Have you not left NAS of office without making virus measures?

  1. In the first place security measure method of NAS does not know CASE1
  2. We left unattended without hand playing management of CASE2 NAS
  3. Introduction of CASE3 security software and update of pattern file are troublesome

As a result

NAS becomes mediation of virus and spreads over office!

NAS becomes mediation of virus and spreads over office!

When we introduce "NetStor Virus Scan"

What is NetStor Virus Scan?

We use "Clam AV" which is adopted in the rental server companies in Japan for security engine.

In addition, as for the pattern file that maintenance is the most important, well-known Network engineer group "Talos" contributes to making in order to follow change of daily security wonder.

It is available in corporation Uses in peace.

Anyway, it is light! Non resident type

We cope with "Manual scan" and "schedule scan" without having an influence on performance of NAS during duties to scan in consideration of movable state.

If virus is found by scan, we isolate and delete and record for system log.

Remote location is OK, too! Notice of email function

Even remote location is equipped with "notice of email function" that can identify the operation situation.

At the time of virus detection and scan completion, we will tell by email automatically.

In this way, it is not necessary to access NAS from this expressly, and to confirm the situation.

If it is now for user "seeing NAS"

Gratuitous offer! Because of favorable reception
The end of March, 2020
made extension!

For customer registered with service "looking at NAS" now, is free; is errand i tadakukotogadekimasu in "Netstor Virus Scan".

Necessary license expenses become needless in NAS made in other companies.

The service details of seeing are this NAS

Status display, definition file update

Virus definition file's date currently using and date when we carried out VirusScan last are displayed and can choose virus definition file update among "automatic/online update/manual operation".

Setting of scan method, schedule

Scan/every week can choose every scans/space scan/among scan right now on day, and schedule scan can set action when scan method and infection file were found.

Indication, setting of movement log

We store scan log for up to 30 days, and past log file can archive the days to store.

Detailed indication of isolated file

Isolated file is displayed with list, and deletion and the reconstruction are possible by lump.