We bring high functional device into Vol.05 e sporting house and we play a game and have a first-class experience!
Basic knowledge of ELECOM product buying guide e sports

We bring high functional device into e sporting house and we play a game and have a first-class experience!

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e sports that show global upsurge now. Therefore we visited net cafe "e-sports cafe" for e sports in Tokyo and experienced the feel of device which was Heiss peck made in ELECOM!

The actual situation of e sports and the specialized facilities

Does everybody know what's called "e sports" (e-Sports)? e sports are abbreviation of "electronic sports" and are name when we arrest "people and a person's play" to be carried out on computer game as "sporting event". In all the countries of the world, meeting of much e sports is held from large-scale thing to small thing and we ask the competition population 100 million or more and are broken. The current situation, meeting receive investment of various companies, and professional gamers more than yearly income 100 million yen compete fiercely.

Exclusive facilities are born one after another in Japan because it is e sports to show globally big upsurge. It is e sporting house of net cafe form that there is particularly many. Without environment that can play game in home, we can enjoy e sports with gaming PC which is Heiss peck prepared for by facilities comfortably.

e sports image With PC which is Heiss peck, we can play trendy title of e sports.

In such facilities, e sports-related event may be held. As there is place holding meeting almost every week, it may be said that it is check required if we like game in schedule published in official site of each facility.

In addition, we appear in facilities installing stage for exclusive use of event in shop. In facilities laying emphasis on event, we call guests such as professional gamer (e sports player) or entertainer and hold game meet grandly. We broadcast the state on the Internet and show expanse that luxurious prize is presented by person from results high rank.

When we play game with high functional device made of ELECOM?

It is e sports showing upsurge as there is specialty store in each place, but it will be the true intention that wants to play with device which is Heiss peck that we are always used to when it plays a game where if it is gamer aiming at height more. Performance and key placement are delicately different that oneself usually uses keyboard and mouse if maker is the same with it is thing installed in shop beforehand and is different in model number. As difference in usability produces sense of incongruity during play, naturally we may greatly influence result of game.

In facilities specialized in e sports that are sensitive to request of such players, cases which "are available for carry-on of device" increase. For sense playing using my ball and my shoes saying by bowling, we bring in familiar own device and can play game.

It is high functional device of ELECOM that brought in this time. Concrete model numbers are as follows.

e sports image We connect high-performance device made of ELECOM to Heiss peck PC of e sports leased facility and are completed.

Mouse pad which supports mouse to use most and the movement

At first, it was usability of gaming mouse (M-G01URBK), but, as is expected, reaction was different from cheap mouse which the writer usually used. When we grasp lightly and let on desk slide right to left or up and down, cursor moves over screen smoothly quickly. Furthermore, kind design that pen up speed of cursor can change to four phases by DPI change over button. We were thankful for what reaction velocity to type and the situation of game could regulate. It is 5 button deployment suitable for use in FPS (the first person shooting), and this mouse adopts optical Switch of super high durability of 80 million times. Player of FPS using normal mouse for should try the difference once.

And gaming mouse pad (MP-G01BK) further drew performance of mouse. In comparison with time when we moved mouse with pad-free (in desk), precision of reaction rises. Furthermore, burden to be killed by hands was reduced by soft material and long-time game play was hard and was not felt. Point that keyboard and mouse are put in in horizontally long Dimensions of 297mm in height X 900mm in width is factor of comfort. Grip characteristics are high in rubber of the back side and may not be from on desk even if they move mouse intensely. The writer did not use mouse pad since optical mouse came up and did not feel the need either. However, we were made to strongly recognize how mouse pad was important to play of game this time.

e sports image Mouse and keyboard are settled on the pad, and there is still room only in this in space.

Gaming keyboard and general keyboard are totally another thing!

About keyboard, we were able to realize, "it was different to here!" when we used product which was Heiss peck. Mechanical gaming keyboard (ECTK-G01UKBK) which we used this time had considerable H on key, and seemingly it seemed to be necessary to push key deeply, but burden did not suffer from hand to react by touch that there was a few (Key stroke is too slight, and response can push case that there is not deeply).
In addition, it can say to operation, "we are suitable for game" that there is not defeat because it is keyboard supporting "all key rollover" that can input all keys at the same time. We cannot overlook point that can read letter of key clearly in shop which dropped light by backlight function to be able to make red keyboard shine. We think that there are a lot of people thinking, "we buy if keyboard is disposable and buys cheap thing and gets tired and should be hatched". Of course that is way of the person and does not say that it is wrong. But may the thought change kolo tto when we touch such a high-performance keyboard once?

e sports image Keyboard which red backlight shines in beautifully. Typing except game is comfortable, too.

Headset which is indispensable to be absorbed in the world of e sports

Finally it is gaming headset. It is indispensable item, and it may be said that Microphone function is required for gamer anymore at the present when games for voice chat increase to thoroughly enjoy BGM and sound of force to be called off for game. After using this headset (HS-G01BK), from low tone to high-pitched tone, revitalize wide range in clear; had an impression. Enemy is easy to hear sound to approach, and this performance will greatly affect victory or defeat of game. As it is Airtight unlike earphones, it is merit that can concentrate on game as it is hard to hear outside sound without sound leaking in the neighborhood. Ear pad was a feeling of very gentle arming, too and was not tired from light weight for size even if we used for a long time.

e sports image Not only it is fun, but also play with high-performance headset influences victory or defeat of game.

Were we able to know how important device was to play game comfortably more happily? By the way, witty design that black and red become basic tone as for all the ELECOM products which we used this time.
In this way, what touch difference in the neighborhood for stylish feeling with one set of product which standardized appearance may conform to mind of e sports that "show people, and charm people".

※Shooting cooperation: ESPORTS CAFE