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Three rules that you should follow to continue online game happily

We think whether you may play just for a long time without being able to get timeliness to stop as online game is often idle with player except oneself. When day "when it was morning when we notice" continues, influence comes out to real life including work and studies.

We will think about rule that you should follow to continue online game happily here.

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To continue playing online game happily?

What kind of thing should we keep in mind to play online game happily? It might be only a matter of course thing, but gave three important thing.

We decide play time

As for "the game, the word one hour a day" was born at the time of Nintendo boom of the 1980s. We are absorbed in dialog by chat and, in the case of online game, may pass more than one hour. As a result, game did not advance at all…As for what thing. Then we may stay up all night in some cases for 3-4 hours let alone one hour a day if we enjoy chat and game.

But there may be influence in real life when we play for a long time every day. You should decide in "we switch off to "four times at 23:30 until "once three hours" in week" when we play every day" rule to play by oneself well not to be able to happen.

Of course we think that it is good to fully play when we make joint play with friend and cannot but break rule. But let's be careful enough so that it does not become natural to break own rule.

We do not match a pace with event and friend too much

By online game, event for a limited time may be carried out. This is event to occur only during specific period and can get special reward (item) by clearing. We may think that we participate in such an event to be duty.

Online game to be idle with friend is very fun. But how about continuing playing together breaking own life rhythm? When we cannot participate, we will decline "impossible today" with saying, "this event cannot participate" clearly.

In addition, it is not good to force participation on other members because oneself who is how much is looking forward to the event. We will just respect intention of each person saying "we can have an adventure together".

Do not have obligation, do not keep

It is to know what we wrote on the top, but let's be careful not to be seized with obligation too much. It is not good to be convinced, "oneself must never participate when we have an adventure". Of course feeling "that oneself wants to participate in when the party is reflected on adventure if possible" knows. Though friend feels fun, it feels lonely that only oneself does not participate. But feeling blaming everybody can be born when this feeling becomes too much strong saying "we go for adventure when oneself does not participate!".

Game may become painful when we put together around too much saying "oneself goes for adventure by all means!". It should be game that is idle to enjoy, but does not originally have a meaning when we become hard.

To assume online game lifetime hobby

Game is fun. Game idle alone is fun, but there is drama getting up as part that all cooperate as for such online game and face is the particularly happily same fellow creature. However, we may not want to do studies and work when game plays a key role of life.

We premise that we play by game happily as spare time and play together if time is correct with online friends and give priority to real life without overdoing it when it is not so. And we sometimes make a racket and play all through the night until morning, and we keep own pace, and let's play. We will play with moderation so that there is not influence in real life to be able to go online game as lifetime hobby.