Which Vol.02 type is good? How to use and how to choose VR goggles
Basic knowledge of VR

Which type is good? How to use and how to choose VR goggles

When we thought that which "we want to do VR experience in house" is "as possible in VR with a feeling of devotion", what purchase VR goggles will be the first. However, it is necessary to choose thing suitable for purpose even if we go for VR goggles and a mouthful as function and price range vary.
Therefore, for person examining person who is interested in VR and the purchase of VR goggles, let's introduce how to use smartphone correspondence VR goggles and how to choose not to fail in.

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How to use smartphone-adaptive VR goggles

At first, we will see how to use smartphone-adaptive VR goggles. Various setting seems to be necessary only for apparatus that the latest technique was condensed, but anyone is thing to be able to manage easily if we learn even procedure. We comment in order.

1. We install necessary application beforehand

When we do VR experience using smartphone, at first, it is necessary to install VR application that we want to use in smartphone. Necessary application finishes all installation beforehand and will update in the latest edition.

2. We attach smartphone and are connected

If installation of VR application is completed, please have arming (connection) of smartphone on VR goggles. Most goggles open front cover and come to put smartphone.
If we set smartphone, and VR video is played, we tap icon. Let's connect headphones and earphone to smartphone if we advance to this stage. If each connection is completed, we close cover and put on goggles while doing the length of the band adjustment.

3. It is OK if we regulate view distance

If we put on goggles, and video begins, using focus adjustment dial and scale spacing adjustment dial, we regulate view distance. If this adjustment is over, setting is not necessary elsewhere. In addition, of VR goggles because using for a long term may get drunk, let's enjoy VR contents while being careful about time and physical condition.

What kind of type is there on VR goggles?

VR goggles lay, and "they are distributed between three types of dye cloth using paper patterns" "standalone type" "Mobile type". Of these, VR goggles for smartphone are Mobile types. Attach VR goggles to smartphone and VR Video reproducing in smartphone is enlarged and is projected; set up. Power supply not being necessary for goggles as for the Features of Mobile type, and being able to enjoy VR video if there are any smartphone anywhere. In addition, a lot of VR goggles which it is cheaper than other types and can purchase are recommended to VR beginner.
In addition, there is product which smartphone and controller which we can connect are attached to in Bluetooth on VR goggles. Particularly, it may be said that controller is approximately required when we want to enjoy game contents with VR goggles. On the contrary, controller is not attached to viewer type that we just enjoy video and pictorial image.

Point of how to choose VR goggles

When we choose smartphone-adaptive VR goggles, let's check five following points.

We confirm whether it is goggles corresponding to own smartphone

At first, let's confirm, VR goggles examining the purchase "support own smartphone and PC". Depending on model, VR goggles may not be available concerning Dimensions. People who are bigger than general smartphone Dimensions or have small smartphone should warn in particular.

Difference by price

High-performance and high-priced VR goggles are necessary if we want to do high-quality VR experience. On the other hand, Mobile type VR goggles are relatively cheaper than other goggles. "At first, VR beginner puts meaning called trial" and recommends that we purchase VR goggles which possessed minimum function.

Area of angle of field

We point to range of view that we can look at without moving neck with area of V angle of field. We put on goggles, and it means that angle of field is wide so that range of Video to see is wide. Naturally range with a view of VR Video spreads out so that angle of field is wide, but recommends VR goggles of around 110-120 degrees as there are many cases that "= resolution that the number of the pixels per an angle of 1 degree decreases falls down" to as for the too wide thing.

Having headphones or not

There is thing incorporating headphones on VR goggles. It is important for resolution or angle of field of Video, but it may be said that high-quality "sound" full of a sense of reality is important element to get a feeling of devotion only by VR. There is merit that cord does not interfere after it is not necessary to connect headphones and earphone whenever we use if it is VR goggles with a built-in headphones. When there are not headphones, please prepare headphones and earphone which best sound is over.

Arrive; feeling

We may come to have a pain in part which goggles hit when we put on VR goggles for a long time. There is cushion at contact point with face, and let's choose VR goggles with invention not to be tiring when we wore. It is important not to miss opportunity when we can try on including store and event.

Selection of VR goggles to research beforehand, and not to fail in

VR goggles that it is difficult to choose because there are many types, and new product appears in sequence after performance difference and price range are wide for smartphone.
We will choose correct thing as budget and how to use while confirming point of how to choose that we introduced here not to fail in selection of first VR apparatus.

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