Professional license is necessary for Vol.04 e sports to get the prize money?
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Professional license is necessary for e sports to get the prize money?

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Three integrate among Japanese e sports-related groups where we are divided into some on February 1, 2018 and worked on, and "the Japan e sports alliance" (JeSU) is established. It was announced that Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), Japan Online Game Association (JOGA), Japanese association of amusement machine (JAMMA), Association of Media in Digital (AMD) cooperated with this.

We planned domestic e sports promotion that we lagged behind in comparison with foreign countries, and the system which backed up spread of tournaments, upbringing of player systematically would be done. In addition, it was condition that is recognized as professional gamer (in fact) that gets "support by sponsor" and "the prize money at meeting" until now, but issuance of "professional license" will be performed by JeSU in future.

Because most of the Japanese game manufacturers belong to CESA, JOGA, one of JAMMA or plural number, professional license which JeSU issues has a big meaning. And, for game meet that professional gamer having license participated in, there was judgment that we made possible the too much unprecedented large amount of prize money setting in the country.

Reason why game meet of the large amount of prize money was not held in Japan

At meeting of e sports held abroad, normal the championship prize money being hundred million and 10 million yen unit led by billions of yen of things purse. Crown sponsors support, and entrance ticket of meeting venue which is not cheap at all drains by ten thousand units, and, for reason that can set the prize money only for that, they include that charging by audience of Internet delivery is big huge company known worldwide. On the other hand, big company did not drop fund on e sports to there in Japan, and big charging of thing that people who event that gathered tens of thousands of people was held only a few times a year, and watched a game in wound, net increased was the situation not to be able to expect.

In addition, we had problem, it "might conflict with premium visualized method" that commoner (person who is not professional gamer) who did not make living by game had the large amount of prize money in the hand. Therefore, it may be said that it was environment where professional gamer is hard to be born without that being all the championship prize money of game meet held in the country very, and being set only to sum of level that it is difficult to live a life. There is possibility that professional license issuance of JeSU renovates such an internal affair.

A professional gamer whom JeSU thinks about

  • ・We take an oath for definition of professional gamer whom JeSU released
  • ・We participate in JeSU official recognition meet and gain excellent results by competition of authorized title
  • ・We receive class (e-learning) that JeSU appoints

Of these, "awareness as professional" "sportsmanship" "improvement of technique" and "contribution to e sports development" are shown as definition of professional gamer. About license issuance to professional team, approval of JeSU needed on "(game manufacturer recognizes the results at past meetings) that IP holder accepted ability" with "juridical person" at the same time. In addition, it announces to admit that we participate in authorized meeting as team when there is owner of professional license more than one in team (when the team gets the prize money, it is conferred only to the professional license owner). As for the JeSU official recognition meet held in the country, the right or wrong of participation is judged in conformity with these rules, and issuance of license will be performed for result in total in future.

Furthermore, we say that we do in form to follow authorized = professional player license issuance while being subject to the "results at meeting" "consent of IP holder" for player who worked as virtual professional gamer until now. We leave the results at domestic and foreign meetings, and it may be said that we prepared for way which can participate in JeSU official recognition meeting to professional gamer whom sponsor is behind (in fact).

We participate in professional license issuance and Asian Games

JeSU holds authorized meeting promptly in festival "*kaigi 2018" of game held in February, 2018. We issued professional license by 6 next titles for player who gained excellent results each.

  • ・Winning eleven 2018
  • ・Call of duty World War II
  • ・Street fighter V arcade edition
  • ・Fist 7
  • ・Puzzle & Dragons
  • ・Monster strike

Afterwards, license authorization title increases "puyopuyo" and "reimboshikkusushiji, too", and JeSU authorized professional gamer may be born about 8 titles as of the end of August, 2018.

By the Asian Games held from August through September in Indonesia in 2018, e sports were adopted as demonstration competition. JeSU dispatches "winning eleven 2018" and all-star representative three of "Haas stone" in this meeting and plays a big role as professional license publisher.

Professional gamer whom JeSU accepts is not all

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Possibility that meeting of the large amount of prize money is held in Japan is produced by start of JeSU, and professional license issuance will give professional gamer who was uncertain until now constant position. In addition, as the news about e sports increased, effect called general recognition up is accepted by publicity work, too.

On the other hand, each gathers players originally, and a lot of groups of e sports that JeSU did not participate in carry out meeting and league match, and, as for changing, there are none in the situation dispatching in overseas meeting. In addition, we already get sponsor with personal ability, and professional gamer participating in overseas leagues exists a lot. For such group and individual, it is reliable that it cannot be said with the desirable situation at all in people seeing domestic professional license only like thing of JeSU issuance.

As clear answer did not appear about license again, by forum that executive of JeSU participated in, as for the problem, or "we do with professional gamer with what" "is not professional if we do not receive license issuance", there remains about definition of professional gamer. In addition, title group such as "Dota 2" catching overwhelming support abroad "league of legend" "over watch" comes from authorization title of JeSU, and it may be said that it is insufficiency for people aiming at professional gamer playing an active part worldwide.

We are several steps behind the world, and feeling that finally started is Japanese e sports that there is, we solve problems at stage as soon as possible, and will day when player can fight with global standards come? Including JeSU, movement of group about e sports attracts attention.