We arrange Vol.1 mess cable clearly! Let's arrange cable of PC and AV with accessories to gather up!
Basic knowledge of ELECOM product buying guide cable

We arrange cable clearly messily! Let's arrange cable of PC and AV with accessories to gather up!

When it expands environment of PC and AV (audio visual) at home, it is bundle of cables that begins to be interested. For example, monitor PC relations, and there are printer, Wi-Fi router, and add AV to TV and Blu-ray player, AV amp, speaker for 7ch, several game consoles…There may be what thing. There may be person feeling dream for bundle of bare cables. However, most people think, "we feel awkward", and it will be thought that it is dirty if another person sees.
Therefore we introduce accessories settling PC and cable assembly of AV clearly. You are taste, and please use in total mainly as there is type to fix type to bundle up long cable and wiring place, and to arrange.

Item which bundles up cable

At first, we introduce item settling cable assembly. In the case of carrying around, we use one cable in a mass, and there is type turning in bundling up other cables and type preventing you from picking quarrel and plural cables mainly.

・Ring type

Accessories of ring type bundle up one cable and use. With ELECOM product, it releases two kinds of "EKC-CRFS series" (small size) and "EKC-CRFM series" (medium size) from series called "FELFAB" (ferufabu).

EKC-CRFS series EKC-CRFM series

・Clip type

We use accessories of clip type through cable once first though we gather up cable of one in thing to clip after having gathered up. With ELECOM product, it releases two kinds of "EKC-CBFS series" (small size) and "EKC-CBFM series" (medium size) from series called "FELFAB" (ferufabu).

EKC-CBFS series EKC-CBFM series

In addition, there is "Ω" (omega) called "LD-CC series"-shaped plastic cable unity clip made if we gather up plural cables.

LD-CC series

・Wire type

We use accessories of wire type to be able to coil itself around cable which we want to bundle up. As cable is bundled up just to wind, the feature is that it is easily possible quickly. With ELECOM product, it releases "EKC-CWFS series" (small size) and "EKC-CWFM series" (medium size), three kinds of "EKC-CWFL series" (large size) from series called "FELFAB" (ferufabu).

EKC-CWFS series EKC-CWFM series EKC-CWFL series

In addition, it is not made of wire, but cable strap called "EKC-MT004" using loop fastener is equally effective product, too.


・Belt (band) type

Accessories of belt type include cable unity belt called "LD-CUC series". With product to be for high efficiency of so-called unity band, can gather up regardless of shape and thickness of cable, and adhesive tape fixation is possible in screwing, too. But as it is unity band, we gather up and do not turn when we take off.

In addition, there is "LD-ST100WH20" with indication space where cable which "LD-MT1 series" which had "LD-T140 series" which is almost usual unity band and colorful color gathered up can write in anything at.

LD-T140 series LD-MT1 series LD-ST100WH20

・Spiral tube type

Accessories of "spiral tube type" are recommended if we want to wire plural cables clearly. We arrange after gathering up wiring in the backside of PC as if winding. As we cut to necessary length and are usable, it is convenient. ELECOM product includes "BST-4 series".

BST-4 series

Item which pays off wiring place

It is item paying off wiring place next time. When we want to fix on wall or floor, it is convenient.

・Cable unity hook

It is hook of type that cable unity hook throws on cable and fixes to wall surface. As not only we pick up even if we say hook, but also can fix by pushing, it is possible not to easily move. ELECOM product includes "LD-US series".

LD-US series

・majikkusutekka for mall

"majikkusutekka for mall" is item sticking cable mall covering cable on floors of carpet. As it is loop fastener, it is easy to move position later. ELECOM product includes "LD-20MS".


・Cable unity magnet

Cable unity magnet which became U-shaped is recommended if we want to fix cable to steel desks. We summarize cable assembly in recess minute and fix to steel desks with magnet. There is "EKC-MGN01" with ELECOM product.


・Cable box

Rotation of PC including power supply tap is apt to be confused with cable or adapter by all means. Box-shaped cable box is useful in such a case. As one hole produces cable, we give neat impression. In addition, it is useful for prevention of fire from outlet part as "EKC-BOX001 series" and "EKC-BOX002 series" of ELECOM product use flame retardant material.

EKC-BOX001 series EKC-BOX002 series

Item which makes wiring plain

Finally we introduce item doing what cable the cable is clearly after having gathered up wiring.

This touches tags of the name to cable in item called name tags for cable and is thing allowing you to judge whether it is after, and it is cable of for what reason. There is "EKC-NTN01" with ELECOM product and can remove again and again and can renew the name.

After having gathered up, we may be in trouble "what this cable is it?". Using such a support item, how about arranging stylishly?