hokanonnomaruttozakutto ELECOM CHANNEL Vol.04

Vol.04 hokanon

On your iPhone
Full-scale AR devotion experience is possible!

We set your smartphone in VR glass,
We just use motion controller recognizing movement of the hand,
AR experience up to professional standard easily now ※Did you know that there was 1?
Such AR devotion experience. We were able to do it only in smartphone of Android until now ※2:
ELECOM enabled even iPhone.

※1 AR is abbreviation of Augmented Reality (augmented reality). It is technique to expand reality in information of actual world by adding another information, and to express.
It becomes AR to be able to let character of game emerge in space in front.
In addition, space of virtual (imagination) that there is VR (virtual reality) by similar words, but the place does not have VR,
It is technique that we can totally experience as if it is reality (reality).
※2 ELECOM investigation. As of February, 2018.