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What is next-generation Wi-Fi standard "Wi-Fi6?"

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What changes by appearance of Wi-Fi6?

We introduce influence and merit

If Wi-Fi is usable area, we can perform reading and download of video casually. However, is there not experience "that communication becomes slow" in when many people use at a time?

If it is "Wi-Fi 6" to come up newly, we can perform data communication of smartphone and PC fast than before. Basic role of Wi-Fi and standard of Wi-Fi, appearance of Wi-Fi 6 introduce what kind of merit there is for our life.

In the first place what is Wi-Fi 01?

Let's review about basic information

We can read every information including SNS and video, news and weather forecast when we start PC and smartphone. Those information becomes available simply because they lead to the Internet environment.

Existence called router is necessary to tie terminal such as PC and smartphone to the Internet environment.

As method to tie terminal and the Internet environment, router which also enters between, there are two methods called wired LAN and wireless LAN.

Wi-Fi is one kind of "wireless LAN" to connect the Internet environment to terminal.

It is not necessary for Wi-Fi to tie terminal with cable unlike wired LAN. Therefore cable is unnecessary, and appearance is lucid if PC and printer use Wi-Fi.

Two groups about basic information Wi-Fi

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (American electronic academic conference)

For more details, it is described below, but Wi-Fi includes standard called "IEEE" (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). It is academic conference called IEEE in the United States that decides this standard. It is called American electronic academic conference in Japanese and standardizes standard of electronic communication including Wi-Fi.

IEEE official site
Wi-Fi Alliance (alliance)

And group greatly about Wi-Fi includes Wi-Fi Alliance (alliance) one more. Wi-Fi Alliance is group having right named "Wi-Fi" in group in the United States, too. It is intended to diffuse wireless LAN all over the world.

Wi-Fi Alliance official site

02 Wi-Fi numbers at last, too! Why is it Wi-Fi "6?"

New name is announced with "Wi-Fi 6" formally! As for "6", it is meant the sixth generation

We came to hear the word Wi-Fi well, but the word "Wi-Fi 6" is used as the latest Wi-Fi standard. Wi-Fi was used commonly, but have you not heard the word "Wi-Fi 1" and "Wi-Fi 2" so far either?

In fact, the latest Wi-Fi standard called Wi-Fi 6 is standard name that "IEEE 802.11ax" is official.

Group called IEEE decides standard of Wi-Fi as introduced some time ago. Therefore it was standard name to begin in "IEEE", but is hard to readily learn for people who do not know a lot about communication and line.

Therefore we announced that Wi-Fi Alliance which spread of Wi-Fi did official name of latest Wi-Fi standard "IEEE 802.11ax" for "Wi-Fi 6".

It is easy to learn Wi-Fi 6 from IEEE 802.11ax!

FierceWireless and "we announce Wi-Fi 6 identification with 802.11ax product Wi-Fi Alliance"
Wi-Fi Alliance "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6"

It is reason that IEEE 802.11ax is Wi-Fi standard of the sixth generation why it is to be Wi-Fi "6". It is very simple, but general we became easy to know.

Logo Sticker is put on product which caught authorization of Wi-Fi in future, but it is to thing which "6" and number entered on authorized mark. Wi-Fi 6 will spread more and more from now on in Japan in being start from 2019.

"It will become Wi-Fi 6 from now on." "I see…. But there are still Wi-Fi or IEEE or mnemonic-name, and it is difficult."

In fact, "Wi-Fi" is something like nickname

Whether we are about to consider "Wi-Fi" and word "IEEE" to check wireless LAN well, I doubt and do not think, "it will be different in what." In fact, call biyasusao is something like brand name by the name that focuses, and was acquired with "Wi-Fi".

"IEEE…Official standard name of Wi-Fi called "makes line widely available curtly; disturb. Therefore we thought about brand name so that Wi-Fi Alliance was accepted to general person.

Standard name of Wi-Fi that it was hard to learn

As for "IEEE 802.11" that is official name of Wi-Fi, the last alphabet changes by standard. We are as follows when we summarize successive Wi-Fi standards in table.

Wi-Fi standard name The biggest transmission rate Frequency New name
IEEE 802.11a 54Mbps 5GHz zone -
IEEE 802.11b 11Mbps 2.4GHz band -
802.11 g of IEEE 54Mbps 2.4GHz band -
IEEE 802.11n 600Mbps 2.4GHz band
5GHz zone
Wi-Fi 4
IEEE 802.11ac 6.9Gbps 5GHz zone Wi-Fi 5
IEEE 802.11ax 9.6Gbps 2.4GHz band
5GHz zone
Wi-Fi 6

a, next of b fly to g, and the alphabet of the end of "IEEE 802.11" is hard to catch regularity so that it turns out that we look at the face. It is not revealed that it is not person knowing a lot about line definitely which is the latest Wi-Fi standard.

We know which is the latest immediately when we make number notation including "Wi-Fi 6" by new name. In standard of Wi-Fi writing number, "Wi-Fi 4" of IEEE802.11n becomes empty.

It does not need replacement by purchase for Wi-Fi 6

It is not necessary to buy a new Wi-Fi apparatus which general we use because Wi-Fi 6 begins.

Standard of Wi-Fi says, "it is compatible with low rank", and there is function that line of old standard processes. As smartphone and PC using now are usable without problem, don't worry.

What kind of merit is there when it becomes 03 Wi-Fi 6?

Anyway, communication becomes fast!

Then as standard of Wi-Fi is updated with "Wi-Fi 6", on earth what kind of effect will you have on our life?

At first, big points to change by Wi-Fi 6 include speedup of communication.

It is said that about 4 times - 10 times become faster in speed to process information than Wi-Fi 5. Opportunities to see video increased in smartphone recently. As video advertisements increase in SNS, we may read video smoothly in comparison with until now, too.

In addition, "frequency" is divided into two kinds for each standard of Wi-Fi as listed in standard table of Wi-Fi that we introduced some time ago. Frequency includes 2.4GHz band and 5GHz obi, but Wi-Fi 6 can process both lines.

As not only speed to process information but also performance rises, we power up than conventional Wi-Fi. Even if Wi-Fi apparatuses increase in house as apparatuses which can be connected at a time increase, processing speed will not fall.

It is also energy saving!

It is new by Wi-Fi 6, and function called TWT (target wake time) is added. TWT is effective in letting by controlling timeliness to communicate, battery of Wi-Fi apparatus last a long time.

Therefore it is for energy saving when it becomes Wi-Fi 6 as speed that battery runs out, and Wi-Fi apparatus does becomes late.

We move fast in public Wi-Fi spot environment

Places that Wi-Fi including airport and stadium cafe was available to increased. However, have you not been disappointed as Wi-Fi line was crowded if there were many people saying "it was too late and is not usable though there was Wi-Fi with much effort?"

Wi-Fi 6 is improved to improve connectivity when service including GPS and public institution centered. Therefore it will become hard to be crowded with public Wi-Fi that many people use.

Slow trouble that is not usable disappears?

A lot of Supported devices of Wi-Fi6 comes out

Smartphone corresponding to Wi-Fi 6 is begun to sell one after another now.

At iOS terminal, Galaxy 20 5G, AQUOS R5G, Xperia 1 II supported Wi-Fi6 at last at iPhone11 series, iPhone SE (the second generation), Android terminal.

It may be carried Wi-Fi6 to not only smartphone but also PC or IoT household appliances in future.

As for the Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi6 will become the leading role from now on!

A lot of Supported devices of Wi-Fi6 comes out

Reason why 04 Wi-Fi 6 debuted?

It becomes ICT base of IoT and AI!

Reality that digitization of every things of the world advances to is in background where Wi-Fi 6 appeared.

In Japan, the spread of smartphone advances rapidly. Wi-Fi environment is necessary for Smart speakers reacting to the cashless settlement and voice by smartphone. Introduction of IT advanced to medical care, and there came to have to be Wi-Fi.

IoT means that thing is connected to the Internet, but cannot miss Wi-Fi environment to manage IoT.

It is necessary to stabilize Wi-Fi communication to let "artificial intelligence", also known as AI processing information and communication technology "ICT" that the government pushes forward and enormous information improve.

It is for improvement of ICT and artificial intelligence

Movement for "5G" of 2020 realization gets into full swing

According to the investigation by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the biggest transmission rate of "LTE line" used for cell-phone and smartphone increases to about 100,000 times in 30 years.

Reference: About "the fifth generation mobile communication system"

As of September, 2019, the latest LTE line is the fourth generation. Therefore we are displayed with "4G" by on screen when we see smartphone which is in a few state in Wi-Fi environment.

Reading of homepage and communication Uses such as video site were main, but, as for the fourth generation, it is necessary to further prepare base of communication environment by appearance of IoT and AI.

Therefore it is "5G" which is next-generation mobile communication system that appears.

Standard called "Wi-Fi 6" that one which is necessary to process information of next-generation mobile communication system "5G" is new

Even if communication system improves, there is not effect in Wi-Fi environment processing the information by performance lack. Therefore we evolve by to make new line standard called Wi-Fi 6, do more world usefully.

In place that we do not know, communication technology evolves every day. As Wi-Fi develops, our life will become more comfortable.

We look forward to Wi-Fi 6 and society of 5G.

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