How to choose gaming mouse that difference is felt Vol.03 e sports beginner
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How to choose gaming mouse that difference is felt e sports beginner

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Game that and we saw play video by Internet delivery and saw demonstration at store of shop and read news peg and personal impression or were interested in was title taken up as competition at meeting of so-called e sports. But we are defeated and are not fun too much without there being movement that we saw with video when we actually play…. In this case there is difference of custom and personal technique, but it is the fact that difference of device (mouse or keyboard) operating is big.
Therefore we introduce gaming device to relatively easily escape from e sports beginner very much! We know difference of general device and gaming device, and let's make environment that can be devoted to game more deeply.

It is mouse that holds the key to operation by e sports

Except some notebook PCs equipped with touch pad and track ball, it is mouse that controls every operation of PC. It will not be thought about business software which we usually use dealing with both browser and mailer without mouse. Of course game is similar, and it is difficult to connect that we launch without mouse to server and it remains to move character while we play a game is not precocious. Particularly, difference of behavior and discrimination time that there is a little mouse in RTS (real-time strategy), MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) which give FPS (the first person shooting) and unit shooting the other party which we aimed at instructions has a big influence on result.

Naturally mouse is attached to PC which we usually use for business. However, is the Specifications not that there should be 1-2 so-called "Back" buttons in addition to click button of right and left and central wheel? When we work on e sports seriously, we become unsatisfactory with the number of these buttons immediately. Cases that gaming mouse has a lot of buttons are often found.

For example, it is important to be able to work right after round start, but, in FPS, time to raise weapons may occur first. We cross "macro" to be able to perform plural action by single motion to have possibilities to distribute victory or defeat how you can shorten this time, but can set the macro on button which there is in gaming mouse a lot. Even game of other genres reduces the operation number of times by setting movement of character at specific button of mouse in the same way and can cut time for other actions.

Change, connection method of speed of reaction velocity and double click are important, too

As human being is not robot, speed of operation, size of movement, the speed of reaction vary among people. For example, people who want to put together in movement that there is few will be if people who greatly strongly move mouse are when they perform action to match the same aim with in mouse. We realize operation as by customizing pen up speed of this cursor in gaming mouse, thought in the most suitable movement for the person. Similarly, we can let movement of character fit own operation speed as speed of double click is configurable finely.

It is necessary to reach character without being behind with mouse operation because it is the world where delay of reaction of comma how many seconds controls life and death (in game). As gaming mouse raises speed that operation is transmitted to, it can react early than we operate in general mouse. In addition, most thing that gaming mouse is Wired and ties because very few delays occur when we make connection method Bluetooth.

Let's find gaming mouse which matched game to play

At first, it is necessary to change mouse to gaming mouse that game becomes good and enjoys e sports more. Specifications that it is five and a bit, but the number of buttons is sufficient in FPS which is simple, and shoots enemy in "ECM-G01URBK" of ELECOM. On the other hand, "ECM-G02URBK" having 13 buttons is most suitable for MOBA which we often do during game. In addition, "M-DUX30BK" and "M-DUX50BK" equipped with hardware macro can be idle without stress by MMORPG comfortably. As genres of game to fit are different, despite the same gaming mouse, we will choose correct thing as game that oneself plays.

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Mouse pad to fully make use of high efficiency mouse in

Even if we purchase high-performance gaming mouse, and only anything puts customization that we put together for own operation speed, we are not readily tied to victory. In such a case we will review place = mouse pad moving mouse. Other than mouse pad used for business Uses, it is basic NG that uses novelty and mouse pad of appendix, character thing. It draws specifications of gaming mouse, and it is correct answer that even long-time play chooses gaming mouse pad which does not come to have a pain in its arm and hand.

In ELECOM, lineup is doing gaming mouse pad of two kinds using nature rubber called "MP-G02BK" which can cover movable range of "MP-G01BK" where something to be done responds to in keyboard for a long time aside and mouse well. Both are slightly more expensive than general mouse pad, but may realize the difference immediately if they use.

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Keyboard which we want to lay emphasis on like mouse

It is common that home-use game console operates character with controller. Every movement of character or button calling menus are located to controller and can push forward game using both hands efficiently. On the other hand, we make viewpoint change and screen scrolling in mouse with PC, and operation method to move character in keyboard is mainstream. In addition, we will perform macro to register communication such as chats in game and movement to use well in keyboard (as for the thing not to be affected by mouse). Keyboard is also one of the important devices to divide victory or defeat of e sports into.

It is important for keyboard to use for business that Key Caps or stroke when we were involved match preference. On the other hand, as for the keyboard to use by e sports, good durability and reaction is focused on. It endures intense touch unlike time to drive letter, and it is important above all that it reacts to burglar immediately, and character moves.

"TK-G01UKBK" and "ECTK-G01UKBK" of ELECOM clear durability test of surprise of 50 million times both. We do not have any problem about the durability that is the most important condition. In addition, we can move character just as wanted because we cope with "all key rollover" that can input all keys at the same time even if it is game of any genre. In addition, function to invalidate is equipped with "Windows" key and "menu" (application) key, and we do not have to worry to be replaced with screen during game suddenly. Furthermore, by pouring "gaming key cap" over "W" to allot for vertical and horizontal movement in FPS "A" "S" "D" key, realize the feel that is different from other keys. The preparation to improvement and operating error decrease in operability is perfect, too.

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Headset to use to be concentrated in the world of game

It crosses team in several people, and, in the case of game of type that participant is divided into the plural camp, and it competes for, it is effective to use Microphone and headphones for information sharing in team. Correspondence that being all becomes early and gets closer to victory if we can share information with friend quickly when we discovered enemy and resources, base. There is method to hit message with keyboard then, but, in the game to progress in real time, time and trouble of message input are fatal. Means to send simple information, "there is enemy" depending on game to friend with one button may be prepared for, but, after all, it is mouse, or operation of keyboard is necessary for that purpose. On the other hand, we can share movement in game in voice if we use Microphone. In addition, point to be able to enjoy conversation between round and rounds will be charm of Microphone.

In addition, we may have to grasp the number of partners or distance, type of weapon using by sound in FPS. You should use headphones as far as it is not environment that can put high quality speakers such as 7.1ch in quiet room by right placement. Particularly, it is essential in the environment where other sounds including net cafe and event site enter.

In this way, it is Microphone and headphones which are indispensable to play of e sports, but the device which two unified is headset. Even if "ECHS-G01BK" and "HS-G01BK" of ELECOM run at light weight for a long time both, ear adopts "soft year pad" which does not come to have a pain. Furthermore, convenience is good, and "in-line controller" operating mute and volume at hand can be absorbed in the world of game without feeling stress.

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Gaming device raises charm of e sports

Four gaming devices which are indispensable for person enjoying game with PC. When it plays title called e sports, it introduced at earlier stage and leads to progress of arm, and it is in particular important to prepare step (environment) with neighboring players.
It is recommended to all purchase at a time, but, at first, subsequently mouse and keyboard controlling operation system, please prepare headset in order of mouse pad last when it is difficult.