Is light thinly; in Smart

Living life simply through design.

So that both appearance and conduct become stylish,
We trim only in sufficient element,
We finished carefully.
"We always have" leather accessory and can do it
To more imminent existence.

MINIO product second "iPhone case"

Ultimate minimal design which we made use only of leather feel of a material in
Flap history of ELECOM
The simplest Beautiful multifunctional case.
Though it is leather, we are just familiar with hand,
We are satisfied in pocket clearly.
CARD POCKETPocket multi-in thin one on the flap back
As for card and ticket, the bill that we folded
Large pocket which we can store.
We did a little Outing,
One this pocket is enough!
MAGNET FLAPMagnet type which flap is confined to well
Without belt and button
Magnet expression that flap does not do pitter-patter.
Opening and shutting is easily stylish with one hand, too.
AIR CUSHIONMaterial of relief to absorb shock well even if thin
Material which absorbs shock in the body
We use air cushion for corner.
When we dropped carelessly, we are reliable.
CASE STANDThe stands function to be able to enjoy video in hands Free
Just fold flap; in the smartphone stands.
We watch favorite video and check recipe
We cook while doing and make an outstanding performance in various scenes.


It is most suitable for gift to hand to Smart
Package of flap type same as the contents.
We can just give lapping without needing,
It is design which is kind to environment.

Soft Leather

The discerning softness and quality
Of Italy based in Milan
Of product made in well-established maker CORONET company,
We adopt comfortable good-quality software leather.

Size & Spec

  • Supported devices:
    iPhone 12 mini (5.4inch)
    Synthetic Leather, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Supported devices:
    iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro (6.1inch)
    Synthetic Leather, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Color Variation

With nuance color of refined impression,
By color design of inner with sense of fun.