What is Vol.03 AR card? Basic knowledge and how to make AR cards which we want to know
Basic knowledge of ELECOM product buying guide AR

What is AR card? Basic knowledge and how to make AR cards which we want to know

Basic knowledge and how to make AR cards

Thing that AR contents receive thing which somebody including game and application provided and enjoy and to think about may be. However, we make AR contents by oneself and enjoy and can have somebody enjoy. Of course production of full-scale AR contents needs specialized knowledge to use tool, but there is "AR card" as AR contents that anyone can make easily.
Therefore we gathered up making procedure while introducing example of AR card this time what kind of AR content AR card was.

What is AR card?

What is AR card? Image of iPad mini with the shell cover

AR card just reads code printed out by card and, on the screens such as smartphone, is card providing service that various 3D contents jump out and are seen. The seeing and hearing method is easy and, using cameras such as smartphone or tablet, just scans cord printed out by card through exclusive application and software. We can enjoy 3D animation or video when we succeed in read-in. Let alone service toward unspecified number of the general public, it is possible to display message video and music for authorized partner (we show).

Example of AR card which company produced

At first, we will see what kind of example AR contents utilizing AR card actually include.

・Valentine fair X AR card of MATSUYA Ginza

Department store, MATSUYA Ginza installed photospot to be able to enjoy in free AR application "COCOAR2" in Valentine fair venue of 2018. Photoframe of Valentine Specifications appears to screen when we scan "heart marker" in wall by application and can photograph original "AR valentine". Recording could photograph, and was able to fly to event page from link button of shooting screen.

As for this plan that targeted young woman, the SNS making of photogenic space to shine, and to do is conscious of, and it may be said that it is utilization of AR card which aimed at pulling in customers, sales promotion effect.

・Nintendo 3DS X AR card

As for the game of AR, thing which can be idle in Nintendo 3DS is representative. AR card of Class six pieces is attached when we purchase the body of 3DS. We let you display character who by using software and camera function called "AR games" installed in the body from beginning, was printed on AR card at 3D and can play. Vanity character varies with angle and distance, luminosity of room, too.

・Collaboration of Glico "almond peak" X AR card

"Almond peak" of Glico held campaign to enclose AR card. When AR card enters package with campaign notation and scans by exclusive free application, character jumps out of screen and is seen and begins to just sing. We make "Hatsune Miku" and "white cat tennis" and collaboration so far.

How to make AR cards

We will check precaution at the time of flow and making of making of AR card successively.

How to make AR cards image

Application and card are necessary for making of AR card

A lot of application and exclusive cards which can make AR card are released. At first, we download application generally and will start with trying convenience.
Procedure of making varies according to application a little, but basic flow combining video and image with flame does not change. However, at first, it is that it is necessary to prepare for video and image which we want to play in 3D contents to be able to be common to all application. In addition, in the case of application to print by oneself, and to make, card paper is necessary, too.

Type of AR card

Type of main AR card includes the following thing.

  • ・Type to be able to send message video to partner
  • ・Type to display character listed in card 3D
  • ・Type to watch animation and video depending on code of card 3D
  • ・Type to let you link game software, and to be idle

Can do it by one's own AR card

We can send message in new form called AR contents if we make original AR card. We leave photograph and video, animation of memory as 3D data and may enjoy. With greeting card including birthday card as AR card, surprise giving in conjunction with 3D video is thought about.

Precaution when we make AR card

Precaution image when we make AR card

We compiled the point that you should be careful about when you made AR card. As it is important that AR card of type to print particularly by oneself knows difference of selection of paper and print method, we will confirm before work.

  • ・When we prepare video, we are satisfied before time limit
  • ・We confirm use of AR possibility period
  • ・We bend reading part of AR card and do not pollute
  • ・When paper size has designation, we follow that
  • ・When there is color designation, we print with inkjet printer
  • ・We avoid coated paper and print with Matte
  • ・It bends and, for prevention, prints with thick paper

In addition, when you increase from original Dimensions in print and reduce, there is not normal reading, and please warn in particular as you may not watch.

We will make original AR card

It is connected in not only by making AR card by oneself, way of enjoying games spreading, but also enjoying common photograph and video in different view. Case that idea does not appear on immediately may do plan that had collaboration of products and event and AR card (technically) by company for hint of AR card making.

It can be easily created by application, and it may be said that AR card which surprise of person who received has a big is item which will attract attention as present only for oneself whom there is not imitation to other people more and more in future. During now when it has not spread yet to there, how about challenging once?

Service "@AR" where delivery, the seeing and hearing can make AR Media into is this