Communication comfortable in IPv6 (IPoE)-adaptive router of ELECOM!

Now up-and-coming IPv6 new service. When net does not become slow, is it true? How does it come to be usable? Let's enjoy comfortable net life in corresponding router of ELECOM!

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Use the Internet at home,
Is there such a trouble?

Different page where video stops is not somewhat displayed recently, and is it not trouble so far though we were able to communicate the Internet comfortably?

Cause, that of speed drop are ...
It depends on increase of Internet user,
Of the conventional Internet Connection method (PPPoE)
It may be congestion.

Conventional method (PPPoE)

As for "the PPPoE" which is conventional method, communication traffic volume increases rapidly with increase of user. However, congestion of communication has occurred in structure as the reinforcement of facilities was difficult without being able to finish coping with increase of communication traffic volume. It is thought that the night and phenomenon that transmission rate becomes suddenly slow in in populous urban area that user concentrates are caused by this.

Conventional method PPPoE

This solves it!

New service that congestion does not happen "IPv6 IPoE(+ IPv4 over IPv6)!"

By communication of IPv6 IPoE which is next-generation method, we do not go along congestion point to occur by "PPPoE" method. Therefore, communication high-speed anytime is available without being affected by communication of other users. In addition, it follows and can enjoy the Internet comfortably even if users increased in the future as facilities reinforcement is possible more easily than "PPPoE".

Next-generation method IPv6 (IPoE)

What is IPv4 over IPv6 technology?

"IPv4 address" of method is drying up conventionally, and conversion to next-generation IP address standard "IPv6" is pushed forward now by the spread of Internet explosion. IPv4 method and IPv6 method cannot communicate in structure mutually and transfer data with different root. With IPv4 over IPv6 technology, Internet service that by letting communication of IPv4 communicate through route of IPv6, use conventionally is technique that we can enjoy fast.

What is IPv4 over IPv6 technology? What is IPv4 over IPv6 technology?

To use IPv6 IPoE(+ IPv4 over IPv6) service

It is necessary to propose to FLET'S light, light collaboration-response provider to use "IPv6 IPoE(+ IPv4 over IPv6)". Comfortable Internet usage is begun if you can set up wireless LAN router which supported after the line opening.

※Please inform service provision provider of application about IPv6 IPoE service, inquiry.

  1. We propose to Step1-adaptive provider
  2. We set up Step2-adaptive Wireless router
  3. We connect router to Step3 terminal!

<IPv6 connection service that has been checked the operation of>

The IPv6 connection service-response face that has been checked the operation of is this place

<IPv6 connection operation check finished router of ELECOM>

Wireless LAN router (main phone) list is this