Type of meeting of Vol.02 e sports and method to participate
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Type of meeting of e sports and method to participate

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PC and arcade, home-use game console, portable player and smartphone…. Scenes where players pit their skills currently where most of the games came to support on-line increase. It is e sport that person with memorizing participates in competition to arm led by professional gamer to be able to be also known as development system.
However, as for scale and the contents until the world meeting that delivery (live broadcast) is considered to be from thing which game shop or game arcade of town host even if we say meeting of e sports to a mouthful in the world on the stage of stadium, various. We gathered up whether meeting of what kind of e sports was held including different circumstances in Japan and the world how we should participate again.

Meeting of e sports has days all over the world (! Is opened)

Definitions of e sports include various interpretation, but may say, also known as "we compete for victory or defeat by game using computer" and that when they define widely when, "people watching are". In other words, even if hardware to use is anything even if it is not professional gamer, there are there more than two players, and the audience watching that is established if. For example, "playing play type fighting game at game arcade" can arrest "we face game of card game with e sports in smartphone" which "we invite friend to house and play with video game together" if the audience was there in everyday scene for playing people.

However, it is game meeting that the above-mentioned number of people generally participates in being called e sports to some extent, and is performed. If it was, so to speak, local meeting like thing which thing which game arcade and net cafe hosted, thing that game manufacturer prepared venue and performed, e sports specialty facilities performed, we have seen through notice and website of each facility, game-related news peg. In addition, Japan qualifiers of thing which Media and companies gather, and holds on a large scale in big facilities and the world meeting are performed.

As for the meeting of large-scale e sports, title & genre is different

What squeeze meeting of large-scale e sports that dozens of - several hundred participants of meeting sometimes become several thousand units in titles or specific genre, and is performed is often found. For example, it was competed with 3 titles of "Stark Raft II" "league of legend" "over watch" in 11 in season of "IEM" (Intel Extreme Masters) held in Korea in 2016. In addition, 8 titles of "street fighter V" "fist 7" "GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2" "large scuffle smash Brothers" are chosen with it is "EVO" (Evolution Championship Series) of 2018, but it is play type fighting game, and other genres are included at all neither.

In the case of popular title such as "league of legend" and "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS", league only for the title is crossed in all the countries of the world. Japan is no exception, and, in "league of legend", battle that hung the participation right of the next season is developed and appeals for participation by circle unit in league for exclusive use of student, and broadcast of student league of each country is watched, and service to participant is enriched. In addition, there are many participants (team) in league of "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" and shows copy and two copies of upsurges as we replace, and war is planned.

It is the first step to the world to do entry in qualifier

Person who wish to participate in meeting and league of e sports focuses on basically specific title, and we cross stack, individual or team, and entry will do exercise.
Participation method varies according to scale, titles of meeting and league, but by participating in qualifier meeting held in each place, and attaining a full victory, the participation right to this meeting is provided if it is "*kaigi" which is festival of play type fighting game to be carried out in Japan. On the other hand, like "ELEAGUE" held in the United States, we play an active part in meeting of invitation system that sponsor chooses participant as as professional gamer, and the results putting good grade in are necessary for big meeting.

Meeting of main e sports played in world & Japan

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Hundreds of thousands of people watch stadium and event site, live broadcast of net that several billions of yen, venue are 10,000 units, and player population can contain tens of millions of people, purse of meeting in…. Scale spreads year by year, and meeting and league of e sports come to form market as it is the same as other sports now. It was Japan where we lagged behind a little, but some domestic leagues of global title stood up, and large-scale event came to be held, too. About main meeting on behalf of e sportsdom, we will check the history or title handling.

IEM (Intel Extreme Masters)

Season of 2018 of IEM "counter strike global offensive" (CS: GO) was chosen as competition title. It is performed in Sydney (Australia), Shanghai (China), Chicago (the United States), 4 venue of Katowice (Poland) of the world.

EVO (Evolution Championship Series)

EVO which was held in Las Vegas in the United States in August, 2018. Champion of play type fighting game of all 8 titles including "street fighter V" "fist 7" "large scuffle smash Brothers" was selected.


ELEAGUE "rocket league" "CS while turning title including GO" "fist 7"; is holding in 2017-2018 season. Japanese "tokido" player wins the championship at meeting of "street fighter V" performed in June, 2018.

The International Dota 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS

In title "Dota 2" representing MOBA (multi-player online battle arena), world meeting is held. Because a large amount of prize money is provided, this meeting is famous, and, as of August 31, 2018, about 25.53 million dollars is pooled.

World Championship (league of legend)

"League of legend" intoxicating the world holds world meeting. Aiming at the prize money acquisition of millions of dollars, representative from each country team competes for ascendancy. As league stood up in Japan, day in conflict with world skilled player may come in the near future.


*kaigi is meeting of e sports on behalf of Japan started in 2015. Play type fighting game was the center, but, as for the title to treat, meeting of smartphone games such as "monster strike" or "Puzzle & Dragons" was held in 2018, too. In addition, corner of indie game is established and grows up to event to be able to enjoy game from different angles.


Meeting RAGE of e sports that started in 2015. Title "shadow Bath" where rare professional league exists is main in the country, and, including e sports team which professional basketball team Levanga Hokkaido established, e sports teams which companies such as Oyatsu Company Ltd., au, Nippon Television, Yoshimoto Kogyo run participate.

As genre except the above, puzzle game and meeting with title of smartphone are held, too.

There is meeting of e sports that we can participate in right now

Professional gamer who lives only for the prize money of meeting and income from sponsor. Stage of e sports that they who spend most of the day on exercise and mental and physical training work together in competition is other sports and the severe world of any same merit system. That like game; can hold, and being used is not sweet, but, as for to participate in, it is not difficult if is local meeting or country qualifier. In addition, game meet, event of title making a hit held to events such as Tokyo game shows will gather information of game playing as qualifications participation may be relatively loose.

In addition, can make entry into meeting of e sports, setting up appears without being influenced by results such as qualifiers. "JCG CHALLENGE" is famous for overseas service in the country "ESL Play". In ESL Play, gathering participant of 8.4 million day and night from the world; pit the skills. At first, you should start with looking in game of interesting title because not only you participate as player, but also can watch a game of both as audience.