What is difference between Vol.2 distributor and container to separate? How to choose distributor and change over devices improving use environment of TV
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What is difference between distributor and container to separate? How to choose distributor and change over devices improving use environment of TV

As there is antenna terminal for BS with antenna terminal of wall if we just see ground wave on TV when we just tie and finish and see BS with TV, we just tie that to TV and are all right.
However, we do not go so when recording machine parts such as DVD (Blu-ray) recorders increase. If it ties antenna terminal to neither TV nor DVD recorder, this is because it cannot record TV show.
We tie antenna terminal to DVD recorder and can watch TV show via recorder. However, it is troublesome to start DVD recorder every time because it just watches TV show. It is item called distributor that is useful in such a case.
Here, let's introduce distributor improving use environment of such a TV.

Is distributor machine part distributing what?

If it is person who does not know a lot about AV apparatus, we may not get a hint even if we hear with distributor. Therefore, at first, let's introduce distributor.

Distributor is unit to use to divide radio wave from one antenna into several TV. As we just distribute physically, signal from antenna deteriorates if there is much number to distribute. If signal becomes weak, screen is not reflected neatly, and, in the case of the worst, satellite broadcasting may not look to.

In this case, using electric wave amplifier called booster, it is necessary to amplify electric wave signal.

We can minimize deterioration of electric wave if we use distributor of high quality such as "DH-ATD48K05BK" of ELECOM if we just distribute between two.


Do you resemble distributor? What is container to separate?

Item similar to distributor has thing called "container to separate". We somewhat see to similar thing, but distributor and container to separate are different a little when we read only name.

Another antenna terminal should be in a room basically as terrestrial antenna and antenna of satellite broadcasting are another thing. However, we gather up these two antennas to one recently, and we wire, and only one antenna terminal may have cable.

In this way, with container which it separates to use when two signals are mixed on one antenna terminal, "we separate" to ground wave and signal of satellite broadcasting and do. For ELECOM product, we prepare container to separate called "DH-ATS48K05BK". In addition, container to separate is not necessary if we do not see satellite broadcasting.


"Change over container" which it is not only distributor, and improves use environment of TV

Machine parts to use Blu-ray player and game console, TV including satellite broadcasting for continue increasing and are not the times to use in simple substance anymore. In such an environment, neither antenna nor input terminal of Video is enough. HDMI port will not be often enough particularly now as there are many machine parts using HDMI terminal. But it is serious we pull HDMI cable whenever we use and shine, and to do.

It is "change over device" that is helpful at such time. As well as HDMI, there is change over device of various terminals. Let's introduce whether there is what kind of change over device here.

・HDMI display change over device

HDMI port may not be enough when we connect many apparatuses. We can connect plural apparatuses to one HDMI port if we use change over device of HDMI at such time.

HDMI display change over device of ELECOM has "DH-SWBK series". This product receives signal exiting from starting apparatus and has "automatic change over function" to connect automatically. In addition, we will change from button of the body directly when all the connected apparatuses start.

DH-SWBK series

・D-sub display change over device

As well as TV, we will want to use one monitor in plural PC. Let's use D-sub display change over device changing connector of D-sub15 pin which is video signal output terminal for PC in such a case. Product of ELECOM includes "DTSP2-VGA series".

DTSP2-VGA series

Multi-PC change over device which other than display changes

HDMI display change over device and D-sub display change over device just change monitor, but will want to share not only monitor but also other peripheral devices including mouse and keyboard if they use two PC.

In such a case we share multi-apparatus called PC change over device, and product to change as needed is recommended. With product called "KVM-HDHDU2" of ELECOM, we can share display for HDMI, USB mouse, USB keyboard, four of speaker in two PC.


Besides, we can share USB mouse, USB keyboard and speaker and, with product called "KVM-DVHDU series", display D-sub DVI-adaptive display, and there is "KVMP-CUN" where we add to USB mouse, USB keyboard, and one USB apparatus is changed to.