Measures item which wants to prepare for torrential rain and thunderbolt including thunder guard tap

In late years disasters such as torrential rain or local heavy rain occur almost every year. Fortunately, there is the number of damage itself in trend toward decreases because early evacuation by improvement of disaster prevention measures such as river improvement having advanced and forecast precision was enabled.

However, sudden, unpredictable heavy rains rather increase, and caution is necessary for damage caused by thunderbolt by local heavy rain. Here, we introduce goods which we want to prepare for for damage caused by the inundation and thunderbolt caused by heavy rain.

Unpredictable heavy rain is tendency to increase

Heavy rain that may lead to disaster threatening human life includes "torrential rain" and "local heavy rain". Torrential rain says that large amount of rain falls for several hours to the same place by stagnation of seasonal rain front or approach of typhoon. On the other hand, local heavy rain becomes unstable in atmospheric state, and thunder cloud develops and is phenomenon to bring local heavy rain at short time. Therefore it may be called "torrential rain" because it is hard to predict local heavy rain and begins to go down suddenly.

According to the data of the Meteorological Agency, it understands per hour that there are "very intense rain" 50mm or more and "intense rain" 80mm or more in increase tendency year by year.

Thunder cloud which developed causes thunder

It is submergence such as the inundation, underground passage to road and house by flooding of river to occur as influence caused by heavy rain at the very beginning, but there is a lot of damage of thunder that thunder cloud which developed causes.

Generally, thunder is said to fall into high place, but may actually fall anywhere depending on position of thundercloud. Particularly, let's evacuate in cars as soon as possible as we become easy to fall into people elsewhere at ground without thing and high places of sandy beach, the mountaintop. We are safe if we enter inside as electric current just goes along surface when it is struck by lightning. But we will leave ceiling and wall as much as possible because electric current may flow in wall and pillar in the case of old building.

01. Damage and measures caused by heavy rain

When house is flooded, the following damage is thought about by torrential rain and local heavy rain.

  • ・Filthy water and mud flow
  • ・Home electric appliances, outdoor unit of air-conditioner break down
  • ・Outlet soaks in water, and short circuit and blackout occur

The room where filthy water and mud got into gets smell, and not only mold and bacteria become easy to propagate, but also the durability of building may fall, too. Therefore if water begins to go down, we scrape out mud and wash with pure water and we further sterilize and cannot live when not after. In addition, outlets which got wet with outdoor unit, water of home electric appliances and air-conditioner will have expert examine after completely drying because short circuit or ignition are possible by turning on electricity.

By waterproofing, and taking measures against article which is not usable when we get wet with water, damage caused by the inundation can prevent expansion. In addition, it is convenient when we set up hands Free headsets which work on waterproofing at the time of the inundation, and play an active part.

Waterproofing case for smartphone/tablet
Waterproofing case for smartphone and tablet contacts family and guards the inundation to indispensable smartphone and tablet well to confirm the situation of disaster. "TB-04WPSBK" made of ELECOM is case to realize JIS protection class IP47 considerable waterproofing. We equip the case back with air background, and we do not have to worry to set underwater.
Waterproofing hands Free headset
When we clear off time to evacuate from flood or flooded home, we want to empty both hands as much as possible. As waterproofing hands Free headset "LBT-HS50WPMP series" made of ELECOM adopts waterproofing board coating technology of HZO Corporation to boast of high waterproofing performance to, we can use even in emergency without minding rain and water.

02. Damage and measures caused by thunder

Damage of thunder is not only to fall into people and building directly. We say "thunder serge", and momentary high voltage to be generated at the time of thunderbolt may flow along electric wire in building. Thunder that fell into telephone pole and lightning rod, "direct lightning stroke serge" which thunder that declined to antennas of TV just flows into and tree and the ground discharges electricity, and there is "indirect lightning strike serge" flowing along electric wire nearby, and electric current as home electric appliances such as PC or TV are damaged all drifts to thunder serge.

There is hardly fear that danger occurs for life if in the room including wooden building, but even home electric appliances that it is not switched on as for the thunder serge cause trouble along electric wire basically. We switch off PC and home electric appliances if we hear thunder as measures and will pull cable. In addition, for case that such correspondence has difficult, we feel safe when we use goods checking electric current by thunder serge.

Thunder guard tap
Thunder guard tap which prevents indirect lightning strike serge to produce by thunderbolt. "T-K1A-24 series" made of ELECOM incorporates high-performance thunder serge absorption element (barista) of maximum surge voltage 12,500V and protects power line and electronic equipment of the communications cable neighborhood. It is heat-resistant in outlet and is hard to melt as we use superior urea resin even if we run a fever and is effective for prevention of electricity fire.

We perform appropriate disaster prevention, and let's mind harbinger

Phenomenon to show lightning to hear thunder that the sky blacks out suddenly is harbinger of torrential rain. Let's evacuate to safe place immediately if we always feel that something is different.

In addition, we feel safe that front is delayed near Japan as torrential rain is easy to be generated at time when typhoon is approaching when we finish the inundation, thunderbolt measures early. We mind signature to inform danger of torrential rain including forecast "that atmospheric state is unstable" in, and let's comprise for damage of the inundation and thunderbolt.