Item which it wants to comprise at the time of disaster including portable power charger and waterproofing case

Typhoon season to come over soon when the rainy season is over. According to the announcement of the Meteorological Agency, an average of 2.7 a year typhoons go ashore in 30 years from 1981 through 2010. Particularly recent typhoon seems to often bring heavy damage. In addition, in late years disasters of typhoon level including torrential rain by stagnation of front are frequent and, in the downtown area with a little damage of typhoon, cannot miss preparations either. Here, we introduce item which wants to prepare other than representative blackout and influence of the inundation in damage caused by typhoon and torrential rain.

What is disaster to be caused by typhoon and torrential rain?

We often go ashore with heavy rain and storm, and typhoon causes landslide and mud flood, the flooding of river. Torrential rain was frequent for short time when intense rain fell in a short time in limited area and came to be reported damage to have a big influence on the inundation of road and house by sudden flooding of river, life such as sinking even to urban area where residential land development advanced to a lot recently. In addition, missiles such as tin roof or signboard flown by strong wind hit directly, and electric wire cuts, and blackout to get up by telephone pole falling down by landslide is representative secondary disaster of typhoon and torrential rain.

01. Influence and measures of blackout

Typhoon is disaster to be connected directly with life that light goes out commencing with water outage by stop of feed pump, and power outage by cause becomes hard to do life. Particularly, as measures of the most important drinking water, we want to do reserve of mineral water without forgetting. In addition, it is important to confirm evacuation course in home and the workplace so that we prepare for lighting to play an active part at the time of night disaster as we cannot use home electric appliances except Charge type or battery type, and even darkness can move.

Furthermore, let's carry compact portable power charger to find Charge of smartphone which it is important contact means, and is source of information. Other than the aspect of living, we recommend that we prepare for data missing of PC by blackout. Here, we introduce item which we want to prepare as blackout measures.

Portable power charger
Charge-type portable power charger comprises at the time of blackout that we cannot charge from outlet and wants to have one. Large-capacity type of battery capacity 10,050mAh; if charge, can charge about three times of smartphone. In addition, Charge of two same time is possible if it is type that 2 ports are equipped with Universal Serial Bus port.
UPS (uninterruptive power supply)
One of the scary things includes disappearance of data entering working PC by sudden blackout and breaker down. Therefore there is method to prepare for UPS (uninterruptive power supply) that electricity is continued supplying with built-in battery at the time of blackout.

02. Influence and measures of the inundation

When the inundation is generated, water and muddy water get into the inside of house, and everyday life becomes difficult. It takes considerable time and labor before water completely scrapes out pull, mud. In addition, we carry out washing and sterilization thoroughly and cannot restart life because mold becomes easy to spread when not after. Besides, it may lead to accidents such as short circuit or ignition by trouble of short and parts of circuit when home electric appliances and outlet which soaked in water turn on electricity. Therefore it is necessary to exchange entirely in some cases whether you use after receiving safe check of electric power company.

Knew local state that always lived to minimize damage by such inundation and sinking, and was correct in characteristic of the land; it is important to prepare. Particularly, we will confirm place of sandbag preparing in area when it is low land than the neighborhood and is near the river which has risen before. As it can purchase sandbag in home centers, it is recommendation that prepares in home. In addition, we can prevent countercurrent and clogging if we clean drainage which dead leaf and garbage are easy to collect diligently.

Article which is not usable when we get wet with water waterproofs beforehand and takes measures, or possibility to be able to protect from the inundation damage by choosing thing of waterproofing Specifications increases. As you introduce recommended item below, please refer to.

Waterproofing case for smartphone/tablet
Waterproofing case for smartphone/tablet to cover smartphone and tablet which are indispensable to contact and intelligence with family completely, and to protect from water. We prepare rich lineups such as models that realized waterproofing, dust proofing of waterside and bath, thing which assumed use in place equipped with a water supply and JIS protection class IP68 equivalency to be able to use underwater.
Waterproofing hands Free headset
If there are any waterproofing hands Free headsets, we play an active part at the time of work at the rainy inside and wet place. "LBT-HS50WPMP series" of ELECOM product is hands Free headset which adopted waterproofing board coating technology of HZO Corporation proud of high waterproofing performance.

Preparations that we assumed regardless of place and season

Disaster caused by typhoon and torrential rain occurs every year and leaves deep scar in each place. Depending on course and scale, damage may extend to unexpected area. Tokyo relatively with a little damage of typhoon announces "the inundation assumption area figure caused by the largest high tide that we can assume", too. When typhoon of scale equal to Muroto typhoon and Ise Bay typhoon that are the largest typhoon in the past goes ashore, we warn that 17 of 23 wards of Tokyo is flooded.

Of course it will prevent you from neglecting the preparation with consciousness, "disaster may happen everywhere in when" to confirm dangerous place in hazard map from time of peace.