualification confirmation terminal hardware

Online qualification confirmation terminal "LB-JB18/M" series

Model Number Request for body retail price Sale Period
LB-JB18/M01 SSD model Open price The end of November, 2020
LB-JB18/M02 HDD model Open price The end of November, 2020
●Hardware Specifications which meets online qualification confirmation requirements

Hardware Specifications which meets online qualification confirmation requirements
It is terminal which met requirement specification to affect hardware of "requirements that you should meet in the online qualification confirmation terminal".

Item Requirements (in the case of desktop PC) Correspondence Contents
OS Windows10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
Or it is Windows10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC
(thing which does not sprinkle special limits is best)
Windows10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
It is equipped as the standard OS
CPU More than Intel Core i3-8100T
Or the processor mentioned above and compatible processor having performance that is beyond EQC
The Intel (R) Core(TM) i3-8100T deployment
Main memory 8GB or more The 8GB deployment
Storage 256GB or more (there is no designation such as HDD, SSD) SSD: 240GB (parenchymal volume 256GB or more) HDD: The 1TB deployment
Audio system function Have function. But there are no conditions LINE IN, the LINE OUT port deployment (the back)
LAN 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T conformity 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T conformity
LAN Prepare for number that is necessary for connection of the in-hospital department Network and online request Network. 2 port deployment (the back)
The Video output Have function.
But there is no condition (methods)
The HDMI X 2 port deployment (the back)
USB Have Type-A (you recommend 3.2 Gen1 or more). If card reader with face recognition to use at medical institution, drugstore is working USB, it is possible.
When you use USB Hub in the connection with card reader with face recognition, perform operation check with card reader with face recognition.
3.2 Gen1, the Type-A 4 port deployment (the back)
The USB 2.0 Type-A 2 port deployment (the front)
●Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) installation

It is terminal which installed Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) with mention in requirements (operation check) to modify offer of apparatus of "requirements that you should meet in the online qualification confirmation terminal".

●We install cooperation application, library for qualification confirmation (plan)

It is terminal which installed offer planned application than social insurance medical service fees payment fund.

●VESA mount kit standard attachment

It is attached with VESA mount kit which can be attached to the backside of LCD monitor as standard equipment.

●Port guard standard is attached

It is attached by port guard to cover I/O port not to use in online qualification confirmation as standard equipment. (regulating attached cover and attached number)

●The exclusive OS master making possibility (payment)

We can make the exclusive OS master who installed application necessary for "online qualification confirmation" and driver of face recognition card reader.

●Long-term supply model

It is model planning long-term supply until December, 2025.

Model Number LB-JB18/M01 LB-JB18/M02
Request for body retail price Open price Open price
OS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
CPU Intel (R) Core(TM) i3-8100T (6M cash, 3.10GHz)
Memory 8GB
Storage SSD 240GB (parenchymal volume 256GB or more) HDD 1TB
Interface USB3.2 Gen.1 (Type-A) X 4 (the back)
USB 2.0 (Type-A) X 2 (the front)
COM (D-sub 9pin) X 2 (the back) *RS232
LAN (10/100/1,000Mbps) X 2 (the back)
HDMI X 2 (the back)
Power supply Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz (use of AC Adapter)
Output: DC12V, 10A (use of AC Adapter)
AC cable: It is with 2pin ground
Cable length: About 1.8m (AC cable), about 1.5m (DC cable)
Use environmental condition Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 10-90% (thing without dew condensation)
Dimensions: fuku 170 X depth 195 X high 65mm (we remove rising)
Weight About 1.8 kg (by system configuration)
Term of a guarantee After the purchase one year (sendobakku maintenance correspondence)
Supply period The end of December, 2025 plan
The certification standard VCCI Class B, PSE
Accessories: AC Adapter, AC cable, VESA mount kit, port cover
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