Let's expand Mobile environment in portable portable keyboard which is usable in Vol.1 smartphone and tablet
Basic knowledge of ELECOM product buying guide input equipment

Let's expand Mobile environment in portable Portable keyboard which is usable in smartphone and tablet

Although models of lightweight type increased, after all, it is hard to carry note PC. Besides, we can carry out most activities even if recent smartphone and tablet are not notebook PCs.
However, it is work of character input to become the neck in smartphone and tablet. If it is simple email reply, it is level not to bother, but, after all, efficiency falls even if it fits software keyboard input in smartphone and tablet when it becomes email of long sentence and document for work.
Therefore it is portable Portable keyboard that is recommended. Mobile environment is enriched only by one having this. Let's introduce recommended keyboard to use in smartphone and tablet this time.

What is advantage of Portable keyboard?

Smartphone and tablet are strong gadgets to show performance to be equal to PC while being lightweight. However, it cannot be said that input environment is good as there is not keyboard. Of course we may secure some speed only if we are used to software keyboard. However, editing task such as long sentence documents will become great because screen display area becomes small with software keyboard.

It is external Portable keyboard that can solve such dissatisfaction at a stretch. Both baggage and significance increase if they carry keyboard additionally. However, performance gain is attractive, and there is alternative not to carry when in the first place we do not use. It becomes whether we wire when we greatly distribute, or connection method wirelessly connects. You choose to preference or you match with environment and should choose. Wireless connection is performed in Bluetooth basically. Bluetooth can be easily connected from the next time if we make "pairing" once. In addition, we can continue just using when we changed the smartphone if it is model supporting Bluetooth.

In addition, as for the Portable keyboard, many types are released, and there is stylish product made of leather seemingly. Therefore we will introduce recommended point according to types of product what kind of type we should choose.

We choose Portable keyboard by key touch

It is key touch to be interested in using keyboard. As product of various key touches is released, we can choose as Portable keyboard as you like.

・Metal dome type

Keyboard of "metal dome type" with high contact reliability is recommended if we demand a feeling of light operation. There is "TK-RC30IBK" with product of ELECOM and is prepared 17.3mm, 73 Japanese Key Caps Key pitch although being compact.


・Silent type

It is place where we want to care about Key type sound if we use outside. We adopt full-scale silent design that we developed originally and can get steady key touch and quiet use environment. There is "TK-FBM093SBK" with product of ELECOM and is prepared 19mm, 84 Japanese Key Caps Key pitch although being compact.


・Pantograph type

Pantograph type is recommended if we demand key touch like normal note PC. Pantograph type is the most standard portable keyboard, and many types are released. There are 19mm, 79 Japanese Key Caps and "TK-FBP102BK" where it is Key pitch 19mm, "TK-FBP100BK" becoming 83 Japanese Key Caps and Key pitch Key pitch with product of ELECOM 19mm, 108 Japanese Key Caps and "TK-FBP081BK" where it is.


We choose Portable keyboard in form

It is place where we want to be careful about forms to match free space of bag if it is Portable keyboard of premise that carries.

・Thin Portable keyboard

At first, it is Portable keyboard of thin type. When function to be able to make keyboard into the stands is pounding thin advantage like "TK-DCP01BK" of ELECOM, and there is leather stylish model made like "TK-CAP01BK", it is what increase element of something extra.


・Foldable Portable keyboard

Even if is thin, area is necessary; thin; if enter gap even if is thicker, and volume is big, that place is good…There will be person called this, too. If it is "TK-FLP01BK" of ELECOM, it becomes Dimensions so as to enter pocket by folding.


・Portable keyboard which is rounded

There is alternative rounding unless we fold. As "TK-FBS095BK" of ELECOM is made of rubber, we round around and can carry easily. Besides, it is less likely to be broken than normal keyboard because it is made of rubber even if we drop.