Of online game
Basic knowledge
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What is online game that players and cooperation, play of the world are possible?

Online game means overall game to play with other players through the Internet using PC and game console, tablet, smartphone. Personal game to play has been ever considered to be online game on the Internet, but uses only when it is game of a great many people participation now.

Here, let's comment on the world of such an online game.

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Summary of online game

In cooperation with other users or online game refers to game to face, and to be idle through the Internet. Let alone game for smartphone, it becomes natural that home-use game console connects with the Internet and plays recently. But how to play facing other players cooperation on the Internet calls game becoming main contents with online game in particular. There is game not to be able to be idle when we do not connect with Internet, and it may be said that this is right online game among them.

For online game, there are genres such as MMORPG/MORPG to enjoy shooting game and role playing game such as FPS/TPS, MOBA which places itself, and does battle, and there is thing to live on several thousand and a great number of people for in the together world from thing, hundreds competing between thing fighting with on-to-one, five vs. five teams.

History of online game in PC and game console

Connection to the Internet began to become common from around 1995 when Windows 95 came up, and online games increased with that. After 1996 in particular, "Quake" of FPS is released from "Ultima Online" of MMORPG and Blizzard Entertainment company from Electronic Arts company by "Diablo" of MORPG and id Software Corporation, and it is reputation among PC gaming fans in Japan, and online games spread.

Since the age of Wii and PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 that it came up from 2005 through 2006 that online games had begun to spread in the home-use game console in earnest. It is from hardware of these days that LAN terminal and wireless LAN for Wired came to be equipped with without peripheral device from beginning by main home-use game console hardware. Taking this occasion, culture to be idle with friend by online game spread out generally.

Game that used Internet connection becomes ordinary now so as not to be exaggeration even if most PC gaming says online game. PC for games called gaming PC which strengthened graphic ability comes to be released by such situation. We were able to play game comfortably until now as much as game console was exclusive machine if it was PC and game console. However, screen is clean, and, in the case of gaming PC, PC version is to case which we can play comfortably for specifications as there are many articles which are higher-performance than home-use game console.

Pleasure of online game "e sports" with PC

"e sports" are popular now in Japan. The word e sports thinks whether there are many people knowing what kind of thing it is in what were nominated for vogue word award in 2018.

Professional players compete for e sports using game in tie and league match as well as general user, and the scene same as real sports at all is developed all over the world as well as Japan. Many professional gamers, professional team already exist in the country, and game is performed by various games. What is played with PC not home-use game console is often found when we look around the situation to surround world e sports. In Japan, there are many e sports to be played with home-use game console, but e sports of title which we can play only with PC increase more and more.

There are not e sports only for pleasure of anything playing. Like professional sports, we may be sometimes impressed happily enough just to watch a game. Person to "watch a game of professional baseball in the baseball though we do not play baseball" thinks that there is many, but thing same as that can say. Of course we knew rule of game becoming subject and it is interesting and experienced by oneself anyway and can enjoy watching e sports more. There is not immediately even if it swells in the case of real sports after, for example, having been impressed on seeing professional soccer saying, "well, we will work as us!". "You do for what playing place" which "it does not keep the number of people" has various problems. However, if it is e sports, we can play immediately if there are any PC and game software, the Internet environment, and opponent is found on the Internet immediately, too. Particularly, many users overflow on the online after there was professional game of big e sports.

Even if watch, is fun, even if play, is fun. That is e sport. It is play with PC that can play happily comfortably casually in that.