What is difference in Vol.03 VR, AR, MR, SR? We introduce each utilization method
Basic knowledge of VR

What is difference in VR, AR, MR, SR? We introduce each utilization method

In late years, about "VR" (virtual reality) utilized in various fields, we think that there are many people who have seen contents and news. Technique similar to this VR has "AR" (augmented reality) and "MR" (compound reality) "SR" (substitute reality).
Will there be what kind of difference in these techniques that R (Reality) points all out? We introduce each definition and utilization method.

What is VR?

At first, we will see about VR becoming that it is familiar to our life.

VR image

Definition of VR

VR is translated as "virtual reality" in Japanese by abbreviation of "Virtual Reality". It is technique that we can experience that there is actually oneself in "virtual world" projected by display. Origin was old technique (concept) to be said to be airplane simulator of the 1930s, but, in 2016 when it was said to be VR first year, we were greatly proposed by the companies. After that contents including many VR games are released, and various types of headsets and VR goggles are released, too.

Inflection method of VR

The inflection method 4 scene of VR

VR to be provided while user jumps into virtual world, and sense except sight utilizes various experiences. As well as the entertainment field such as game and video, we are utilized in education and advertisement, sports, various fields such as medical care.
So that while "athlete turns relative difficulty and environment, it is said, which "relay while is more flexible, and working on a sense of reality training and simulation that there is" shares high operation of relative difficulty all over the world" "puts furniture in house before the purchase, and experience life" which "attend class of popular lecturer as if is totally in classroom", of a lot of VR is used on the site.

What is AR?

Will there be what kind of difference between AR and VR? We will see utilization method in addition.

Definition of AR

AR is translated as "augmented reality" in Japanese by abbreviation of "Augmented Reality". As for the VR, AR increases digital information to make with CG in actual world whereas we create "another virtual space". In other words, it is technique to let actual world have reflection (expansion) of virtual reality. Unlike VR, in AR, it just means "the main constituent actual world".

Difference between VR and AR

Inflection method of AR

Contents that are famous for inflection example of AR include game application of smartphone. Using positional information of smartphone, we reflect scenery of actual world and character of virtual reality in screen together and are application that we can experience that character seems to be of game in the place (reality).

What is MR?

We have Features which MR puts actual world predominating in VR in virtual world and AR to get into on top of one another and can experience. On earth what kind of experience will it be had?

Definition of MR

MR is abbreviation of "Mixed Reality" and is translated as "compound reality" in Japanese. It is technique that we superimpose virtual world on actual world and can experience. It is reverse to AR, and, in the case of MR, subject becomes virtual world (digital space). We can let virtual world reflect information of actual world through cameras. Plural human beings who are in the same MR space get the information at the same time because we can fix information of actual world to virtual world and can do the same experience.

Difference between MR and VR and AR

Inflection method of MR

For inflection example of MR, technique to superimpose full scale 3D data on virtual space which measured positional information of actual world, and to display appears. In this way, manufacturing industry and prior inspection in construction, building trades were enabled. Because we can inspect in advance, with observation from free angle, we will attract smooth attention as technique in prospect of further growth and the wide use in future.

What is SR?

SR is technique to be still under experiment, but attracts attention as thing to be able to make use of in experiment about human recognition and psychology system.

Definition of SR

SR is translated as "substitute reality" with thing which abbreviated "Substitutional Reality". We utilize Head Mount Display, and by replacing past Video with actual world, and projecting, old event causes illusion that we seem to be up in front now.

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Inflection method of SR

As SR is technique of experiment stage, there is no utilization example. However, we make use of illusion technology in the future, and it is said that it may be useful for experiment about human psychology, cognitive system.

Our living changes by new technique, too

VR, AR, MR, SR is technique that continues developing every day, and contents various as real thing which we can experience more than conventional expression methods are brought about. In addition, application to the used field is expected now, and all techniques will still attract most's attention.
New technique that we introduced here in the near future may greatly turn our living.

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