What are necessities which are really helpful by life as an evacuee including portable power charger?

Earthquake and typhoon, natural disaster such as torrential rain may happen anywhere anytime. Particularly in late years large-scale disaster occurred in area that there was not of damage until now, and many people were forced to life as an evacuee. Each one raises disaster prevention awareness more than before, and it may be said that it is necessary to assume unexpected disaster and life as an evacuee, and to prepare in future.

Here, we introduce the fact of life as an evacuee "knowing through Media somehow" and goods which we want to prepare for.

Possibility to take shelter is for whom

Most of people whom we suffered from eat, "we did not even think that such a disaster happens in area where oneself lives" in. For confidence without grounds to come from past experience in this and light disaster though fit, and may control. However, including metropolitan area, there are none funnily even if disaster occurs where in Japan.

Actually, by capital earthquake directly above the focus that probability to happen within the next 30 years is high, about 7 million refugees are hard to come home, and person is supposed with about 6.5 million. It is expected that person living soon at refuge reaches about 4.6 million people. Even if life is saved, by large-scale disaster, there are a lot of cases that life as an evacuee is prolonged by cutting of lifeline.

Where do you live life as an evacuee?

When home suffers and cannot live, victim lives at refuge. Refuge is place to protect victim temporarily and prepares for about 3,000 public facilities as refuge in Tokyo and finds the welfare refuge accepting people with obstacle about 1,200. Most of public facilities opened as refuge are local public hall or gymnasia other than large-scale park and housing complex, university. However, when many victims flocked, we spent pitching tent in ground, and case which did sleeping on the train was past.

Refuge which each municipality establishes is released with website and brochure. We confirm position of refuge in near home and the workplace beforehand and will decide place meeting at the time of damage in families.

01. The fact of life as an evacuee

There are various problems with life as an evacuee that many people gather in one place.

There is not privacy
Even if minimum supplies including blanket are stored, we cannot spend calmly slowly because in the first place it is not facilities which assumed staying. Besides, area assigned per person around family family is very narrow, and field of activities is restrictive, too. Privacy is not completely followed even if we make individual space using corrugated cardboard. A lot of voices troubled with change of clothes and the nursing are asked by experienced person of refuge life.
Heat, response to cold are difficult
There are not facilities such as air-conditioners, or correspondence to heat, cold is difficult with it is insufficient facilities, and people falling sick are even if they meet. Particularly, burden will be big nearer small child and age.
Lack of meal and water
When lifeline is cut, arrival of rescue supplies to refuge is late, and meal and water may not be gone around enough. In addition, it cannot but be said that it is environment that is severe for child in period of rapid growth and people with chronic disease because not only it is difficult to supply hot meal, but also deflection appears on nourishment side in facilities without cooking facilities.
Hygiene side
One with many people finding stress in refuge life is hygiene side such as restrooms. Handle does not turn around until restroom cleaning in confusion of disaster and is apt to have become dirty. They repeat patience for one heart that they do not want to use messy restroom for, and people who limit meal and water not to go, and fall sick are in restroom.

02. Thing which is necessary for life as an evacuee

Thing which want to set up based on the fact of life as an evacuee when there is, to convenient thing, what kind of thing will there be?

Restroom connection
We will set up simple restroom and sterilization article to be able to become big stress.
Portable power charger
We feel safe to secure Charge of smartphone necessary for safety confirmation and intelligence when there is portable power charger. As for the portable power charger preparing for for disaster, high capacity type is the best. In addition, capacity declines a little if we can secure power supply, but built-in portable power charger which is usable as AC battery charger such as "DE-AC01-N2924 series" of ELECOM product is convenient.
Auxiliary power (DC-AC inverter for vehicle installation)
Auxiliary power should include inverter for vehicle installation that can convert power supply of car into home power supply. If it is "LPA-CIVT150BK", we can convert power supply (DC12V) of car into home power supply (AC100V). When we charge note PC and tablet, smartphone by car, it is convenient.
Portable radio and spare battery
We will prepare for portable radio which is indispensable to intelligence with spare battery and set to prevent running out of Charge. As it is not necessary not only to be usable repeatedly, but also throw away rechargeable battery as garbage, it is useful at the time of disaster.
Flashlight, light
At refuge having difficult delicate light control that we matched with each one, light at hand is essential. We will have one by all means by night as it is helpful when we go to restroom. Type with much light quantity is recommended if we choose traditional flashlight, but LED hands Free light that both hands become free will be more convenient to use in refuge life.

Because we do not lose saved life at refuge

After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995, it is said that "disaster-related death" to be ill with strictness and stress of refuge life, and to result in death is given to about 5,000.

Let's keep disaster prevention that life as an evacuee considered in mind so that we do not lose saved life at refuge.