It is one in family! Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi in families!

It is one in family! Let's begin next-generation 11acWi-Fi in families!

Features 3 of three ELECOM routers

We are reliable in whole family

Wi-Fi router of ELECOM prepares for function to be able to use the Internet for in peace.
We focused on security capability so that beginner and family used in peace.

We protect child from the Internet

We are absorbed just carelessly and protect child from netsurf that is apt to be long time.

Is the convenient Internet, but child into the night
By viral infection playing a game personal information
We flow out, and danger increases, too.

The reliable Internet

"Child net timer" which protects child from the Internet

It is equipped with "child net timer" which can restrict connect time of Mobile game console and smartphone connecting with the Internet by Wi-Fi function. We protect child from long-time game and Internet.

Only as for the time when we set, connectable on the Internet registration (we set available time per day not to play too much)/with apparatus in smartphone and PC beforehand (we can play for two hours when mother set)

Security measure

We offer Mobile security application, "Icarus Mobile security for Android"90 days for free serial-key (we can register to up to three). We can protect Android OS from every virus. ※iOS is inapplicable.

We can register to three including family

"Icarus Mobile security" to protect smartphone tablet from virus malware

Virus measures application boasts of rate of detection of the best rank on test by third party verification organization getting high evaluation and is security application to protect your smartphone and tablet from various threats.

We bundle special trial version for Icarus Mobile security for Android "IKARUS" produced by ELECOM/90 days
90% of detectability factor of wonder or moreMain function

We protect virus measures, Web filter function, electric power saving, theft measures, SD card and filter SMS