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Basic knowledge
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FPS and e sports are quite popular! Genre that we can play by online game?

Action game and RPG, puzzle game, race game…. Various genres are to game. And of genre suitable for game and online games only by online game there is some, and is shoes, or exist.

Here, let's introduce the representative genre.

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FPS/TPS exchanges fire and gets victory!

At first, let's introduce FPS and TPS. FPS is abbreviation of the first person shooter, and TPS is abbreviation of the third person shooter.

About "the first person viewpoint shooting game", view of character operating on game is just projected by screen, and the first person shooter is games of type appearing to the full such as guns in enemies appearing in front. As we can put aims together in mouse when it is PC, we make possible operation that is more comfortable than home-use game console. Some viewpoints move the third person shooter about "the third person viewpoint shooting game" backward from FPS, and it is to screen seeing from the rear slant top of character operating. As we can confirm character operating on the screen displays, there is player liking this type. Depending on game, there is thing which can choose viewpoint of either, but many games are fixed in either.

If FPT and TPS defeat partner (team), victory is basic. Various types are prepared for personal war and game with team, rule and are one of the star genres by online game. As e sports, competition is carried out by various games recently.

For representative game, there is battle royal game "PUBG" (player unknown battle Graun's) which fights for survival until we become the last one (or team). In addition, there is "the Fort night" when "we save the world, and there is various how to play including mode" and "battle royal mode".

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Let's go for odyssey with MMORPG/MORPG friend!

One of the representative genres of online game has RPG (role playing game). We can enjoy the world such as "Dragon Warrior" and "Final Fantasy" on online. Therefore I am even if I take one friend crossing party whom who actually actually plays not character whom computer operates on the other side of the Internet it is. We are excited about this sense that really has an adventure very much.

We greatly divide into online RPG, and there are two kinds. One is MMORPG. This is a great number of people participation type RPG by abbreviation of masshiburi multi-player online role playing game. All the characters appearing in town and field, game including dungeon become player. We build one world between about several thousand scale players whom there is to one server and have an adventure life.

MORPG is abbreviation of multi-player online role playing game. Only players who crossed party to have an adventure (around 4-6) are connected online and do not have relation with other parties. There become relatively many games of action-related strong type in this place.

There is "Fanta sea star online 2" elucidating mystery of planet which it is member of "Final Fantasy XIV" where venturer who received the guidance of crystal brings area called "eoruzea" change and investigating group as representative game, and was discovered newly.

Cooperation of MOBA team is key to victory!

MOBA is divided into teams such as three to three or five to five by abbreviation of multi-player online battle arena and is game of type to scramble for each other's positions. We are recognized as kind of real-time strategy game. There is growth element such as RPG, and it is said that the strategic nature by teamwork is important.

It is too strange genre by home game, but "even e sports" are adopted with PC, and competition population increases. We may say that it is representative of online game becoming lively with PC.

Representative game includes "League of Legends" (league of legend) for the purpose of destroying stronghold called nexus by game with team.

There are other a lot of online games to be able to enjoy!

Furthermore, we pick up some genres of online game, and let's introduce. At first, it is browser game. This can play game to be idle on browser according to the words if it leads even to the Internet without installing game in terminal. Only simple game was impression not to be able to be idle once, but language to make web page becomes "HTML5", and game that used luxurious Video and Audio appears a lot. In comparison with game to download, and to install, and to be idle, there is browser game that does not have inferiority. There is "fleet korekushon - warship this -" commanding fleet which oneself becomes admiral as representative game and personified.

Genre called sand box game is one of the types to see well by online game of PC, too. The player selects purpose as sand box in meaning called "sandbox" namely "amusement place" and is game that can play freely. There is game that we can invite other players to in the world that player made. Representative game includes "Minecraft" which piles up block, and can be idle.

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