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Improvement point of the Internet environment necessary for online game

Connection to the Internet is required to play online game. Of course we may think that preparations are not necessary as we think that we are connected to the Internet in one way or another since we are reading this page. However, speed of net is important in the online game, and cases that game becomes advantageous so as to be fast if fast are often found.

Case to never buy a new router after we introduce the Internet environment into house, enough speed may not appear. By fixing the Internet environment, should review the Internet environment regularly as not only game but also the video seeing and hearing or download become comfortable. It is fast on the Internet and, here, introduces with point to do comfortably even a little.

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Importance of net environment in online game

The Internet may become fast by improving connection environment. For example, by changing router or switching hub for new model, can expect speedup. In addition, it may become fast just to make LAN cable most suitable one.

We may not mind speed by email or reading of site very much, but it is pursued in online game when we play particularly that member of the same party becomes line speed as fast as possible. When there is remarkably slow member only in one, we may trouble the party whole. From this, you should fix environment as fast as possible if you want to play online game comfortably.

To improve net environment for online games

When you think about online game to main shaft, you should connect that you connect PC to router in wired LAN not wireless LAN. Even wireless LAN drives at enough speed, but electric wave is interrupted by some kind of troubles, and there is risk that communication is cut into. This is catastrophic failure for online game, and it is in thing troubling party member in the case of game that we cooperate and play. We do not have to worry that electric wave is interrupted by environment of such a rotation with wired LAN. We think that there is problem of placement of line, but will be connected in wired LAN if possible.

In addition, speed may be improved when we change apparatus using for the Internet environment to the latest thing. We just trade in for the most suitable thing if we do not buy a new for router and switching hub, several years including LAN cable either and may expect big effect. When line speed is slow even if it is wired LAN in particular, we recommend that we review once.

How to choose improvement parts of the Internet environment

What kind of model should we actually switch to to improve the Internet environment? We should be able to expect big effect now for 2,019 years if standard of LAN trades in for thing corresponding to "1000BASE-T". Then we will look at recommended product individually.


Router will choose product which is fast in correspondence speed. It is point that is important whether you can connect up to several including Wireless how many ports of wired LAN there are.

Router "WRC-2533GST2" made of ELECOM supports 1000BASE-T and is accessible to up to 24. In addition, we can find speed that even places that cannot but play online game by all means in environment of wireless LAN are enough for as wireless LAN supports IEEE802.11ac.

Switching hub

When we want to let Wired further diverge in point where we extended wired LAN cable assembly to, we use switching hub. In this method, let's expand range where wired LAN reaches.

"EHC-G05MN2 series" made of ELECOM is switching hub for 1000BASE-T. It affects stability of Network when filled with heat when we use apparatus, but is reliable as This product adopts metal housing that heat is hard to stay. When we want to play online game even slightly comfortably, let's choose metal housing.

LAN cable

CAT (category) is divided into LAN cable by transmission rate. If number of CAT is big, it becomes LAN cable corresponding to faster standard. If it is online game purpose, noise measures should use performed CAT7, CAT8, too.

Flat type prepares LAN cable made of ELECOM like "LD-TWSFTBM series", too. Flat type is thin LAN cable assembly which we can maintain under gap and the carpet of door. When PC is installed in room away from router and connects there in wired LAN, let's examine the use of such a flat type. Please think about whether you cannot clear by using flat type without giving up wired LAN because there is door.