It is one in family! Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi in families!

It is one in family! Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi in families!

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    What is latest standard 11ac?
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What is 11ac?
11ac-adaptive router enable

Technique that 11ac does not come

High speed communication was enabled than conventional standard by adopting latest standard 11ac.
Of a great number of people who were not able to do it in conventional standard and large-capacity contents wirelessly transmitting is enabled.

Technique to hold electric wave interference in check

11ac is kind of wireless LAN standard that American society called IEEE established. It is called "IEEE 802 .11ac" formally. We use only 5GHz obi without using frequency 2.4GHz band used in Wi-Fi conventionally in 11ac. In addition, we detect electric wave interference in transmitting side, sink both sides and realize stable high speed communication by technique to use vacant channel automatically.

  Frequency band The biggest communication speed Commentary
11ac 5GHz
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Only using 5GHz obi, it is the latest standard that realized super-high-speed communication by adoption of modulation technique (256QAM) which can transmit communication (MIMO) using plural antennas and more data.
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To apparatus
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We correspond to 2.4GHz, both 5GHz zones. We improve speed in comparison with previous standard by techniques such as communication (MIMO) using plural antennas.
11a 5GHz 54Mbps There seem to be actually many cases that are faster than 11 g to use 5GHz obi resisting electric wave interference even if maximum velocity is the same.
11 g 2.4GHz 54Mbps As 2.4GHz band is easy to go around obstacle, it is Features that electric wave is easy to arrive far.
11b 2.4GHz 11Mbps It is old standard established in 1999.

It is most suitable for a great many people, high capacity contents

Of a great number of people whom it was not possible for in conventional standard while radio equipment of high function increased with high resolution called tablet and smartphone, and scale of contents grew big and macroscale contents wirelessly transmitting is enabled.

When we compare Features image of 11ac by car

By MU-MIMO technology, increase of bandwidth, multi-digitizing of modulation technique, multiplexing of frame, we realize speedup that is larger than standard conventionally.

  • MU-MIMO technology
    (multi user MIMO)
    To more devices
    We can send information.
    Increase of road
  • Expansion of bandwidth
    More information
    We can transmit.
    Increase of width
  • Multi-digitizing of modulation technique
    Bigger information
    We can transmit.
    Increase of load capacity
  • Multiplexing of frame
    Box to put information in
    We increased.
    Increase of carrier

Next-generation format to realize giga Wi-Fi

11ac realizes super-high-speed communication of approximately 2.8 times (in the case of standard maximum) in comparison with standard conventionally.

Comparison in standard maximum

"11ac" is 1Gbps ※It is next-generation format to realize wireless communication across this. Super-high-speed Wi-Fi communication is enabled in house. Furthermore, up, several apparatuses largely use at the same time (as for conventional standard 11n/a/g/b deployment apparatus), and amount of information that we can transfer is allowed.

All 2.8 times 5GGHz (ac,n,a) 2.4GHz (n,g,b) of 11n (Other conventional products) for standard

※The speed is a value of standard, and the actual speed depends on the environment.
※In the case of 11ac 3x3 MIMO