Sports eyewear
With brand "SWANS"
Multi-gaming team
It depends on joint development,
Japanese notameno
Heiss peck
Gaming glass birth

It is hard to be tired,
We raise concentration
Heiss peck
Gaming glass
Gray lens

Contrast of monitor is easy to go up than case to darken monitor to be able to lose luminosity of surrounding environment with monitor and realizes environment where it is easy to concentrate on. In addition, view of the world of game can be just caught as we do not spoil hue. About 87% of blue lights ※We cut. ※2 in the case of "blue light hazard" based on attachment book C of number Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS T 7333:2005) based on the company standard:: 82% cut

AR (Anti Reflection) coat

We control reflection of light in the lens inside and control that neighboring light looks to, and lights are crowded during game and interfere.

Large single-lens lens

We adopted large single-lens lens which curved and improved a feeling of devotion to game by realizing wide field of vision by frameless design that we suppressed invasion of light, and frame did not enter view.

Japan fitting design

We fit to wrap up head by design "Japan fitting" to outline of the Japanese head and balance difficulty of gap and light grip. Is soft; as run, and is feeling, use headset together, and is available.


[one battle docks BLACK player] one battle docks multi-gaming team belonging. It is moving into action as multi-gaming player whom race game, LOL, TPS can break though they are good at FPS. The battlefield reconnaissance copter world first place. The number of reimboshikkusushiji PS4 turn casual kill world first place. The existing R6S (PS4 version) clearance level world second place.

What kind of treatment do one battle docks usually receive?

We are doing activity letting "e sports" are better, and they develop with many sponsors as team. We lay emphasis on support of entry to the e sports industry of development support of new product and various companies. For professional gamer, member each practices from 9:00 to 12:00 at night every day and participates in each meeting. In addition, if the latest device is released with PC one state, player uses and feeds back usability in store.

Of e sports to become professional?

If it is "person who can burn passion", we think that we are more likely to be used for game than people. It is important, and that needs considerable time and perseverance how you can understand Features of game every title. There is player who fails for game on the way if there is not passion.

Machine parts which we usually use?

ZEST, device that PC is provided by PC one state provide with apparatus of request for each player by team.

To give the best performance by game?

Rest is important. As you come to have to spend time for rest that being all when too much tired, we recommend that we use this gaming glasses not to be tired.

We used gaming glass, and how about?

After all, is it lightness that thought over beginning? Frame and lens are very light and are not worried about what we hang. And, of course, is it size of lens? As lens is bigger than manufacturer of other companies, he/she protects eyes from light from various directions. It is size and lightness of flame that we said some time ago afterward! As I have a big head, it is tight by all means and often feels that we put eyewear of other companies. If when used for a long term, sign remains on the temple when is small eyewear, and eyewear is in particular heavy; ear is tsu kunarukotogaa remasu.

Features which we liked most of this product?

Place where gaming eyewear of ELECOM liked is lightness! We are not interested even if we play game, and it is very light, and it is in eyewear not to be tired from even if we use for a long term! 

What kind of person is it recommended to?

We want to recommend to big person of head in particular! Of course it is recommended toward the normal figure, but small eyewear may be never touched if head is big! So place where we do not mind size of head either and can attach this eyewear is recommended point!

We do not bother simply because we like.

Will desired thing be exclusive bag to carry keyboard and mouse, headset in future? e-Sports cafe or bars increase as of now. We think whether I want exclusive bags that e-Sports cafe nearby or off-line game venue can carry keyboard and mouse, headset in not only professional gamer but also light user!

How would be this coproduction?

As member of one battle docks practiced every average more than five hours on day, we cooperated with development of gaming glass from point of view whether could concentrate on game without burden suffering from eyes how. Screen looks yellow and, in the case of commercial PC glasses, feels stress, and reduction of dazzle is unsatisfactory.
So color taste of screen was surprised at the same thing, thing that was not dazzling, and was never different in fatigue of eyes when we put on sample of gray lens developing ELECOM for the first time. Gray lens had ELECOM make sample of any different pattern of the light and shade and chose lens which was most suitable for game environment in members of one battle docks.
Even if this lens plays a game for a long time without burden depending on eyes, we can show the best performance.