We share one display with Vol.03 PC change over device
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We share one display with PC change over device

PC change over device image

Even if it is necessary to use plural PC properly, we cannot secure space to display several displays. We want to share peripheral device which there is not with PC with game console only one by one. It is "PC change over device" that is helpful in such a scene.
We gathered up merit to be born by using PC change over device, Features of PC change over device of ELECOM to be concrete how you used.

Because can share keyboard display mouse; "KVM"

PC change over device is item making peripheral devices such as keyboard and mouse, display which only one has and speaker available in plural PC. We take Keyboard and Video Monitor, initial character of Mouse and are also called "KVM" or "KVM Switch".

PC change over device image

It is necessary to have two displays to project keyboard and mouse, screen to move not only PC (game console) but also them on to meet desire to "want to play game console between work" that "we want to balance as there is new application PC-centered, to work, but not to move when it is not old PC" "to use PC of PC and private to use by work in spite of being change".
However, suitable space is necessary, and cables increase, and not only appearance but also convenience will get worse to arrange plural peripheral devices on desk.

PC change over device is peripheral device which is convenient for such a scene.

Connection of PC change over device is very easy

It is PC change over caliber using plural PC properly with one peripheral device, but it is type "changing two PC" that is the most common, and concrete usage is as follows.

  1. 1. We remove all cable, mouse, keyboard, speaker of the first unit display leading to PC.
  2. 2. We tie peripheral device which we took off to PC change over device.
  3. 3. We tie cable of PC change over device to two PC.

All the setting is completed just to sandwich PC change over device between the PC and the peripheral device.

Peripheral device may not be connected by difference in standard

It is standard of peripheral device when we tie PC and PC change over device particularly that must be careful. By the way, USB and audio system cable of speaker to tie mouse to do not have any problem as many things are common. In addition, keyboard should be USB connection, too, but some keyboard of PS/2 is standardized. Naturally we cannot connect to PC change over device without PS/2 connection terminal, but can dissolve by sandwiching connector converting PS/2 into USB.

PS/2 and USB terminal

Furthermore, it is display that wants to be careful. PC change over devices which carried only input-output terminal of HDMI are increasing now as most commercially available displays support HDMI. However, there is display corresponding to standard that is different from HDMI among them like DVI and D-Sub. In this case we cannot tie Video cable to PC change over device without those terminals either.

HDMI, DVI, D-Sub terminal

When we purchase PC change over device, it is necessary to know standard (connection method) of peripheral device which we want to share.

Change is OK without work that is troublesome even if resolution is different

We just switch on both PC and displays afterward if we finish connection, and PC change over device functions (because feeding by USB is carried out from the PC body, PC change over caliber does not need power supply).
Operation is very easy. When we want to change, we just push Switch and can go back and forth in two PC.

In addition, WUXGA, another of 1,920 X 1,200 may say full HD of 1,920 X 1,080 image resolution (setting) of one PC. Conventionally, screen display became funny, and it was necessary to turn resolution setting by manual operation whenever we changed when we changed PC with such a case.
However, it is not necessary to change setting as much PC change over calibers come to automatically recognize resolution now. In addition, we will put in the work without sense of incongruity as change of resolution is carried out smoothly. "The back start" means such a function.

Functions effective simply are varied

It is Features of recent PC change over device that is equipped with convenient function as well as the back start a lot when we change two PC and use. We will introduce "KVM-HDHDU2" of ELECOM to example.


・We know which PC you use at first sight

It may be difficult that the OS or application using in both PC find difference only with screen projected on same case, display to version. When it looks like it, we solve the problem if we check the PC change over device body. We come to know PC using by lamp indication now.

・We can share much USB apparatuses

We were able to share peripheral devices such as printer or scanner and, as well as mouse and keyboard, are more convenient. It is OK if we connect USB hub to PC change over device at such time. You become able to share all apparatuses like mouse.

・It supports HDCP

Copyguard called HDCP is given image and Video of digital method. For example, we are considered to be "abuse", and different apparatus cannot consider Video to be inserted between displays to project the PC body and Video receiving Video on when we watch movie in Blu-ray. However, we do not have any problem and can enjoy movie as PC change over device of ELECOM including "KVM-HDHDU2" supports HDCP.

・We can succeed key board setting

On/off of "Caps Lock" "Num Lock" "Scroll Lock" is different in how to use by people. It is troublesome to change each time, but is freed from mental burden even if we share keyboard as these setting is changed in its entirety.

To necessities when individual uses plural PC

For example, it ties display and keyboard, and, like server room, by one confirms state in environment where the plural PC body (server) is placed in, and it is unrealistic to add some kind of changes.
In the relations of such multi-pair one, PC change over caliber plays an active part by the name of KVM Switch. And most are digitized, and change over device itself becomes invisible existence (mechanism to remote-control on IP Network).

On the other hand, in the personal use, we will never change number to there. It is most of that space that is usable for PC is limited. It is clear that PC change over device is superior than we purchase there the second unit display, and desk becomes soggy with cable.
When there were joint ownership, PC of two combination of PC and plural peripheral devices and needs such as use of display in game console both sides, please examine introduction by all means.

It is convenient for change of PC for company internal network if for business use

Company image

Companies dividing PC for business use and PC for exclusive use of company internal network into increase. In this case we shared one display with PC change over device and can find space than we put two displays on own desk and may plan efficiency of duties. We introduce PC for exclusive use of company internal network, and there is value to examine including meaning of cost reduction enough when we will examine introduction in future.