From home We do online cram school, online meeting comfortably Skill in Network review

Do you not review network environment of house?

Under the influence of these days, approach such as online cram school and online meeting begins. However, there may be many homes that are in trouble in unexpected trouble including "video does not play smoothly" by having begun suddenly.

If there is trouble "that screen has of kakukaku", we recommend review of router by all means. 5G service begins, and cases which video contents will increase from now on and exchange online will increase. You will review peripheral device of PC now, and do you not make comfortable PC environment?

Let's review router!

Online meeting starts online class! Do you not review router?

If it is lived an online-centered life, review of the Internet environment is necessary. If it is the situation, "only our child cannot take online class smoothly", we recommend review of router immediately.

Trouble and solution that are apt to happen at online class, meeting

Action of the trouble Internet is slow

When screen does kakukaku all over online class and meeting, it becomes big stress. When we miss what partner says, we obstruct both work and class.

We change solution 01 Internet line

When the Internet line contracting is feeble, at first, review of plan is necessary. However, you must review router mediating between the line if you contract enough plans. We will review line itself.

We review solution 02 router

In the case of old router, there is case that line is thin. In this case environment is not improved even if we contract the appropriate Internet line. At first, we will grasp necessary line speed in house to review router. At first, how much line is need or, by tool and video service used well in online class, introduces.

Line speed necessary for online class

Google Meet


※In the case of group videoconference
We see Google Meet help page >



In the case of down stream (descent)
We see WebEX help page >



※In the case of group video
We look at Zoom support page >



※When we watch video with HD 1080p mode
We look at YouTube support page >

Assumption scene

When online meeting, child two perform online class and video service daddy at the same time

  • Daddy:
    WEB holds a meeting by telework using Google Meet…3.2Mbps need

  • Daughter:
    We watch video of HD 1080p mode in YouTube…5Mbps need

  • Son:
    We use Zoom in online class of cram school and teach group…1.5Mbps need

3.2Mbps +5Mbps +1.5Mbps = 9.7Mbps

When three people use the Internet at the same time, it becomes 9.7Mbps at 3.2Mbps +5Mbps +1.5Mbps. In other words, it is that is calculated, "10Mbps or more is necessary" so that whole family performs remote life comfortably.

Trouble child is not separated from PC

Video contents for children are enriched, and there may be many children to enjoy every day recently.
However, there are many troubles "not to be always separated from PC and smartphone" because child is absorbed. When we stay up late, and interfamily communication decreases, it becomes seed of new trouble for parent.
And we cannot take up PC without any reason now that online cram school began. What should parent do in such a case?

We choose solution router with time limit

Child leaves nature and PC and smartphone if we make state, "the Internet is not usable only at specific time". It is not necessary to take up PC if we control connect time of the Internet in router.

We can connect to the Internet only at time when we set beforehand if we set smartphone and PC of child for router equipped with "child net timer" of ELECOM. As parent sets time to be able to use the Internet, can prevent play bisugio of child.

■Structure of router with child net timer

In smartphone and PC
We register apparatus
We set available time limit per day not to play too much
Only as for the time when we set beforehand
It is accessible to the Internet
We can play for two hours when mother set

We are anxious about trouble security

Cases which as online cram school and meeting begin, install application newly, and access the first site increase.
Furthermore, there will be many whether it is that contact with the outside including the exchanges increases, and virus does not invade PC of house worried people in email.

We choose router of solution security measure model

Security measure is insufficient only in PC because it is the times when every thing leads to the Internet by IoT. To "router" sending the Internet line in house, you must do security measure.

When we review router, we will choose model who performs security measure by all means. Router of ELECOM uses technique of popular "Trend Micro" company as security measure software and protects the Internet line of house from outside threat.

We adopt technique of Trend Micro Corporation!
We adopt technique of Trend Micro Corporation!

Trouble Wi-Fi does not arrive
There is place bursting well

Above all, we hear trouble that line does not become stable by place well.
It is necessary for in this case it to turn router in one of the causes that consumption of line increased suddenly at online class and meeting. However, you must examine method to stabilize when electric wave of router is weak and is unstable.

We introduce solution "mesh Wi-Fi"

There is method to introduce case "that we want to use comfortably when we move in house including living and the study and use", "mesh Wi-Fi" into. There is work by to make access point separately from Wi-Fi router with mesh Wi-Fi, stabilize Wi-Fi communication in house.

Because network name called SSID changes when it is method to use conventional "repeater", you use which line or it is hand-operated every time and must set. However, he/she automatically connects mesh Wi-Fi that SSID does not turn into.

"Communication is stable by mesh Wi-Fi!" about mesh Wi-Fi As you introduce in this in detail, please refer.

Enlargement simple in "mesh Wifi" where SSID does not turn into in access point!
Mesh Wifi

In niceness out of house! ELECOM recommended router

It is apt to take place in remote life
We solve trouble in router!

Then we introduce recommended ELECOM router last at the Internet class, meeting. Please refer to router thinking about review.
In now when IoT apparatuses increased, type of router became wide, too.
As Features including 4K TV and thing corresponding to video distribution is different, please choose router which matched domestic trouble.

We introduced trouble that was apt to be online class and meeting and recommended router. Environment in the world greatly changes, and full-scale remote life is going to finally begin.

It is review of peripheral device so far if usage of the Internet changes. We find router which was good for family and will build environment so that whole family can use the Internet comfortably.

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