To minimize primary disaster, secondary disaster caused by earthquake with earthquake-resistant article?

By earthquake that was higher than the Great Kanto Earthquake, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, magnitude 7 happened in the past including the Great East Japan Earthquake, we added to falls such as collapse or furniture of house, primary disaster such as fall of thing, and many lives were robbed of their even secondary disaster such as fire or blackout. It is necessary to act so that we are not involved in secondary disaster without neglecting ensuring safety even if we avoid direct damage by shaking of earthquake.

We prepare for earthquake proofing article which fixed its eyes on both primary disaster and secondary disaster to keep life and life from damage of earthquake, and let's perform disaster prevention measures.

01. We prepare for fall, falls such as furniture

It is said that most of injuries caused by earthquake are caused by fall of fall and things such as furniture which is primary damage. We turn off fitting using L-type metal fittings and stopper, thrust stick well to prevent such an accident. When possible, it reduces baggage, and it will consider to dispose of extra furniture to be satisfied only in attached cabinet. In addition, it is important to prevent you from blocking up evacuation course when it locates furniture.

In addition, it is OA apparatus that tends to forget measures of prevention of fall, fall. Fall and probability to drop rise by big shaking caused by earthquake only by putting PC and note PC to the top and rack of merely desk. In addition, PC and peripheral device will prevent fall, fall using exclusive earthquake-resistant goods as monitor may be broken.

Earthquake-resistant gel
As gel which suppresses shaking by putting under the apparatus is not sticky without spoiling appearance after having torn off either, we are reliable when we want to change layout. Earthquake-resistant gel "TG-009" and "AVD-TVTGC series" made of ELECOM can choose products by withstand load, and they support earthquake to a seismic intensity of 7.

02. We prepare for blackout

By earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7 centering on the Hokkaido Iburi district happened in September, 2018, the whole area in way had blackout. Time that restoration from blackout takes is different by the damaged situation of scale and facilities of disaster. By Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake that mentioned above, it took 40 hours or more before restoration.

In this way, blackout assumes case for long time and will prepare for standby power supply system to charge smartphone tablet which is indispensable as night lighting and notification means necessary for life.

It is said that the risk increases from what posture to protect thing, the body that disaster particularly while asleep is hard to grasp the situation, and it is easy to be for panic is hard to take from the day by night. We install lighting to be usable as night-light in the bed side to comprise for disaster not to know when you get up and will allow you to confirm surrounding.

At the time of blackout that we cannot charge from outlet, portable power charger for smartphone is helpful. In addition, we will install UPS (uninterruptive power supply) that continues supplying electricity after the blackout automatically to earn time to save necessary data, and to shut down safely.

LED light
There is less consumption of battery than general flashlight, and flashlight conjugating at the time of blackout recommends LED light lasting a long time.
Portable power charger
Large-capacity type such as "EC-M01 series" of ELECOM; if charge, can charge about three times of smartphone. In addition, Charge of two same time is possible as 2 ports are equipped with Universal Serial Bus port. When there is one in family, it is relief.
UPS (uninterruptive power supply)
From the PC body to modem, peripheral device, we can secure every power supply with one unit if we introduce UPS (uninterruptive power supply) for household use, and economical power supply tap one model is most suitable for price. Particularly, it may be said that it is essential item for person using PC by work.

03. We prepare for fire

Secondary disaster that is easy to be caused after earthquake most includes fire. By the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, home electric appliances which fell down at the time of restoration from blackout and "electricity fire" to occur from wiring cord which became bare occurred much. We can prevent electricity fire with considerable probability when we lose dangerous heat source using power supply tap and outlet chief who always took preventive measures against fires.

Power supply tap
It is power supply tap using urea resin superior in heat resistance that is hard to melt even if power supply tap "T-S02N-24WH series" made of ELECOM generates heat. Cap is with isolation, and outlet plug is effective for the prevention of "tracking phenomenon" that it is for fire for dust which collected between outlet and plugs.
Outlet cap
Outlet cap which prevents invasion of dust and alien substance using resin superior in incombustibility, insulating impact resistance. "T-CAPKAKU series" made of ELECOM is pretty design which does not disturb interior.

"We possess", and secondary disaster prevents de

There are many active faults causing earthquake that has not been found yet in basement of the Japanese Islands and big earthquake gets up when and where and is not strange either. Probability that earthquake that intensity 6 lower is or more gets up in "national earthquake vibration predictive map 2018 version" that the Earthquake Research Committee made within the next 30 years was announced, but probability on the Pacific side affected by capital earthquake directly above the focus and Nankai Trough earthquake becomes particularly higher.

We cannot prevent such an earthquake, but can minimize secondary disaster caused by earthquake depending on prior measures. In the image of disaster, we will always do invention to reduce damage.