Competition population is explosion in the Vol.01 world! History of e sports and the current situation of Japan
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Competition population is explosion in the world! History of e sports and the current situation of Japan

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It was game that was thing which invited friend to home, and was next to each other, and was idle, but performance of hardware went up and as communication environment was set, came to be able to face players of the world once. Game that people compete with people for technique in real time comes to be called "e sports", and league match and the world meeting every title are opened.
Professional gamer who play type fighting game of arcade is Japanese game meetings that were the center, but gets the prize money and sponsorship revenue of meeting, and fights in one place after another in the world is birth. Environment to surround including adoption to establishment of associated group and global sports competition introduces the current situation of e sports changing suddenly while looking back toward the history.

Meeting using history 1 home-use game console of e sports

Chess and shogi, Go, cards such as cards and board game…. It may be said that most of the historical games make = "play" that "people play with people". After all, thing of play type was popular among games using computer created in the 1970s (e.g., "PONG" of Atari, Inc.). Afterwards, the world of game spreads when from arcade to type that can carry on TV of PC and house, and genre diversified, too, but element called play remains without changing.

It is "caravans of Hudson of the whole country" that featured element to watch a game of place where this play and another person play for the first time in Japan. Using shooting game of Nintendo, event to compete for the number of the scores in regulations time receives ardent support of children at the time, and many players participate in qualifier of each place. We came to produce so-called "game experts". Expert was exposed to Media, and game with expert of rival was filmized and was a person that it was near for "star player" who said by e sports.

The fashion of history 2 play type fighting game of e sports

Megahit that it may be said that "Street Fighter II" of CAPCOM where we appeared in 1991 (strike II) is social phenomenon. It becomes big movement around arcade as a result that the companies made efforts in play type fighting game. Not character whom computer controls, fighting with character whom human being who sat in the other side of housing controls finds charm of game that is different from before. Innumerable games meet is held from local thing at game arcade of each place to thing hosted by Media and spreads pleasure to watch thing and that which people gather, and compete by game.

Booms of this play type fighting game exceed the sea, and title including "strike II" is very popular in North America and Europe. We colonize as big genre to occupy important position in the current e sports scene.

Online game of history 3 PC of e sports

New tide is made in the world of PC gaming while play type fighting game sweeps over the world of arcade. That is FPS (the first person shooting) and RTS (real-time strategy).
Shooting game of type shooting enemy whom the former goes ahead through field in the first person view and met to the full. We look down at the latter and operate unit on field of model and we secure resources and build base and we produce soldiers and swat base of enemy. Although even one can play, we do other players and matching on online, and it becomes popular to exchange fire in real time (we fight), and the class of huge players is brought up around North America.

Increase of player leads to expansion of market, and game meet using these titles comes to be held before long. The scale grows big year by year, and professional gamer living only on the prize money of meeting is born. Various companies became sponsor, and current e sports (performance) to support them came to be managed.

On the other hand, it was the world that some players enjoy, but, in Japan (in FPS in RTS) where custom to play a game with PC did not root in, players increase with the spread of broadbands and high efficiency price reduction of PC, advance of the genre to home-use game console. PC affiliated manufacturers become sponsor and form professional team, and scenes responding to for travel costs and accommodation expenses to overseas meeting increase.

World e athletic meet

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The 2000s began, and people were games (or team and team), and, in home-use game console, arcade, PC and the platform, e sports to compete (fight) came to be established as performance with people in North America and Europe, Asia although they were different. A large amount of prize money is set in meeting, and global company becomes sponsor, and base that socially professional gamer is recognized is set.

Above all, it was "World Cyber Games" (WCG) that gained popularity in infantility. Korean company hosts, and WCG which began in 2000 prepares the prize money which is big sum of 200,000 U.S. dollars from the first year. It was in wide samoatte, participant of genre of game to handle, meeting of e sports to represent the world with person of watching games a lot so many, but 2013 is not held last.

In Europe, French company held "Electronic Sports World Cup" (ESWC) in 2003. We collect much support, and meeting by player who fought successfully through qualifier of each country develops into "Electronic Sports World Convention" (ESWC of abbreviation does not change) now. It becomes one of e athletic meets of the world's highest mountain. Besides, German ESL is meeting known worldwide, too.

In the United States, professional league is formed for each title. "League of legend" which a great many people called MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) compete for "overwatch" of FPS "street fighter V" of play type fighting game, league match by professional gamer is performed with popularity titles such as "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" of online battle shooter that similarly a great many people fight for survival. These leagues were established in all the countries of the world, and meeting by player (team) who fought successfully through league of each country came to be held.

e athletic meet in Japan

In Japan, scale lowered game meet using PC and home-use game console, and festival "*geki" of play type fighting game of arcade which began in 2003 gained overwhelming popularity. With many numbers of the public player that it is participant/viewer at event that Japanese manufacturers which arcade game information publication hosts this, and produced play type fighting games cooperated, Top player including Daigo Umehara is participation, too. For ten years from the first holding to 2012, it is thought that it was domestic e sports biggest meeting.

In the world of PC gaming, CyAC (Cyber Athlete Competition) is established in 2007 and continues holding online and meeting periodical offline. As meeting of e sports, Japanese league every title including "league of legend" and "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" stood up one after another, and player dispatch to world meeting came to be performed positively, too.

Genre of game handled by e athletic meet

It is e sports showing big upsurge in both world and Japan, but all games are not true as competition. It actually becomes 7 following genres that meeting and league are held.

FPS (the first person shooting)

FPS of shooting game exchanging fire in the first person viewpoint. "Counter strike" and "overwatch" are representative titles.

MOBA (multi-player online battle arena)

MOBA is game to compete for multi-pair multi-ga. "Dota 2" has the first on the list "league of legend" that 70 million people play throughout the world elsewhere.

RTS (real-time strategy)

RTS is thing which excluded action and character customization element from MOBA, but MOBA itself can be also known as derivation of RTS. "Stark Raft" proud of deep-rooted popularity is famous.


Game that reproduced soccer and American football, real sports including basketball realistically is popular. There are "FIFA" and "winning eleven" series, "NBA live" series.

Online battle shooter

Relatively new genre for the purpose of only one surviving from a great many people is online battle shooter. "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" is winning most players now.

Play type fighting game

Play type fighting game is genre that there are many titles which "street fighter" and Japanese play makers including "fist" "large scuffle smash Brothers" produced.

CCG (Collectible Card Game)

CCG is online version of so-called trading card game. Representative title includes "Haas stone".

As genre except the above, puzzle game and meeting with title of smartphone are held, too.

The fact of e sports of Japan

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The system which backed up professional gamer and team in Japan was gradually set. With "association which started in establishment preparatory committee in 2007 of e sports in Japan" as a start, group in conjunction with "Japan e sports agency" and e sports is establishment one after another "federation of e sports student" in 2011 in "Japan e sports association" (it moves into action and is stopping now), 2010 of 2009. Besides, many groups are made and begin activity to support player each.

However, as for the flooding of group, "Japanese federation of e sports" and "Japan e sports association" were integrated with "e-sports promotion mechanism" in 2018 by player dispatch to international meeting having had a problem, and it was in "the Japan e sports alliance" (JeSU). Afterwards, player dispatch to the Asian Games in Indonesia and issuance of professional license attract a great deal of attention, and e sports in Japan, environment of professional gamer are greatly changing.

Besides, "well, Yoshimoto Kogyo which is famous for comedy launches the cause gaming", and Asai plan starts game delivery and, as for involve the public audience, working, is announced. In addition, we decide that e sports are adopted as culture program of the National Athletic Meet (the national polity) held in Ibaraki in 2019 (as for the title "winning eleven"). Far-off on day when movement aiming at official adoption to the Olympics is actualized globally, and game is recognized as one of the sports widely.