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Manner not to cause trouble by online game

Online game is game to be idle with player except oneself on the Internet. In other words, there is "manner in online game" because we will play between genuine human beings.

It is the same as manner of real world, but let's introduce manner that we should follow by online game basically.

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Six manners that you should follow by online game

If it is talked by insensitive words by friend crossing party though it is online game that should be fun, and it is made an absurd remark by opponent, we feel unpleasant at all. On the contrary, own casual word may let you make other players uncomfortable. Manner is necessary on online game not to raise such a thing.

Here, let's introduce six representative manners that we should follow by online game.


Greetings that are basic in the world of online game are important. "Nice to meet you", "thank you", let's tell "good-bye" to friend properly "today". Even text chat does not mind even voice chat. It leads to maintaining cooperation of party to hold such greetings properly.


We say "Good fences make good neighbors". Besides you are used to rest including "yo" "omaesaa" for partner to talk to on the Internet for the first time and must not do kan reshii language. Even if it is comment without harm in particular, nuance which is delicate when it is text may not be handed down well. As a result, we may hurt partner.

We intend to contact with friendly, and there is case doing language that became expression and character who broke completely, but is up to partner how you take that. Any partner thinks that it is senior and the boss, superior person, and let's keep polite way of talking in mind.

Friend registration application

As for the online game, things which game original friend function is included in are often found. We come to get contact in game anytime and are very convenient function to play together.

However, it is debatable question that does friend application to strange person suddenly. There are paste and atmosphere of the place, but person with way of thinking "that only real friend registers friend" with is among them. When we chatted and have a word of friend application suddenly, partner may be surprised. Let's perform if we do friend application after having confirmed intention of partner.

Inquiry of private thing

We become friend in game, and act hearing personal information too much should avoid even relationship idle together for a long time. It is finally made a personal decision whether you do not tell whether you tell, but it is playing a game, and it gets to know, and it is not wise immediately we hear, and to tell of age and occupation, address. That has the same "living in the Kanto district" in information that let you complain to "be around 30".

Of course we hear some personal information and may talk if we deepened interchange enough. But please be careful about information enough if it is person to know only on online game to identify individual.

We check by oneself

As we can chat on online casually, we may ask "how does ◯◯ do it?" and other players carelessly. We want to hear that we thought in question on the spot immediately and want to be settled. However, please practice, "at first, we check by oneself" as manner. Online manual of game is found in most cases if we search in "game name" + "word that we want to check".

It may be avoided when we keep hearing that we find immediately if we check even if it becomes friend. At first, we search by oneself, and let's hear for the first time if we may not know when still we did not know.

We read terms of game

We are slightly different from manner, but let's follow rule in game by all means. Please take a look at terms of game on playing online game. It is part what kind of act account stops when we perform that is particularly important. We may do act prohibited in game simply because we were not reading terms properly. As a result, game may not be idle if it becomes account halt.

There is no problem basically if we take common-sense action, but will read terms of game just to make sure. As terms may be updated, we take a look each time and are safer.

Basics have the same both real life and online game

It is formal when we write manner of online game, but may not be special just because of online. It is that online, it should be careful to be careful in, "at first, it "follows rule of the place" by search that it is not revealed" real real world "not to inquire into private thing too much" where "let's say hello".

But feel generous because do not show each other's faces by online game, and do not usually take; may take a big attitude. You should point out gently even if you can protect oneself if friend is doing such an act. However, when we warn as we do not know what kind of reaction partner does, let's be careful about way of speaking enough.

And it is important we accept obediently, and to apologize if oneself receives such a warning. If when write "apology", is exaggerated, but is reliable friends; "I'm sorry! Careful!" We think that it is all right in this. Game follows manner, and let's play happily.