We must see it! To enjoy Video of 4K8K We want to know What is 4K8K?

What is 4K8K?

It is next-generation Video standard to provide high-definition high-resolution Video (super hi-vision) more in comparison with current digital broadcasting (full high-definition).

As 4 times, 8K are the number of the pixels of 16 times, in 4K, coarseness is not outstanding in comparison with full high-definition (2K) in big screen either.

It is near more practically! In Video which we totally see by the naked eye

The number of the pixels comparison
  1. Color gamut (range of color that can reappear) spreads, and expression that is almost "color to actually show" is enabled.
  2. High-speed indication of Video is enabled and "it does not become dim" and collects even early Video of movement and can enjoy smooth Video.
  3. As gradation to express stage of the light and shade of color and brightness became about 1 billion gradation from about 16 million gradation, makes possible change and gradation of more natural color.
  4. By High Dynamic Range (high dynamic range) technique, range of brightness that sacrificed either so far including white black kite of black batter of gloomy part and bright part spreads and can project shadow near more practically.

How long can you see?

This broadcast of new 4K8K satellite broadcasting is started on December 1, 2018 and can enjoy high-definition high-resolution Video.

Broadcast of "4K" is offered by Internet service with some broadcast now. From December, 2018, this broadcast of "4K8K" begins in BS, 110 degrees CS newly.

4K8K roadmap

You become able to watch in general family

  1. 2016
    110 degrees CS satellite launch
  2. 2017
    BS satellite launch
  3. 2018
    4K8K practical use broadcast start
  4. 2020
    4K8K practical use broadcast expansion
    (addition of broadcast channel)

Can you see 4K with TV of home?

"Reception facilities" (2K4K8K-adaptive teledishes) to receive "4K-adaptive TV +4K tuner" or "4K TV" and broadcast wave are necessary.

4K-adaptive TV, reception facilities (2K4K-adaptive teledishes), 4K TV tuner

4K TV, reception facilities (2K4K-adaptive teledishes)

Difference of "4K TV" and "4K-adaptive TV?"
4K-adaptive TV

It is TV which can display 4K video signal that can receive broadcasted digital Hi-Vision broadcast and was input by the outside at 4K original image quality (horizontal 3,840 pixels, perpendicular 2,160 pixels) now. It is commercially available from many makers now.


In addition to function of 4K-adaptive TV, we can receive 4K broadcast in the TV body ※It is TV which is 1. Commercially available TV has thing which 4K broadcast of 124/128 degree CS can receive now. In addition, TV which can receive 4K, 8K broadcast of BS, 110 degrees CS is going to be marketed before this broadcast start of new 4K8K satellite broadcasting.

  • Here, we point to putting one or more reception functions on the TV body among 4K broadcast with satellite, 4K broadcast, delivery services (video on demand, IP broadcast, IP retransmission) by IPTV.

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