Strong friend when port is not enough as for the Vol.04 display change over device!
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Strong friend when port is not enough as for the display change over device!

Game image

It is necessary to put cable again whenever we change idle hardware when we have several game consoles though there is only one TV. If there is terminal to insert in the front of TV and place that is easy to arrive including the side of the hand, we finish between moves, but will be big depending on setting place of case and TV which there is not only on the back.
It is "display change over device" that clears this problem.

As for the HDMI to project Video on TV, fewer ports is difficult point?

As for the apparatus connected to TV, home-use game consoles such as thing and PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch to enjoy Blu-ray player (recorder) and DVD player (recorder), Video such as HDD recorder are a representative. In addition, as things possessing Video output increase in smartphone and tablet, we regenerate photograph and video which, for example, we photographed in big screen and may play application in big screen.

It is standard called HDMI that connects these apparatuses to TV. However, there is not so much TV comprising input terminal of this HDMI in large quantities. There is direction nominating existence of license charges for the reason, but this will be because it has already met demand for standard home enough if there are any 1 port (terminal) space when it tied by recorder and game console one.
On the other hand, for people who had a lot of apparatuses to tie to TV, spear hate of lack and connection work of port was big demerit.

Display change over device is octopus-like legs wiring of video equipment?

Octopus-like legs wiring image

Display change over caliber is connected to Video input port (HDMI and DVI) of TV and display and we tie Video output cable from apparatuses such as recorder and game console, PC and use. If form of terminal is unique, and even input and the output are not wrong, anyone can easily tie cables such as HDMI.

You tie "USB hub" to PC that the number of USB terminals is short, and even PC may increase numbers of port, but please think that it is structure about the same as that. Or some outlet may image so monkey "power supply tap". By the way, as for the difference with USB hub and power supply tap, display change over device has Switch and is point where apparatus which we want to use is changed to.

Of course we can change display of PC. It is "PC change over device" that is convenient for person using more than two PCs properly, but what share keyboard aside from display and mouse in the case of PC and Mac of Windows 10 will be difficult. With such a case, it may be said that it is realistic to share only display with display change over device.

We can change apparatus which is easily connected by remote control

When we change, former display change over device is button and Switch of the body…It was operation method called this. However, various functions are equipped with to recent product and become convenient. Let's introduce many convenient functions to example in "DH-SWP41BK" of ELECOM.


・Video of connected apparatus is compared

When it carries away VTR, "wipe" used many by variety shows of TV pulls out expression of performer of studio and is theatricalism that is used by a large number of performers when we demand comment from authorized person.
We confirm Video of all apparatuses leading to display change over caliber as thing near this in small window, and "preview" that we can change function is equipped with. As we are changed to thing wanting to see main Video when we choose Video of small window which we want to change with remote control, it is not necessary to push Switch of the body expressly.

・We cope with picture in picture

It is the deployment by "picture in picture" which it is possible for "we enjoy Video of Blu-ray "broadcasting news program broadcasting in small window in small window while playing program which we recorded" while playing main window by game" various how to use function. If small window approaches curious scene, we escape missing scene by to replace with main window immediately, want to see. We may say to so-called "nagara" working person that it is unbearable function.

・It supports MHL, and smartphone is OK, too

It becomes difficult for downsizing, smartphone and tablet which thinning advanced to of terminal to be equipped with HDMI terminal. On the other hand, it came to be adopted in many terminals because what was standardized was compatible with HDMI in MHL (Mobile High-definition Link).
Generally, we regenerated thing which we moved to PCs with Micro-USB cable to read photograph and Video which we shot in smartphone with big-screen TV and took effort that we pulled microSD card and put in the reproduction apparatus. However, if there are any display change over devices corresponding to MHL, we are easily seen just to be connected to this.

・Of course it is supported HDCP

Copyguard called "HDCP" preventing abuse is given Video works such as movies collected in Blu-ray. If it is method to tie Blu-ray player to TV directly, and to see, we do not have any problem, but guard function is shown by catching different apparatus between TV with player. However, usual reproduction is possible if it is HDCP Supported Devices.

Display change over device is this

Video output connection apparatus near display change over device

Digital signage

"Display distributor" exists as apparatus like display change over device. For example, we lecture in large venue, and how to use that we enjoy movie same in two rooms at the same time is possible to be able to project the same Video (image) on plural TV and screen when we use this. Examples which output image and Video to digital signage which we came to see in the yard and shopping center, event site of station using this display distributor increase.

Display distributor is this

In addition, there is "multi-display adapter" allowing it to output screen of PC in high definition such as 2K or 4K. We project and give presentation, and, in this, presentation information about notebook PC is used for large monitor of meeting room in Uses that we enjoy game in big screen.

Multi-display adapter is this