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Specifications to enjoy online game? Customized method of PC

People thinking, "hundreds of thousands of yen cannot be idle when it is not PC to do" may be to play online game with PC. Reasonable PC will be necessary if we play by game that fully surely gave 3D graphic operation comfortably. However, by customizing just a little, in the case of PC of level to be able to be idle, may play more comfortably somehow.

Here, let's comment on art of customization of the PC body.

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You buy a new PC, or do you customize?

PC which everybody owns is for business mainly and may be for Internet browsing. In that case, examination of replacement by purchase may be necessary to play by online game comfortably. Particularly, it may be said that in any case it is replacement by purchase time if it is to be before for years now that purchased PC owning. But it will be difficult to judge replacement by purchase so easy as it costs nearly 100,000 yen if we buy a new PC body when it is machine of slight specifications.

Therefore it is customization of PC which it uses now to want to consider. For example, why don't you build more memory and HDDs? This is all, and play of game may become surprisingly comfortable. Here, we will see method to customize memory and HDD with PC of easy Windows 10 of customization as example.

We build more memory

At first, it is enlargement of memory. We check how much capacity memory of PC using now is to build more.

Way of checking is easy. We click the right button of the Start menu in the lower left of Windows screen and choose "system" of the inside. We will confirm item of "implementation RAM" which is displayed there. Generally, it is thought that there are many 4GB or 8GB, cases of either capacity.

It is clicked the right button by Start menu in the lower left of Windows screen.

Please confirm item of "implementation RAM".

Memory is something like desk in company and can perform work comfortably so as to be wide if wide. If desk is small, unnecessary time suffers from the top when we give article and return, but is usable comfortably if wide. As we can push forward accordingly much work comfortably if there is a lot of memory, game moves comfortably, too.

We recommend that it increases memory if we feel movement of various software to be heavy not only game. From 4GB to 8GB, we just increase from 8GB to 16GB, and action of the OS itself becomes comfortable.

We build more HDDs (hard disk)

Then, we will check HDD (hard disk) which is storage device of PC using. This opens advanced menu in same Windows key + [x], too and chooses "system" of the inside. List of storage devices connected to PC and the free space are displayed now when we choose "storage" in the left menu among there.

We choose "storage", and let's confirm capacity.

If there is not space that is enough for HDD which the body has built-in (space where it is 500GB or more if we can do it), you should add hard disk for exclusive use of game separately. This is something like drawer if we compare storage devices such as HDDs to desk of company in the same way as a while ago. It becomes full as soon as there are few these and cannot put and can save a lot if there is many.

We recommend SSD if we purchase storage device newly. SSD is delay line memory like HDD by abbreviation of solid state drive. Speed of the reading and writing is very fast in the biggest advantage to use SSD. A lot of things with a little capacity are more expensive in the current situation than hard disk, but start becomes fast dramatically if we save game in SSD. Of course there is merit to HDD. It is lower-priced than SSD. You should decide which you make while talking with budget.

To actually customize PC?

It is necessary for customization of PC to break down the PC body. It is exaggerated when we write the resolution, but desktop type just opens cover of case, and cases that we just take off keyboard and camera back if it is notebook type, and exchange is possible are often found.

If exchange, enlargement of HDD incorporating seems to be difficult, there is method using external HDD, too. As this is just connected to USB terminal, PC beginner will be easy to know.

In contrast, it is necessary for memory to certainly open the body. As various types are in memory, there is case which is incomprehensible whether it is appropriate to buy which. As exchange of memory in particular varies according to PCs of errand, we see Manual attached at the time of the purchase, or let's confirm in official sites of maker. There is method that we ask maker support of the PC body and confirm if we do not understand.

In addition, in site of ELECOM, we prepare for function to search memory for each model of main PC in page of additional memory. Using this, what put up prospect of budget will be good in search of memory which matched own PC.

Besides, if it is desktop PC, we build more graphics boards and change CPU, and there are various customized methods. But please examine customization method in possible range as relative difficulty may be high with commercial PC.