Leave cleaning! It is list of screen beauty rest X cleaner with cleaner anytime

Leave cleaning! It is with cleaner, and screen is clean anytimeList rest X cleaner

Cute animals support weight of wrist at the time of mouse operation!
We clean PC screen in cleaning cross of stomach!
Meat ball
Meat ball
Features 1

We support with effort! List of Specifications rest including sewing

Arm that animals operate mouse
Diligent support.
Body of tender stuffed toy supports wrist kindly.
We support your days!
Meat ball
Features 2

Leave cleaning! It is with cleaner in stomach!

In stomach of animals
We adopt cleaning cross.
We wipe off dirt of screen.
Image of iPad mini with the shell cover
We clean neatly anytime!
Meat ball
Features 3

We want you to touch a lot! Soft and fluffy cloth adoption

Body of animals
It becomes tender cloth.
For the soft and fluffy feel all the time
We want to touch!
Image of iPad mini with the shell cover
Vaunted fluff! Touch!
Meat ball
Features 4

It is sticky body! We use cushion-related expensive cotton

We adopt cotton which has cushion-related expensive rice cake, and did.
Even if body becomes dented,
Feeling revives softly by rubbing.
It revives when we rub if spirit disappear!
Meat ball


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We are your almost every day and send smile! 4 top comedies of cute animals! MOCHIMAL Theater
Meat ball
Meat ball

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LinesCharacter introductionLines
Meat ball
Meat ball

  • We are always vigorous, and dog is kind to all
  • Even nasty person wants to actually behave like a baby for cat whim a little
  • We feel lonely, and I hate rabbit and do not like solitude
  • Hamster is hasty and always runs around noisily
  • Joker of pig scatter-brain
  • One is weak in that space is cold at penguin own pace
  • We are quiet and always make panda sleepy
  • When hedgehog is easily scared and we are bashful in front of strangers and are surprised, we are apt to put up needle
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