We must see it! To enjoy Video of 4K8K We want to review TV accessories concerned

TV accessories concerned

We want to review
TV connection

High resolution high-definition as for 4K8K video!
Only display is insufficient to enjoy comfortably.

Transmission rate is fast in 4K video of net
Wireless LAN router is comfortable!

Even if it is not 4K video, video is apt to come to have much data volume…. Furthermore, when if transmission rate is slow, Video, Audio breaks off, and image quality becomes rough, unfortunately.
Let alone what can regenerate 4K correspondence video smoothly as high capacity and stable high speed communication are possible as for the 11ac-adaptive router of the latest standard of several connecting to the net is niceness fast!

Wireless LAN router

In fact, distribution cable which we are apt to overlook
When do not make 4K correspondence; unfortunately…

  • HDMI cable

    Possibility that noise appears when we remain a conventional high-definition television (2K)-adaptive cable, and Video breaks off!
    Let's use 4K/Ultra HDMI cable which can transmit super high resolution Video which became high speed transmission of 18Gbps and high color gamut for HD.

    HDMI cable
  • LAN cable

    LAN cable

    LAN cable is indispensable to stable high speed communication.
    Let's choose cable to standard of your LAN product.
    As it supports all the categories that are lower than that if number of category is big, we are relieved when we choose big cable of number if we hesitate.

  • Aerial cable

    Block noise (something like Mosaic) may occur when we just use old aerial cable!
    Do not spoil precious 4K8K Video; let's change for aerial cable superior in shield characteristics to save!

    Aerial cable
  • MHL cable

    MHL cable

    4K8K Video is not only hygiene broadcast!
    We connect to big-screen TV, and let's enjoy full HD, 4K video which we shot in smartphone!
    ※There is need that smartphone of errand has MHL correspondence of.
    ※iPhone, iPad are inapplicable

If we record 4K8K
Large-capacity attaching externally hard disk

Hard disk

Big capacity is recommended if we fully record.
※Real recording time varies according to apparatus and programs. ※It is information as of January, 2019.

Terrestrial digital BS digital 110 degrees CS New 4K broadcast
1TB About 120 hours About 90 hours About 65 hours
2TB About 240 hours About 180 hours About 135 hours
3TB About 360 hours About 270 hours About 195 hours
4TB About 480 hours About 360 hours About 260 hours

We want to prepare for unexpected situation
Disaster prevention measures of TV rotation

  • Thunder measures

    Thunder measures

    Thunder guard tap which protected precision instruments such as TV or PC from thunder, and considered high efficiency thunder serge absorption element incorporation, safety and convenience.

  • Earthquake measures

    Earthquake measures

    "Earthquake-resistant gel for TV" which prevents fall, fall of TV with the prominent adhesive strength that vibration examination of a seismic intensity of 7 equivalency cleared for earthquake measures

  • Fire prevention

    Fire prevention

    Outlet cap which is effective for accident prevention such as electric shocks of fire by invasion of dust and small child.

It supports remote-control buttons such as Netflix.
Remote control for brief TV just usable immediately.

Remote control for TV

Beautiful Video
From clean environment

  • The remote-control stands

    The remote-control stands

  • Cleaning article

    Cleaning article

  • Unity band

    Unity band

What is 4K8K?Can you see 4K8K broadcast in the present environment?

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