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How to choose peripheral devices playing online game comfortably

When we play game with PC, we will often use mouse and keyboard for basic operation device. In fact, in such a device, thing for exclusive use of game called "gaming device" is prepared. As exclusive device becomes Specifications which not only is superior in the durability, but also was specialized in game, we can get comfortable play environment.

We will check what kind of characteristic there is to gaming device each in detail.

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Is gaming device necessary?

Gaming device does not say, "it is absolutely necessary to play game". But it is certain that we can play by game if there are any gaming devices more comfortably.

For example, if it is gaming keyboard, it is all keys rollover-response thing (we can input all keys at the same time) and is durable key of tens of millions of times, and it is in Specifications which is useful for playing game.

How to choose gaming devices

Then we explain introduction about representative gaming device and how to choose. As introduce concrete product, by all means of the purchase please refer to.


At first, it is mouse. In the case of notebook PC, there may be person doing with touch pad, but it may be said that mouse is required if we do game particularly online game. Reason is because there is the scene operating keyboard and mouse separately and at the same time. Therefore keyboard and mouse are easy to operate remote place.

It is two of Right Align button, the left button, but, as for the mouse button, in the case of PC for Windows, there is thing that a lot of buttons are prepared in gaming mouse. At first, we use from gaming mouse of 5 button degree, and what choose thing that there are many buttons in total as game if we think that it is more necessary will be good.

In addition, unlike general office mouse, optical reading sensor specialized in use by game is put on gaming mouse.

Recommended gaming mouse includes "M-G02UR series" with ELECOM product. As this is 13 button deployment of super high durability Switch adoption, and function is divided in two by each, it is most suitable for e sports or strategy system game.

Mouse pad

There may be many people who do not feel the need very much in mouse working without mouse pad smoothly in these days. However, mouse pad becomes required if this plays game. Slipperiness, end of mouse do, big difference will appear in operability of game only by there being mouse pad including accuracy.

Gaming mouse pad "MP-G02BK" made of ELECOM is wide Dimensions of 297mm in height X 460mm in width, and every keyboard comes to be ridden. If there are any margin, it will be good on the desk to use big thing as much as this.


There is keyboard to all PCs, but, as for the gaming keyboard, the durability, not only reactivity but also feeling of keying are refreshing. In addition, by adopting gaming keyboard, should usually try making the most of in various aspects not only game by all means as it becomes comfortable.

Of course it is Features of gaming keyboard that various functions specialized in game are included. For example, it reacts well even if gaming keyboard "TK-DUX30BK" made of ELECOM pushes up to 12 keys at the same time. In addition, 24 main keys support rollover and can assign favorite functions such as push or blaze to all keys other than hardware macro-function to be able to repeat procedure decided in one-touch at the same time. Particularly, it may be said that function that is good to MMORPG is included.


Gaming headset is helpful to hear sound of game, and to do voice chat between players. Particularly, in FPS/TPS, information by sound including footsteps and gunshot of opponent is very important. We heard information whether explosion did from which direction with headset than speaker of the PC body and can distinguish correct position which direction opponent is in.

Gaming headset "HS-G01 series" made of ELECOM adopts large driver (place where sound comes out) of 50mm and covers wide band from low tone to high-pitched tone. In this way, we can hear information of important gunshot and footsteps well in FPS/TPS.

Game pad

In person getting used to home-use game console, people feeling that it is difficult to operate character in keyboard and mouse will be. Game pad which is usable with PC is recommended to such a person.

For example, not only normal operation takes its ease, but also, in "JC-DUX60BK" made of ELECOM, 24 buttons are prepared for by play of MMORPG to be able to call usable function immediately. We can perform most operation except chat with game pad if we set function to use well.

In addition, people playing with hybrid style to expose game pad to moving with the left hand when we play FPS/TPS in player using game pad, and to perform sighting in mouse of the right hand are. It will be good to try place tile which was good for oneself.