Vol.02 smartphone AR game is interesting! Let's enjoy with latest AR apparatus super realistically
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Smartphone AR game is interesting! Let's enjoy with latest AR apparatus super realistically

Smartphone AR game image

We can play game application corresponding to AR, VR platform "bloom SDK" which Wonder league developed for smartphone intuitively if we use controller "JC-VRR02VBK" to enjoy AR, VR contents.
We actually tell about review that we used while introducing basic information of "JC-VRR02VBK" and contents of game application supporting now here.

Controller "JC-VRR02VBK" for exclusive use of AR, VR application

There is AR, VR experience that by using controller for exclusive use of AR, VR application in conjunction with VR goggles and smartphone, seems to be in the totally really place. Motion sensor is equipped with, and "JC-VRR02VBK" supports both iPhone and Android smartphone. Here, let's introduce six Features only in "JC-VRR02VBK".

ELECOM controller "JC-VRR02VBK"

[Features 1] It is equipped with motion sensor of 6 axes

Motion sensor of 6 axes is equipped with and, in real AR, VR world, can make intuitive operation.

[Features 2] iPhone/Android smartphone correspondence

We correspond to both iPhone and Android smartphone and can use in bloom SDK controller-adaptive application.

[Features 3] It is available by wireless comfortably

Communication method adopts Bluetooth and realizes Communication Range approximately up to 10m.

[Features 4] Operation simple with 1 stick 1 button

It carries trigger button at position that it is easy to push with analog stick and forefinger. We will perform basic action in game with these two. Intuitive operation is possible and can adapt ourselves to the world of game immediately.

[Features 5] Power switch

When by turning off power switch in the body side, do not use, we can prevent consumption of battery.

[Features 6] State indicator lamp

It is equipped with indicator lamp in condition telling body surface about timing and pairing mode of changing battery.

The details of JC-VRR02VBK are this

In VR goggles and "JC-VRR02VBK", we experience first AR, VR game!

From here, we tell about information of game to be able to enjoy using VR goggles and controller "JC-VRR02VBK" for exclusive use of AR, VR application or either and experience report which we actually played.

List of products of VR goggles/glass is this

Item necessary for AR, VR game

AR star smash

AR star smash application
  • Supported devices: iPhone (iOS after 11.0)
  • Relative difficulty:★★★☆☆
  • Operability:★★★★☆
  • Elation degree:★★★★★
  • Synthesis:★★★★☆

"AR star smash" to be able to be idle on iPhone equipped with iOS after 11.0 is AR action game which we can play while actually walking about. Real world can experience AR sports in virtual space of created 3.5m *2.5m.

Rule is very easy. When we return ball flying by racket and punch all panel of star mark in stage, we can advance to the next stage. In addition, type of ball to propose including split shot that PowerShot and ball which turn off neighboring panels when we change attribute of racket with analog stick are divided is change. Change of this shot holds the key to stage breakthrough.

And it is time limit called three minutes that we heat up game above all. Because penalty that the remaining time decreases by five seconds occurs when we damage ball, and player hits panel, concentration and accuracy to one pitch of one pitch are sought.

AR star smash promotion video

<experience-based report>

We punch panel of star mark as a substitute for racket with controller. At first, (even as for the stage of tutorial) it was considerably difficult to punch panel which we aimed at and felt. Score gradually grew after having been gradually getting used to interlocking movement of movement of controller and racket, and pleasure of this game understood. Refreshment when we were able to punch panel of guide is big!

In addition, panel which we were not able to punch for a certain period of time flew towards player, but we felt panel which approached in front with reality and have throbbed. Three minutes to feel whether you concentrate on than oneself thought in no time. There is few comfortable fatigue for game to sit down after the play, and to be idle (before).

AR Blade Gunner

AR Blade Gunner application
  • Supported devices: iPhone (iOS after 11.0)
  • Relative difficulty:★★★☆☆
  • Operability:★★★★☆
  • Intensity of movement:★★★★★
  • Synthesis:★★★★☆

AR action game "AR Blade Gunner" which defeats enemy appearing in reality space while actually walking about. We defeat enemy using laser rifle and laser blade which we can operate with exclusive controller and aim at high score.
The final aim blow down huge robot waiting for on the last stage. Enemy appearing in stage on the way puts bullet which we can fire in trigger button and defeats, but it is necessary to use weapon properly by distance with enemy.

Two kinds of "BURST" which average, gun attacking long-distance can shoot consecutively and strong "CHARGE." It is point that changes depending on the situation to say CHARGE to BURST, enemy with durability when there is much number of enemies. By the way, aim just holds out controller toward the enemy, and enemy turns to direction that appeared quickly, and let's push trigger button as we are OK (in addition, we can return aim in the front of oneself when we separate after pushing HOME button for three seconds).

When we defeat enemy of short distance, we use one laser blade. Movement that right "cuts enemy with sword" not to push trigger button, and to swing down sword to movement of the hand is necessary. When we invite enemy who approached at time when we want to be used to cut after moving towards enemy and defeat, we defeat analog stick from side to side, and let's change weapon to laser blade.

AR Blade Gunner promotion video

<experience-based report>

When we changed weapon which there were three types with controller and put aims together, we felt that relative difficulty was slightly high. When is troubled with choice of weapon, and is slow to put aims together, is made a concentrated attack immediately by enemy; and game over…As for the thing called this.
Because it was necessary to evade attack by not only defeating enemy who appeared from many places, but also hiding in obstacle which there was between enemy, we played while moving body intensely if we noticed. Sense that "oneself gets into the world of game more and moves around" by just that much is big. Because progress is felt by playing repeatedly, we can play for a long time without getting tired.

Voxel shot VR Mobile Lite /Voxel Shot VR Mobile [LITE]

Voxel shot VR Mobile Lite application
  • Supported devices: After iPhone (iOS after 7.0) /Android5.0
  • Relative difficulty:★★★☆☆
  • Operability:★★★★☆
  • Attractiveness:★★★☆☆
  • Synthesis:★★★☆☆

"Voxel shot VR Mobile Lite" (Android version writes English) is VR action game knocking down zombie and helicopter, tank appearing in sequence using weapon including handgun. Though appearance of zombie is cute, quite good toughness! In addition, we can play without VR apparatus because ON/OFF of VR function is changed in application if there is smartphone.

Operation method is very simple. We push trigger button and attack enemy appearing in sequence while putting aims of handgun together with controller. Because we move the body and evade to evade attack from the roof of remote building, and it is necessary to defeat enemy of not only neighboring zombies but also distant place, concentration and the power of observation are demanded, too.

Voxel shot VR Mobile Lite promotion video

<experience-based report>

Controller used only trigger button basically and felt relative difficulty than other games that we introduced here low as rule was simple. Regardless of any people regardless of age or sex, it is recommended toward the beginner because it is easy to get into character and view of the world in pop.

But life disappears in no time because there is much number of appearing zombies, and something like grenade may be hurled suddenly from distant place when we pull mind. It is point that kills zombie by blow at head.

In addition, by turning off VR mode, this can enjoy even smartphone. However, it is VR mode Nara that can taste real sense that seems to actually rise in the world of game and thrill that zombie approaches striking distance! There will not be meaning to turn off VR daringly if we want to get an overwhelming feeling of devotion, refreshment.

VR Star Elude 2

VR Star Elude 2 application
  • Supported devices: iPhone (iOS after 9.0) /Android after 5.0
  • Relative difficulty:★★★★☆
  • Operability:★★★★☆
  • Sense of speed:★★★★☆
  • Synthesis:★★★★☆

"VR Star Elude 2" which runs through SF city while evading obstacle which puts on VR goggles, and approaches, and comes. As well as "voxel shot VR Mobile Lite", there are normal mode and VR mode and can play as normal game application in normal mode. With VR mode, we can taste refreshment to run through virtual real world with three-dimensional impression in High Speed for rial.

"VR Star Elude" is controller-free and can play only in VR goggles and smartphone. We operate main character (body) flying in High Speed and go ahead through field while moving head from side to side. As it appears while wall obstacling on the way expands and contracts, it is first not to hit these. It is important to lengthen aircraft kilometer performed, but will repeat scores as it is aim that competes for score by passing ring to occasionally appear on the field, and touching. In addition, there is pleasure that Field changes into when aircraft kilometer performed grows.

Voxel shot VR Mobile Lite promotion video

<experience-based report>

It was game that it was the most difficult and was absorbed in in four games that we played this time while being simple operability and rule that put on VR goggles, and just moved brain. Speed of body is unexpectedly fast and we start at the time of the first play and collide for obstacle in instant and crash…. Room via bonus point comes out little by little when getting used and can play for high score happily. But play that we continue needs Caution for a long time, anyway, to move head during play from side to side.

In addition, this turns off VR mode, and, as well as "voxel shot VR", even smartphone played, but is finished in level not to have any problem, and to be able to enjoy. A feeling of scamper carried on machine and thrill to barely evade obstacle will be actually the powerful charm only by VR mode still.

Let's enjoy new sense game with latest AR apparatus

By combining goggles and controller for exclusive use of AR, VR application with smartphone, can enjoy unprecedented new sense game easily.
We go, and there are not screens such as TV like conventional game, and there may be much addicted to sense that we can experience that oneself seemed to totally get down on the world of game. We enjoy normal game in so-called home-use game console and smartphone, and AR and VR unexperienced person, please experience high AR, VR game of quality by all means.