It supports NetStor series "Box" cooperation function

It supports Linux NAS NSB-5A/7A series "Box" cooperation function It supports Linux NAS NSB-5A/7A series "Box" cooperation function

Simple by Box cooperation user; is secure; is data access to NAS

Preservation, data which we revised are reflected automatically in NAS in Box by Box cooperation. As user does not have direct access to NAS while troublesome remote access setting not being necessary, and accessing NAS from whereabouts, we protect NAS from various security risks. Of course we offer high-speed NAS access if office is inner.

We prepare for backup pattern that accepted various use scene

Interactive synchronization of BoxNAS

User accesses both Box and NAS. We always offer comfortable data access that accepted place where user is. After even if line disturbance occurs, duties being possible continuously, and restoring; mutually data latest; pass, and synchronize. Recommended how to use to do business effectively.

Upload to NASBox

How to use in consideration of business continuation when access to NAS usually became main in the user, and office was damaged by disasters.

Downloading to BoxNAS

User is use in cases that access to Box usually becomes main and performs data save along company's backup policy to NAS

The use scene example by NAS and Box cooperation

Example in construction company

The use environment
We establish NAS in the spot office,
We use Box cooperation function
We lay subsidiary of electric power company Internet line (100Mbps)

Cooperation purpose

  • Data preservation confirmation that was stored in NAS
    It is secure and can confirm duties progress of subcontract from anywhere
  • Business efficiency up that we supplement the Internet line speed
    We do data save quickly in NAS and can come back to the spot immediately
  • Joint ownership of design data with various affiliates
    If it is Box, large-capacity data can easily do data sharing by capacity no limit, too
  • We prevent duties stagnation at the time of NAS trouble, damage
    Data do not disappear by fire or theft of the spot office either

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