With Vol.05 USB change over device, we use one peripheral device properly
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With USB change over device, we use one peripheral device properly

Use of change over device image

It was PC which was one in family, but it became natural to plurally own PC and tablet once so that we played by high-end game, and it was said with tablet during notebook PC, movement as for desktop PC, everyday job and matter for inquiry in what edited Video.
However, what it pulls cable to purchase peripheral devices such as printer or scanner to number of PC whenever PC economical, to use changes and puts and does will be serious. When there is "USB change over device" when only one wants to use peripheral device which there is not with plural PCs, it is convenient item.

As for the USB to connect peripheral device to, port is apt to be short

A lot of peripheral devices are lack of port

When we connect PC to printer or scanner, standard spreading most is USB. Product that keyboard or mouse are often found now becomes USB connection. Universal Serial Bus port is equipped with by almost all sold PCs, notebook PC, and peripheral device is not exaggeration now even if thing which does not support USB cries. In addition, by using cable and parts which Micro-USB used for smartphone and tablet, digital camera converts, after all, USB connection is possible.

However, the number of USB connection ports of PC and notebook PC is limited even if peripheral devices corresponding to USB increase. As for the port which is usable freely (is available), there are in particular a lot of models only as for one if notebook PC is remarkable and already ties one point of something with mouse. "USB hub" dividing one port into plural number is convenient, but we come to lack Bus powered and, in lack of port of USB, may not use apparatus when we connect too much many apparatuses (it supplies electricity to USB apparatus).

USB standard has some versions

Standard of "USB1.1" is devised by abbreviation of "Universal Serial Bus" with USB "USB1.0" in 1998 in 1996. Afterwards, "2.0" "3.0" and revision advance, and the current latest edition is "3.2". There are many things supporting "2.0" with PC and peripheral device, and it may be said that correspondence to "3.0" after is the situation advancing to relatively slowly.

It is "data movement speed" that is the biggest in difference by version in standard. For example, it is 480Mbps (for one second 480MB) in "2.0", but jumps up in "3.0" with 5GBbps (for one second 5GB). If there is number between apparatuses supporting big standard, we can send a large quantity of data quickly.

In addition, there are multiple forms of terminal and is used as follows each.

Standard table of terminal shape

In addition, there is shape of terminal of USB as well as the above. Representative things will include "USB Micro-B" used for cables of "USB Mini-B" used with digital cameras and smartphone. By the way, there is not only "Type-B" but also "Type-A" in both.
"USB Mini-B was standard that was adopted a lot with digital camera, but "USB Micro-B" spread widely as it was adopted in smartphone (Android). Afterwards, "USB Micro-C" which does not choose top and bottom when it comes in comes up and is becoming mainstream from good convenience.

Merit using USB change over device

There is much USB standard Supported Devices to peripheral device of PC. It will be non-efficiency economically spatially among them that there is thing taking place like printer and scanner, and we hold these for number of PC, and prepare.
Whenever PC to use changes, we pull cable and put and do that only one changes printer and scanner which there is not with plural PCs and uses, and method tying again is thought about. However, in starting again from connection, it will be work that stress collects whenever we print document or only to take in image.

It is USB change over device that solves these problems at a stretch. We tie cable from peripheral devices such as printer to change over device, and connection method divides into plural PCs with another USB cable. We change one peripheral device with more than two PCs and are available if we change in Switch when we want to use afterward.
USB change over device is cheap for peripheral device of PC and is PC-related parts entering the very cheapest class to USB cable. As USB change over device is thing that certain effect is provided by little investment, people using plural PCs properly may have some.

In addition, as well as printer and scanner, we can change external HDD and USB memory with USB change over device. When we want to share data with more than two PCs, we may plan shortening at improvement and time of large work efficiency because it does not have to improve on the Network to tie cable expressly again.

Being careful when we use USB change over device

Precaution of USB change over device

As USB change over device is product in conformity with USB standard, Caution is necessary for difference in version such as "2.0" and "3.0". When we tie small apparatus of number in particular, transfer speed that we thought of is not provided. If it is print data and image which we scanned, we get off with "slightly slow" degree, but USB standard of USB change over device and peripheral device and PC wants to be prepared when data volume including backup making to HDD is big.

In addition, we can increase USB apparatuses to connect if we connect USB hub to USB change over device. However, when apparatuses increase, a lot of electricity is necessary, too, and Bus powered that being all (it supplies electricity to USB apparatus) is necessary. As Bus powered does not recognize apparatus to be short and does not work normally, please avoid as much as possible.

Furthermore, in printer, there is model exchanging regular information with PC. As such a printer may wake up connection delinquent by sandwiching USB change over device, we will check in Manual or product commentary page of printer.

USB change over device is this