What do you mean by Vol.01 VR? Structure and utilization example of VR
Basic knowledge of VR

What do you mean by VR? Structure and utilization example of VR

In late years opportunities to see article and news about "VR" increase. However, there may be still few detailed people about concrete structure and utilization example even if we know meaning of VR somehow.
Therefore we introduce structure or utilization example according to the field in detail after, at first, having commented on meaning of VR.

VR image

What is VR?

In the first place, with VR, what kind of thing can you do in what kind of meaning?

Meaning of VR

VR is translated as "artificial reality" and "virtual reality" by abbreviation of "Virtual Reality". Here but "is not reality, superficially essentially meaning called reality" is included, and show, "experience that true experience is limitlessly near is provided" by VR. It means that real experience to be provided through VR is felt as if it is reality.

What kind of thing can you do in VR?

VR goggles

360 degrees of view is covered when we put on VR goggles, and sense to be absorbed in the near world is provided limitlessly practically. In addition, in late years, as for the offered VR contents, more real experience came to be provided because own movement was reflected in VR Video by remote control. Particularly, the world of entertainment including game and live of music provides many contents prior to other fields and contributes to the spread of VR.

In addition, the use of VR spreads to various fields including sightseeing and house sale that medical care and care, the field that education-related, support operation and treatment from distant place that can take class same as classroom even if we are where can sense bodily even if they do not go. Furthermore, in VR, the feature of guard is that viewpoint is changed freely. Form (interactive communication) of new delivery that is different from conventional Media sending content that we were able to decide beforehand will come to be demanded from people such as YouTubers of personal delivery let alone the mass media.

Structure of VR

Structure of VR

How becomes structure which can experience virtual space by VR?
Almost all sold VR apparatuses build goggles (part equal to lens of glasses is displayed) called headset, and technique to display Video in total (changes) becomes base now to one of face.
It came true by stereoscopic vision of Video dividing liquid crystal of display into the right eye and the left eye, and distributing Video. Each Video comes to be easy to watch lens layout of right and left, and invention to soak itself in the world of VR is given everywhere. In addition, much VR headsets possess focus adjustment function of lens and come to be able to get a feeling of high devotion.

Thing necessary to enjoy VR

You should prepare three points of the following including VR apparatus to enjoy VR.

VR apparatus

Of course a feeling of necessary Contents and devotion of virtual space that we can experience changes because function preparing for varies according to apparatuses. There is a big difference in price with cheap headset to be attached to smartphone, and to use and deep devotion feeling are provided Head Mount Display and VR goggles. On the purchase of apparatus, it is important let alone function and price to weigh by usable application or service.

Inflection example of VR

We will see how VR is utilized in the real life successively. We are utilized in really various fields, but introduce example in three fields of "sports" "advertisement" "medical care" only to VR becoming big movement here.

・VR utilization in sports

VR utilization in sports

In the field of sports, VR is utilized by both sides of the audience and player.
It is "streaming platform" specialized in watching sports that utilizes VR as the audience. By looking around 360-degree favorite place, unlike camera work of conventional television transmission and Internet delivery, can taste a high feeling of devotion and sense of reality. In being able to watch a game of game from tools such as balls, viewpoint of facilities let alone authorized player and viewpoint of supervision, it may be said that it is big charm for sports fan.
In addition, player (player) becomes able to apply VR in training. As for the supporting competition, as for baseball and golf, the ski, various. There is merit that we can practice repeatedly for training utilized VR while changing relative difficulty and environment unlike gym and field.

・VR utilization in advertisement

VR utilization in advertisement

"VR advertisement unlike conventional digital advertising comes up, too". We aired all directions-shaped advertisement in Video which as flexibility of product display rose by VR markedly, audience (user) saw and let it allowed you to touch products and try real usability, and it became possible to broadcast CM to TV in VR space. Not one way, "experience-based" advertisement that we adapt ourselves to while communicating with audience attracts attention as method of presentation of form different from the past.

・VR utilization in medical care

VR utilization in medical care

VR is the field of medical care, but there are various utilization examples. For example, we can observe state of real operation in VR and do, and examples increase for how to use all the countries of the world sharing with doctor as thing which is useful for improvement in technique of doctor very much.
As for being able to experience operation that front-line doctor performs realistically, it will be big experience for doctor of the same field let alone student and few doctors of experience wanting to be medical way. In addition, by being operated on in VR beforehand, made possible simulation of operation not to be allowed of mistake. By inflection of such a VR, the success rate of operation with high relative difficulty is expected to increase.

Demand for future VR?

According to "world AR/VR-related market prediction until 2022" of research company IDC Japan specialized in IT, as for the world AR/VR-related market size of 2022, as for the annual average growth rate from 2017 through 2022, it is 71.6% for 208.7 billion dollars. Particularly, it is predicted that the field of VR game shows overwhelming presence and seems to be able to mind demand for VR high very in future.
Utilization example is VR that it is not a lot, but, in the field except game, it is still expected that scenes used for business such as presentation and PR, investigation or design according to the spread of Supported Devices increase in future. Person to "want to do VR experience" should check which "we became interested in VR contents" before it's too late whether there are utilization example and experience method of what kind of VR in the field where oneself is interested.

VR-related product is this

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