Of online game
Basic knowledge
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Of the first online game that was good for oneself find;

Online game includes MMORPG/MORPG, FPS/TPS, various genres including MOBA. However, there will be affinity whether it is easy to play by player whether it is own preference. We want to play from genre to be able to enjoy most if we mention online game for the first time.

Therefore we will introduce online game about purposes of game every genre for playing person for the first time.

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Is it play or cooperation? Directionality of online game

We can divide whether "you face" partner, and you do online game to be idle with other players whether you do "cooperation".

Play faces between players according to the name. The number of people of play varies according to games and is a great variety of from on-to-one to a great many people vs. a great many people. Competition-related high thing including FPS/TPS and MOBA hits this for genre of game. It is Features that there are many things becoming title of e sports.

Cooperation makes same party and team between users and plays game. It is played a game that handles quest including MMORPG/MORPG, and defeats enemy mainly. As game with team is in FPS/TPS and MOBA, it is cooperation when it is that case. As cooperation between friends becomes very important, as for the game with team in particular, it is always necessary to take cooperation in voice chat.

There is pleasure in play and cooperation, both, but point to enjoy is different a little. After all, it is play type that can get big elation, and, after all, joy when we won is particular. But we may influence motivation which continues playing a game when we lose. As recent online play game comes to be had matching of between about the same skill, we may taste excellent sake of victory if we practice well to beat.

When we cleared big event, game of cooperation type has sense of accomplishment, but there is not whenever that is idle. Therefore, as well as game event, we play with the same party member friendly and deepen interchange through chat, and there seem to be many things of type to enjoy the world in game not actual world. Person to be weak in the world of game of chance will have good game of cooperation type.

Online game features extensibility!

Charm of online game is always that game continues being expanded. For example, new unit and map are put regularly if it is game of play type. This is all and may enjoy fresh play. In addition, how to play and the tactics may change as general balance adjustment is made for, for example, unit which was strong until now being weakened.

If it is game of cooperation types such as MMORPG/MORPG, new scenario is added, and the world of game is greatly expanded. We may say that it is RPG which can continue being idle forever,

Is online game free? Curious pricing

If it is normal game, we can play by purchasing game software for each title. However, we add to that, and monthly basis rates may occur if fee structure of online game varies, and thing to have only to pay has of several thousand yen as package for each koremadedori title.

In addition, games of type to be able to be idle free increased. However, even if basic play is free, there is charge (e.g., costume of character) to part that strength of game does not have influence, and monthly basis charging may be necessary to increase possession characters. Charging is to necessary game among them to draw lottery called "gacha". In gacha, it is not necessarily necessary to go down, but strong character and unit may be available, and game comes to be pushed forward profitably.

If "it wants to play a little first of all", at first, it will be good to choose title with free copy.

Online game has abundant PC versions

Game generally points at home game in Japan. However, in the online game, you should choose PC as type has more abundant PCs if you play in main. But we may not worry too much as cases released with not only PC version but also home-use game console increased if it is big title.

However, there are many people thinking that playing is more comfortable with PC than home-use game console when we think about easiness of play as PC has mouse and keyboard for play environment of online game. In addition, it is necessary to purchase game console newly, but people to already have by work in the case of PC will be. When it is not PC of Heiss peck such as gaming PC, play and is not without all titles. If it is PC released within two years as there are many online games to be able to enjoy in low specifications, we will be more likely to play.

Furthermore, we can further play by online game comfortably happily if we use headset Microphone for game of ELECOM product. For example, "HS-G01 series" uses tender ear pad which is most suitable for long-time play and uses driver (parts which sound becomes) who made wide band to be reproducible from low tone to high-pitched tone. Please examine the purchase.