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Camera back "off toco" with style series.
Not only fashionability is high, but also functionality is not just high.
We take consideration into overwhelming user viewpoint and sense of the times exquisitely,
Brand with new value that there was not until now
Developer talks about background that we brought about.

"Start from zero to unexperienced zone"

Process that would develop ofutoko?
As camera back had only approximately 1-2 points of old products, request goes up in team when we want to put some new product and, around the beginning of the entering a company second year, will be in charge.
The camera body section actually felt that all the camera bags were only bags for enthusiasts of function solicitation for the class of old and middle age when we went to see camera bag sales floor whereas it was full of young people. We felt that there might be unprecedented answer that we paid our attention to discrepancy of this target user and wanted to challenge setup of brand.
We think whether there were many processes to establish but item unprecedented so far to one brand.
Well. At first, not professional, we heard story from users who used friend and mirror reply with feelings for camera in various ways. Therefore it was that there was not thing called camera back where young man of hobby usually used for fashion sense, and camera was usable that noticed. Therefore we characterized as bag of 2STYLE where there was trainer as normal bag in usual times by taking off camera inner case when we did not use camera. In addition, outing, shoulder (the small) developed variation in people of rotation in town after having assumed the scene in form called walk slightly in neighborhood, and, as for the backpack (very much), excursion, messenger (the inside) thought about what they established as brand after having serialized on day to be available to each lifestyle.
CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview
How was reaction?
We were able to have user who by having developed series so that bag for exclusive use of camera bag was usable as normal bag among most of, did not feel that it was necessary to camera bag so far from wide visitor for hand so far across camera market.
Which type is it that reputation was the best with three types of the first?
It becomes backpack becoming main model in off toco. Generally, we felt that it was in difficulty of takeoff of baggage as fault of backpack. We thought even there not to have possibilities to become very convenient if there are any some methods that could be settled in designing. As Seoi easiness of sheath movement to heal was superior Features of backpack, we were the first and began to think about taking, and overcoming hate and we concentrated on that it was said with improvement of functionality and developed.
CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview
Does it become side pocket almost Features of "off toco backpack" maximum to have been born from there?
Yes, it is function to greatly open with steering wheel type from both sides immediately. Many processes that baggage which entered depth of bag took down bag and opened fastener and pushed thing aside and looked for were usually necessary. As we could access from both sides even if we did not give bag, we divided camera lens from side to side, and this function could receive things of the lower berth and realized usability to be able to take thing immediately. In addition, we divide lunch or change of clothes into the lower berth and can receive and are convenient when we do not use camera.
What kind of thought is put for naming called "off toco?"
Had meaning to "go out to ..." as direct meaning that expressed the target scene to "want to go out unintentionally pitter-patter on off day" and reason of "off to ..."; is coined a word. As words to express target and image such as "casual" or "usual times errand" as concept of brand were fixed, we examined words associated in the image.
It is "off toco" that was born from there.
Yes. We could associate view of the world of product and brand with brand name and said with wish to want you to become "ofutoko" and product which you could get with call bottle as the name casually with "off toco". And we are doing image to come from sound of brand name, simple product design in logo to tell visually.

"Form that is usually most suitable for errand that we derived from sought functional element if natural"

CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview
Opinion is heard as one of the elements to select function and design as, you are conscious, and what kind of thing are you asked about?
At first, we thought that the feel as bag which became the origin was important. We heard flow of everyday action how you used usual bag and tied to the choice of functionality by to hear what kind of dissatisfaction and request there were in the current situation, could perform each movement more ideally.
What kind of point is each movement on using to be concrete?
We have and put and deposit and withdraw, and various movement is born except that we carry on our back while we use bag in daily life. Invention to be able to perform each action comfortably hearing of opinion consider while use. Back structure and support belt along structure of back which thought about Seoi iyasusao. We connect function to do comfortably including invention to be able to stably have in central axis by making handle two steering wheels with design naturally.
In development that we reflect opinion, we think whether there was trial and error in various ways in process toward design and manufacture from idea.
Well. At first, we performed rough ketch on plane and we printed that on actual size and displayed and let you make three dimensional little by little. And it was repetition of asking for sample in factory, and regulating. We inspected sample which went up from various angles and we got opinion from office for sample and actually modified little by little.
Will there be any points where we are particular about in making trial and error in form?
Shape decision designs to form that convenient functionality on using "form that is usually most suitable for errand that we derived from function naturally" as theme can use efficiently most to become natural. In addition, being conscious of united feeling in the whole brand, we decide how to make of cloth, parts, shape. About sewing method of cloth, sewing Lines reduces component to table in detail by sewing with insert type consistently as invisible as much as possible and keeps in mind to make use of feel of texture. We think that it is connected in design to melt into daily life without sense of incongruity without function side and noise in case of use that by refining each such really necessary element, can access necessary point without waste smoothly.
CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview

"Birth of new flagship almost crystal of brushing up"

"off toco" was brand which we turned toward the general camera user from light user, but this functionality felt that even professional was item of assent enough.
Actually, we had some professional photographers spend and heard about opinion. As we went to town in professional, and people often took to many places, there were quite many opinions to demand thing of design which melted into from camera back. High grade which we renewed this time was the prime in "off toco" which usually did errand, and it was to product which we placed.
It was Backpack High-Grade Model/2style Camera Bag renewed this time which story had, where would be improved?
Primarily it is mechanism part of side pocket. When we opened zipper, we adopted loop fastener before to stop flap temporarily, but changed to magnet as loop fastener never made a sound at the time of opening and shutting "energetically" as there was much which was minded when we took camera at quiet place. As he/she came back to holding in position even if it slipped off and stopped for advantage of magnet when we closed fastener, smoothness of opening and shutting improved, too.
CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview
Two lower parts became able to extract high grade of this time as box with cover.
Yes. There is big point, too. It was simple case, but we could use even simple substance by making camera BOX with cover and steering wheel with main cloth and adopted last time from point of view to be able to carry. When by utilizing itself as storage case of camera, did not carry camera, we removed and left in homes and thought to use as general bag.
Functionality itself as 2style improved.
Well. We were able to give each independent function and convenience. In addition, we changed back structure at point of functionality. We adopted cushion called EVA, and back comfort improved to measure up to shapes of back. In addition, they carried on their back in addition to chest belt, and justification belt and weight when by adding the hips belt to large size, carried on our back came to be able to strongly reduce burden.
Features in shape?
Will it be to be low center of gravity? As we design in shape to become independent, it becomes slightly trapezoid-shaped generally. We intend to look like Smart although being big, and it is in wide trapezoid type of width as the lower layer contains camera. We are considerably aware of being able to stably put. Because frequency to put in the ground increased as thing to put in by bag with size thought whether there was weight, it appeared in opinion called anxiety that base wore down. Therefore we changed to strong cloth called haiparongomu.
Parts adopting in the details feel feelings.
We are particular about feel and function side to small place and make with original parts. We aim at bag which wants to last, bag which wants to go out.
It is the number of pockets that Features includes.
The number of pockets book our; it is a lot. We assume what you put in all pockets and design for the time being.
There is role to all.
We assume where you store lens cap and SD card, smartphone or IC card in and, let alone camera, PC tablet, locate pocket. It becomes pocket holding raincover in base, and reason that we made base is thinking about received raincover playing a role as cushion.
CAMERA BAG off toco developer interview
The number of the parts of this bag becomes considerable number.
It is bag which seams 200 or more parts together for pattern, and is made. By considerably complicated bag, it was said that we tried complicated bag for the first time to here from factory.
We think that refreshing slope and others of appearance are the number of the functions that they cannot imagine
Put weight in being easy to access baggage which we want to take out although being high-performance. Bag which thing which moved to functionality complicates appearance and convenience, and becomes hard to know is frequent in sales floor of camera back. Therefore we thought that there might be answer that customer demanded there if there are any bags which we focused on in functionality although being easy to know by simple appearance.
We felt in bag which was useful for at the time of trip very much in user who did not have kamera.
We were considerably conscious of there and added carry belts which we could fix to bar of carrier bag this time. As it becomes important point in the crime prevention abroad, we establish hook which we can easily lock, and important thing is doing invention such as touching pocket in place that it is hard to open from the outside.
In the future, how do you want to develop "off toco?"
What we develop "off toco" and felt applies to high functionality born from viewpoint of camera user ideally in the everyday life scene and goes over camera market and is that we hide possibility that you can use by more general users. We succeed functional lateral design which is simple, and is easy to use which camera bag possessed and are going to develop brand at everyday bag widely in future. We are going to turn outing scene of many people in new value of "design that functional X to snuggle up to living is simple and is easy to use" more comfortably.
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