What is Vol.01 AR? Difference with VR and QR cord
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What is AR? Difference with VR and QR cord

What is AR? AR image

AR called "augmented reality" attracts attention. AR was technique used in some world such as game application or advertisement in technique that study began in 1965. However, as game that adopted AR in 2016 became global hit, Apple and Google, Facebook come to announce to incorporate in company's product and service as standard function.
What kind of technique you are actually utilized in in what kind of field with AR and, here, representative use example introduces in addition about future trend. In addition, we will see about difference with technique that it is easy to confuse with AR such as VR and QR cord.

Basic knowledge of AR

At first, we introduce utilization example and history as basic knowledge of AR.

Basic knowledge of AR

What is AR?

AR is translated as "augmented reality" in Japanese by abbreviation of "Augmented Reality" (ogumenteddo reality). AR technology penetrates as thing which "can let you add information that is digital practically and display" using computer mainly.

Inflection example of AR

AR came up as imminent technique that can conjugate for game application and advertisement, but utilization domain shows other field expanse. For example, by simulating before starting work in building and engineering works, the medical spot, came to contribute to evasion of failure.
In addition, AR is introduced in the field of retail such as furniture or household appliances. For example, by letting you put furniture of 3D data on screen which you projected the room on with camera and display, can do "a feeling of Dimensions when we actually put in room" and simulation "how about coordinates of furniture?".

In this way, AR technology accomplishes evolution as technique doing our living usefully as well as business. By introducing AR, may expect connection to efficiency of duties and safe work, improvement of convenience and the purchasing will of life.

History of AR

Backgrounds where AR technology became imminent include that mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet penetrated widely. AR technology which can add digital information to actual world has very high affinity with mobile device which we finish carrying.

For imminent AR contents, "Pokemon GO" released in 2016 is representative. Besides, by introduction of AR game of Nintendo 3DS and AR advertisement by major company, it developed as more imminent contents.

Realization method of AR according to type

For realization method of AR, we are divided into three types of "location base (positional information) AR" and "marker type AR" and "markerless model AR". We will see each Features.

Realization method of AR according to type

・Location base AR

Location base AR is method to let you display additional information in AR based on positional information that we acquired from GPS. We link with positional information and direction with in total magnetic sensor or optic angle with acceleration sensor, and place displaying information can decide.
Merit of location base will be easy to deal with element such as positional information and direction, degree of leaning on current device and platform. Therefore it is feasible if it is basic AR even if libraries do not prepare special thing.
On the other hand, point that ratio depending on GPS has a big becomes demerit about main positional information. Some precision of display position of information is low, and this is because gaps of indication may occur.

・Marker type AR

Marker type AR lets you recognize marker becoming the key letting additional information appear to AR and is method to identify the presentation position of additional information. Marker targeted for recognition becomes figure (thing that QR cord is representative) with a particular pattern.
It is common to use library and engine having function to show additional information to for marker which we recognized to be recognition of marker to realize AR by this method.
In marker type, thing that "we can decide exactly at the presentation position" of information is maximum point by marker. In other words, we can display AR information as we intended in place that we aimed at. In addition, it may be said that point that development is relatively easy is merit because there is library of available OSS (open-source software) smoothly.

・Markerless model AR

We identify the presentation position of additional information without using authorized marker by recognizing thing and actual world itself in reality spatially, and markerless model AR lets you display. When authorized markers are unnecessary, and it is difficult to locate marker for space and scenery-like reason, there is merit that we can show additional information to in pinpoint.
On the other hand, space and computational complexity to recognize object increase, and point where high ability and precision are required by hardware is problem that we cannot clear so easy. Because technical knowledge such as recognition of space perception and object is found by developer, it is high method of relative difficulty in three most.

Future trend of AR

Future trend of AR

By "iOS 11" which Apple released in September, 2017, iPhone and iPad officially supported AR function. This can make application into AR correspondence without special sensor to device by function of software technical "ARKit" which Apple announced at developer meeting. In ARKit which evolved from conventional AR function, we made possible "it is possible "to put" virtual thing in the ground or desk" AR experience that accorded more practically "to make size of thing of actual world and virtual world agree". In addition, not only Apple but also Google or Facebook buy company with technique concerned and announce service that used AR technology and strengthen correspondence. American large company pulling the world IT industry to thinks AR to be more immediate than the future, and they begin to move.
Furthermore, Digi-Capital which is British investment institution reports, "investment tends to shift from VR to AR generally". According to the investigation carried out for the United States and convincing venture capital of China, it seems to be thought that it is "Mobile AR" that it is key of development of the VR/AR industry. By around 2020, it is considered that we reach big turning point.

Difference with VR and QR cord

Techniques that are easy to be confused with AR include "VR" and "QR cord". We will confirm whether there is what kind of difference in these techniques and AR to be concrete.

Difference with VR and QR cord

・Difference with VR

VR is called "virtual reality" while AR is "augmented reality". For AR which actual world is just made up mainly of, it is purpose that VR gets into virtual world unlike actual world. Actual world and AR which we can put together are useful for not only game and advertisement but also clinical practice or simulation of traffic accident like the said article.
In addition, as for the VR, it may be said that it is Features that there are many things which AR just installs application in smartphone and tablet, and finish (available) whereas device such as headset and remote control is necessary.

・Difference with QR cord

Purpose of QR cord is "to link to Web", and it is only one site that can link with one cord. In addition, we produce Web site (link of QR cord) to tell information to user, and it is necessary to be released.
In that respect, AR putting actual world and digital information on top of one another can transmit various information to user by letting you fuse with paper and thing in the very front if there are any AR application. When we want you to read contents of printed matter such as case or advertisement to want to put AR marker in event and shop and to go to visit directly, AR turns than QR cord.

We will mention imminent AR contents

AR is not only domain of business and entertainment, and it is expected that it develops as more familiar thing which is useful for our life in future.
As we can experience using device which originally we possess including smartphone and tablet relatively easily, by experiencing looking for AR contents that are interested, may be connected in discovery of new way of enjoying mobile devices and unexpected convenience.

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