For more happily more convenience! We pick up recommended product of ELECOM!
Digital life was more fun and, from product that there was number, picked up recommended product which became more convenient.
Let's enjoy pleasant digital life with convenience with recommended product of ELECOM!

2019.01.10 Icarus (IKARUS) is security measure software of security, relief with Icarus security software Icarus security software.

2019.01.04 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide AR of AR.

2018.11.30 Unexpectedly good thing, ELECOM. | Right training and ekuriasupotsu which we make use of experience as charisma trainer Hirofumi Aso bodybuilder, and charisma trainer Hirofumi Aso who let much talent flower talks about!

2018.11.21 ECLEAR | Intellect controls body of erekomuekuria body composition meter oneself by oneself. Weight control application interlocking movement ekuria body composition meter.

2018.11.15 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide health care product of health care product.

2018.11.09 ECLEAR SPORTS | Training series "ekuriasupotsu" which melts into lifestyle of adult valuing quality of ekuriasupotsu oneself.

2018.10.22 We must see it! We place accessories information for 4K8K broadcast to enjoy Video of 4K8K. In addition, about 4K8K broadcast, it is special content that we comprised in coming 4K8K broadcast whether you are seen in the present environment.

2018.10.04 Let's enjoy SORD art online VR Lovely♡Honey♡Days application with VR goggles! Using VR glass of ELECOM, let's experience virtual world!

2018.10.01 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide e sports of e sports.

2018.09.21 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide VR of VR.

2018.09.13 ECLEAR Zero | It is free for "space stress" represented by erekomuekuriazerouirusu, bacteria, allele material, smell. Security, reliable sanitization deodorization Mobile mist, ekuriazero.

2018.09.10 "Shock SHOCK RESISTANT which protects shock SHOCK RESISTANT smartphone-resistant from shock-resistant" (TOUGH SLIM| tough slim / ZEROSHOCK| zero shock)

2018.08.31 Since unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM debut, we sent many masterpieces which symbolized the times and had Anri that it was not, and only Japan was praised highly in the world talk about charm of ELECOM earphone to the ability.

2018.08.20 Paper web "product is fun! Decoration is fun! Enjoyment craft Autumn & Winter product is fun! Decoration is fun! Product will make pleasant memory with all enjoyment craft Autumn & Winter of ELECOM together!

2018.07.27 "SHE' S" which put unexpectedly good sound, levels of ELECOM musical piece together in global standards, and continues letting you accelerate "value" as band special interview

2018.07.20 We asked -100 questionnaire articles! We introduce voice of customer sent to voice questionnaire of net user.

2018.07.05 @ Every AR (attoearu) graphic in “ a and “ AR Media to be surprised at. It is service that delivery, the seeing and hearing can make the latest AR Media into in anyone simply.

2018.06.26 It is introduction of basic knowledge of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide wired LAN of wired LAN.

2018.06.11 Communication stopped? We solve ... such trouble that reading of video does not advance in IPv6! Of next-generation communications method "only change contract to IPv6 IPoE (+ IPv4 over IPv6), and become able to enjoy the Internet comfortably.

2018.06.06 ECLEAR | Mobile health care that body of erekomuekuria oneself melts into lifestyle of flexible adult whom only oneself can control

2018.06.01 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide hard disk of hard disk.

Happy Wi-Fi Life

2018.06.01 We introduce comfortable everyday life to all of you about "Happy Wi-Fi Life declaration" of ELECOM promising offer by Happy Wi-Fi Life "Wi-Fi router".

New work one after another! Let's enjoy much-talked-about VR video with formal goggles.

2018.05.25 New work one after another! Let's enjoy much-talked-about VR video with formal goggles. ELECOM VR glass 2 series authorizes as recommended article of delivery application "360Channel" for exclusive use of 360-degree VR video which 360Channel runs! Let's enjoy much-talked-about VR video.

2018.05.18 Unexpectedly good sound, singer-songwriter who takes "feeling" of person hearing ELECOM, and sends yell called singing voice, Toshihide Baba special interview!

2018.05.16 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide memory of memory.

2018.05.16 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide tablet of tablet.

2018.05.11 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide input equipment of input equipment.

2018.05.11 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide Video, audio equipment of Video, audio equipment.

2018.05.11 It is introduction of basic knowledge ELECOM product buying guide camera accessories of camera accessories which are convenient when there is.

2018.05.11 Basic knowledge of cable It is introduction of ELECOM product buying guide cable.

2018.04.20 We see with high resolution wireless camera series high resolution with DX derukatekkutatchipaneru type LCD monitor well! Security that eyes arrive anytime! Camera to be able to talk about which simple how to use spreads through setting because it is wireless! ※DX derukatekkuburando is product realizing comfortable lifestyle by digital communication technology by DX ANTENNA Co., Ltd.

2018.04.03 Your life includes ELECOM STORY Vol.01 / 02 ELECOM in your life for ease. This video drew person top of the life of a certain person.

2018.03.28 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Nova vocal unit "berry Goodman" special interview of boiling Osaka popular in beautiful harmony of 3 voices and excellent lyric poem

2018.03.13 ekuriarifuri (ECLEAR refree) | The times when woman shines in private by cordless low frequency treatment device work more and more. In busy every day, we want you to console oneself even a little. New massage item "ekuriarifuri" with all such thought

2018.03.05 Full-scale AR devotion experience is possible on hokanonnomaruttozakutto ELECOM CHANNEL Vol .04 your iPhone!

2018.03.05 Appearance of silent keyboard putting an end to noise problems of hokanonnomaruttozakutto ELECOM CHANNEL Vol.03 keyboard!

2018.02.15 In more left side of the stage! Prettier! Great chance! Because mirror is with selfie, position confirmation is perfect, too! We jiggle with "remote-control shutter" and are reduced! Any smartphone is OK by Bluetooth connection!

2018.02.15 Stack cliff with convex glasses is OK by wide frame adoption! When we read hands Free loupe newspaper, besides, cell-phone and smartphone, operation of tablet want to use both hands by sewing, handicrafts, model manufacture or electronic work, and they are hands Free loupes which they can utilize in various scenes.

2018.02.15 MAKE SMILE will enjoy making in item which all are pleased with! -spring season- Let's enjoy the making of item which all are pleased with by spring events such as entrance to school, entering a kindergarten, the Doll's Festival, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding!

2018.02.07 "Doh re-festival! Let's enjoy application of R cross dream tour with VR goggles! "Vivid Real LIVE dorifesu! R-Cross Dream Tour- becomes smartphone VR application and appears! Let's enjoy with formal VR goggles!

2018.01.31 Let's begin Smart life with Smart speaker! We are controlled in Audio to sleep timer at the time of going to bed by alarm of alarm. New lifestyle begins by managing Smart speaker.

2018.01.31 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Lock legend The Birthday Chiba Yusuke special interview carving with many legends in rock scene!

2017.12.20 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Original love Takao Tajima special interview to always walk moderation of pop music, and to pursue essence of music!

2017.11.07 ekuriarifurion (ECLEAR refree on) | When cordless low frequency treatment device home and office, whereabouts felt fatigue incidentally, we reset disorder and fatigue of body in compact & cordless warm temperature massajiaitemuekuriarifurion.

2017.11.01 Winter season with mameshiba TRY DECO life Christmas to enjoy in families, New Year holidays, Valentine! A lot of events pleasant in winter! Let's handcraft seasonal event using template of ELECOM!

2017.10.18 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Earphone of ELECOM which legend "TOWA TEI" of dance music world to sweep over the world talks about.

2017.10.03 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM PES & ILMARI special interview of representative "RIP SLYME" of HIPHOP which jumps over the scene, genre in every generation, and is loved

2017.09.15 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM "SING LIKE TALKING" which reaches the debut 30th anniversary in 2018. "Chikuzen Sato" who continues pulling band as vocal special interview.

2017.09.08 It is for anyone by innovation. ELECOM suggests "solution" at wisdom and speed to be more comfortable, and to do lifestyle of all people effectively.

2017.09.06 HELLO body composition meter compact We maintain body with body composition meter.
It is the weight measurement of baby and pet by 50 grams of units

2017.09.05 ELECOM CAMERA BAG series To bag which is usually convenient for errand, and is stylish and bag of real Specifications. tsuketesaa will go out to see BAG which is good to you.

2017.07.20 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM "Def Tech" to link Hawaii to Japan by flight of two people, and to send wind of Java Ian to special interview

2017.07.13 Hand spinner which ELECOM made seriously! HAND SPINNER | GearHolic Is that ELECOM ~ which made hand spinner? Please see quite serious lineup!

2017.07.10 ECLEAR Lean | We only put erekomuekuriarin and tighten muscle and make flexible body thin! Female oriented home EMS apparatus "ekuriarin"

2017.06.30 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Vocal of band "polka dot Sting Ray" who is "now in" season to get live ticket least, drop special interview.

2017.06.13 How to choose mouse PC life to change in mouse! We introduce information and Features of mouse which we matched with use scene. Is your desired mouse found?

2017.06.09 ekuriakororu | Self-care that can feel free to contact tired leg of cordless handy massage device every day. Let's say goodbye to fatigue of leg which is apt to be swelled in Collor whom we can massage casually.

2017.06.06 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM "Feeling such as blanket rather than bed."
The genealogy of James Brown which there is surely in Japan now. "Funk residing in Japan" special interview.

2017.06.06 Attack with ransomware (ransom money request type virus) for money occurs with menace of ransomware and the security measure in all the countries of the world. . Let's confirm the fact of menace and necessary measures right now.

2017.05.23 ELECOM CAMERA BAG series To bag which is usually convenient for errand, and is stylish and bag of real Specifications. tsuketesaa will go out to see BAG which is good to you.

2017.04.26 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM Earphone of ELECOM which Mr. nichi髙 paste boy of voice actor talks about
"The world spread out by knowing and felt that way of enjoying music changed."

2017.04.07 Is your TV using the Internet dangerous? Powerful router with "security feature" protects from menace of virus!

2017.03.23 ELECOM Healthcare mag Vol.02 By combination of "Maiko Akutagawa X eclair riff Lee" yoga and low frequency treatment device, both heart and body are beautiful in health

2017.02.24 "Fatigue" discussion of kuta woman Girl of various occupations to be troubled with stiff shoulder or fatigue of leg in PC work and everyday living is meeting!

2016.12.05 "HELLO body composition meter" which is available for evaluation of exact internal organs fat level "body composition meter of University of Tsukuba and joint development"
Aim, and is popular; BODY! We change oneself from internal organs fat

2016.12.05 Home vibrator "ekuriakororu" "by by ju daru leg, leg which is tired"
We take care of everyday tired leg in the part of one 3 well

2016.11.10 ELECOM Healthcare mag Vol.01 "Masahiko Mifune X eclair riff Lee"
Merit and how to use cordless low frequency treatment device

2016.11.01 Fujii Fumiya special interview Audio system headphones of ELECOM which Fujii Fumiya talks about "open so that the world of music is surprised"

2016.10.28 Shiro Masamune is product design earphone release! High resolution earphone which comic artist Shiro Masamune made product design of high-quality sound and headphones for anison release. We introduce the charm♪

2016.10.28 Comic artist Masamune Shiro development diary Stereo headphones which comic artist Shiro Masamune designed! We released development diary until the production.

2016.09.09 Buy ELECOM, unexpectedly live sponsor, audio system earphone of campaign ELECOM; and is GO!! to LIVE We are presented by lot by 600 people in total! Application reception desk period was expired.

2016.09.05 Take in smartphone from today; provide; play!
It is photoprint eprie in smartphone
Mobile photo printer "photoprint eprie (epuri) in smartphone" which can just print image which we photographed in smartphone by free exclusive application.

2016.08.26 Travel goods
It is business tool.
The reliable "strongest business trip gear" which is smooth, and supports trip of refined business person without waste is appearance.

2016.08.26 Let's get started!
We experience VR in smartphone
Virtual space appears in your smartphone and exclusive item in front! To movement of head, view will enjoy 360-degree "VR experience" to change♪

It is of high-quality sound with titanium coat vibration board
BLACK BLACK BLACK series that beautiful black stands out. You go berserk and ga is good and can enjoy sound quality that response is high in.

2016.07.21 It is usable with video camera
Video accessories
It is fun by Video record in destination more usefully!
It supports "JVC Everio R"

2016.07.01 Good sound color color.
Variety of colors selectable for preference. Colors.
Headphones series "Colors" where pop design is stylish.

2016.06.10 ACTION CAMERA action camera With liquid crystal panel which we can photograph while confirming video. Action camera that both sports and recreation can photograph video full of a sense of reality of outdoor.

2016.06.10 VR heddosettobottsunyuraito We experience super VR (virtual reality) just to set your smartphone. VR heddosettobottsunyu Lite where simulated experience can make virtual space into

2015.12.25 We can lengthen recording time when we utilize recording shiyo attaching externally hard disk (HDD) with TV in external hard disk (HDD)

2015.07.15 We prevent unauthorized access, and let's prepare for information leakage! We protect apparatus applying my number system by security measure from information leakage!

2015.07.06 Unexpectedly good sound, ELECOM. Say “ born earlier of challenge, and it is said “ of ELECOM sound “ by all means; sound! Please sense this bodily.

2015.05.19 Corporation-like limited monochromatic laser printer for free monitor campaign 50 corporation-limited! Do you not promote efficiency of print, duties in compact printer?

2015.05.12 Easy hearing aid ELECOM supports the first step to comfortable daily life with hearing aid easily.

2015.05.02 Peripheral device for exclusive use of game of ELECOM Is more fun by game; comfortably! Peripheral device op-ed page for exclusive use of game of ELECOM.

2015.04.01 Wi-Fi introduction: It is extension initial investigation costs 50,000 yen until the campaign 2015 six a month end of the month → Free of charge! We extend because of favorable reception until 2015 six a month end of the month.

2015.03.02 We introduce support tool pushing your back doing its best 365 days on the fleshers support tool selection workplace and commuting, holiday from behind in large quantities.

2015.02.01 Seagate HDD: Top page Hard disk maker Seagate more than birth 35 years: It is introduction of HDD of Seagate.

2015.01.22 It is easily watch at home from whereabouts It is Network camera which can easily identify Video of remote place including home from whereabouts.

2014.12.17 UHS-I-adaptive SD/MicroSD card simple guide is super-high-speed! We understand new plan memory well!

In smartphone tablet PC, we live a life with Bluetooth®.

2014.9.19 In smartphone tablet PC, we live a life with Bluetooth®. Let's begin even one if we think! Bluetooth product special feature

It is one in family! Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi in families!

2014.4.21 It is one in family! In families
Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi!
High speed communication was enabled than conventional standard by adopting latest standard 11ac.