Is light thinly; in Smart

Living life simply through design.

So that both appearance and conduct become stylish,
We trimmed only in sufficient element and finished carefully.
To more imminent existence that "we always have" leather accessory, and there is.

MINIO product first "business card case"

The best thin design that we were full of※max about 15 pieces business card storing is possible

We held down layer of cloth to a minimum
Slim body. It is compact even if we can enter where
We can let you hide yourself in various places.

Opening and shutting one-touch in magnet. It is usable in Smart.

Magnet type opening in one-touch.
Take out without sound quickly
Usual, exchanging business cards in Smart.

We can carry by light car anytime.

We do not bother every day even if we carry
Lightweight design. It is easy to carry
When there is much baggage, we are reliable.

Color to choose to feeling
With nuance color of refined impression,
By color design of inner with sense of fun.


It is most suitable for gift to hand to Smart
Direct surprise when opened out; is sliding
Package. Lapping is the same without needing
It is design which is kind to environment to be able to give.

Soft Leather

The discerning softness and quality
Of Italy based in Milan
Of product made in well-established maker CORONET company,
We adopt comfortable good-quality software leather.

Item Spec

Product dimensions, weight About 111mm in width X thickness about 3.5mm X about 65mm in height, about 20 g
Material Face: Synthetic Leather, the inside: Polyester
The number of storing About 15 pieces of business cards (assumption Dimensions 91mm *55mm)

Color Variation