Vol.05 delivery is easy, too! Way of enjoying of smartphone direct planting of a cutting simple 360-degree VR camera "OMNI shot mini"
Basic knowledge of VR
360-degree VR camera image

Delivery is easy, too! Way of enjoying of smartphone direct planting of a cutting simple 360-degree VR camera "OMNI shot mini"

360-degree VR camera which can photograph top and bottom, right and left, front and back and every 360-degree direction at a time. It is just one of the digital gadgets attracting attention to be able to record special image, viewdata of all orientation that we cannot take with common digital camera, and to be able to make VR konkontentsu in particular

We just put "OMNI shot mini" (Omni shot mini) of ELECOM in the Android OS-based smartphone and tablet devices and are 360-degree VR camera to easily make possible 360-degree shooting. We can easily perform live streaming in contribution and YouTube to SNS, too. Here, we introduce Features of such OMNI shot mini.

360-degree VR camera OMNI shot mini (Omni shot mini)

Basic knowledge of OMNI shot mini

It is 360-degree VR camera to put OMNI shot mini in Mobile terminal equipped with the Android OS (more than 6.0), and to use. We photograph all 360-degree directions using two pieces of lenses and can make still image and video.

There are many products released in one piece of article as 360-degree VR camera, but what smartphone can photograph 360 degrees easily by putting features this OMNI shot mini. It may be said that this simplicity is the biggest charm.

Dimensions is size and compact of ball degree of table tennis, and weight is very lightweight with about 28 g, too. Electric power supply is the point that it is easy to use that there is not need of Charge at all to be supplied from Mobile terminal. As exclusive porch is bundled, in the case of carrying around, it is convenient.

Connection inserts in Universal Serial Bus port in terminal. If port on the terminal side is USB Type-C, we can just connect USB Type-microB using attached conversion adapter.

360-degree VR camera OMNI shot mini connection method

As retainer has USB terminal in the general Mobile terminal, when we inserted OMNI shot mini, we do the body upside down and use.

In addition, we will install exclusive application (free) in terminal beforehand before inserting. You search "OMNI shot mini" (Omni shot mini) from Google Play, and please download application. If installation of application is over, application starts automatically just to put OMNI shot mini in terminal afterward and comes to be able to photograph immediately.

360-degree VR camera OMNI shot mini application screen

If it is OMNI shot mini, still image, video, live streaming are possible

In being able to do it in OMNI shot mini, there are still image shooting, video shooting, three of live streaming. We introduce them one by one.

・Still image shooting

As for the max resolution of still image, considerable 4.5M pixel (3,008*1,504 dot). We can read by exclusive application of OMNI shot mini, and Android terminal can save by "export function". We can convert reading of 360-degree data into possible image when we export as 360-degree photograph then. It is what can share 360-degree image if we upload these data in SNS (Facebook, LINE, YouTube).

Still image image that exported

Data of 360-degree photograph which exported. It becomes 360-degree image which can look around when we upload this on Facebook.

・Video shooting

Video can shoot 360-degree video with high resolution of 3K (3,008*1,504 dot) at 2.5K (2,560*1,280 dot), maximum by default. This can reproduce by exclusive application, too and becomes data of MP4 format when we export, and 360-degree services such as YouTube for video can upload.

・Live streaming

By cooperating with live streaming platform of Facebook and YouTube, can perform live streaming (live broadcasting). It is in a condition to be able to look around 360-degree live mode everywhere in 360 degrees, and it is live streaming that we turn, and audience sees that the delivery side decided with cropped live mode.

Live streaming image

Facebook, cooperation with YouTube are easy, too.

Further way of enjoying OMNI shot mini

In OMNI shot mini, we can see 360-degree data which we filmed with four kinds of view modes through exclusive application.

・Fish eye

Fringe greatly curves around the center as photographed with fisheye lens and becomes round image, Video.

Fish eye image image


It becomes standard image, Video which reduced skewness of lens. If it is data which we filmed at vertical position (vertical length), H of nature (top and bottom) is emphasized, and expanse of the horizon is emphasized if it is data which we photographed at wide position (horizontally long).

Panoramic image image

・Little planet

It is in image, Video which all 360-degree orientation is delivered to in small star.

Little planet image image

・Crystal ball

Scenery becomes projected image, Video in crystal ball.

Crystal ball image image

As we just change view mode and can enjoy from various viewpoints, there may be new c/o kiya discovery.

Besides, in OMNI shot mini, we can enjoy interesting reading method. We let you link direction where you turned terminal to and can project image, video if we turn on "gyroscope" in "detailed setting" item with reproduction screen of still image and video when we read by exclusive application. We can taste feeling that is VR a little only in this.

Gyroscope image image

Furthermore, we divide 360-degree Video into two and play when we turn on "VR mode" in "detailed setting" item. We make possible simulated experience as if we are totally there when we watch using VR glass and VR goggles (Sold separately) in this state.

VR glass multifunctional type

The orthodox school that "VR glass multifunctional type" of ELECOM was equipped with fukuchosetsukino and focus adjustment function of eyes.

We may have other people have simulated experience of VR data which we filmed using OMNI shot mini in trip and leisure if we use this function and VR glass/VR goggles. Memory revives clearly if they shoot video when they stroll in acquaintance and friend, scene and pleasure resort enjoying sports with families by looking down using VR glass/VR goggles, and even people who were not able to participate in event can have you share the same experience.

In addition, more people can share if we improve in Facebook and YouTube. We have you see in PC and smartphone via the Internet easily even if we do not show in smartphone which we used for shooting expressly.

And it is big charm that can share 360-degree video by live streaming. For example, live can deliver party with friend and co-worker. There is a sense of reality more predominantly than fixed camera and should have you please with people who there is convenience, and cannot participate.

360-degree VR camera which possibility spreads through

In this way, we notice that there is the use scene in various scenes if we have 360-degree VR camera. There is a sense of reality, and, by party and wedding ceremony, welcome and farewell party that a great number of people gather for let alone playing an active part in recreation scene, even video will make all an outstanding performance with still image.

In addition, we can take all who talked about what if we record even business scene as a substitute for the minutes of meeting and meeting. When we share place performing entertainment and presentation to member in department and give presentation in business partner, it becomes easy to image such a 360-degree data.

Besides, we can carry casually as OMNI shot mini is very light and is small. It is convenience that it is not necessary to charge beforehand to secure power supply from Mobile terminal. Whipuptitude which we can carry and immediately anywhere anytime 360-degree pleasure that we can film will be always that possibility spreads depending on how to use.

OMNI shot mini playing an active part in every scene is the scene a lot of 360-degree VR camera which there is playing an active part in both business and private. You usually carry and photograph various scenes, and please make VR space library only for you.

VR camera is this