elecom We wanted to know this of memory! We store, and let's get!
We come back to top
What is memory?
When increase; effect?
How do you choose?
How do you buy?
Can even one do it?
Memory Q&A
Identification of <PASSED A> of trust
How do you buy? Place that can buy memory, method to buy
As for the method to purchase, which do you greatly win two in?
We purchase in Web We purchase at store
We purchase in Web
Thing which really became convenient recently is ...
It is almost empty to be able to buy anything while being at home.
It is recommendation for case without store and people who are busy, and cannot readily go to buy in computer shop and electronics retail store, Big Bertha shop in neighborhood.
Put down article number or set up papar which glance, and printed; ...
To Web site of net shop, it is GO!
In the net shop, there are various kinds of "Rakuten" or "Yahoo", but, in situation of maa eagle, "ELECOM direct" is recommendation.
ELECOM direct
We search article number according to procedure of net shop and get memory!
We purchase at store
After all, there is merit of store at store.
We have staff advise slowly and carefully and are that the goods are available immediately.
It is ttarimodekiru on seeing PC peripheral device except memory and other home electric appliances in time.
If there are any time, it is thing wanting you to go by all means.
It is ... with paper which printed article number
To the nearest store, it is GO!
When shop is not shop where computer shop and electronics retail store, PC, peripheral device including Big Bertha shop are substantial, there may not be memory.
We will confirm on the telephone before going out!
We show staff of sales floor print and get memory!
※The price of memory may vary according to store, net shops.
※We put down whether we print article number of memory by all means, and let's purchase thing without mistake.
After having bought, it is finally memory enlargement to PC.
No, procedure is not so difficult, entrust eagle! Then let's show art.
"We can do it alone" next time